Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Off we go again in search of 2 points in Scotland

Join me (OJ) from around 5:15 as the Devils aim to complete a perfect mini tour of Scotland.

Score predictions as usual to

Other comments are welcomed especially from enlisted members of the RED ARMY

Now off to check on my merry band of texters, who knowing them had a good old nights celebrations last night.

Waiting for team news

We have James, Gerald, Jon J, Johnwildthing & Olivia texting tonight

Unconfirmed that Phil Cook is in net

Scratches appear to be Jake Morissette & Brad Plumton

Devils out for warmup with Phil Cook in net

Steven B in Bridgend goes for a 5-2 win for Devils

Claire P in Nashville this weekend goes for 4-2 win for Devils with Tyson Marsh scoring the opener @ 7:33

it looks as if we have Rab Cowan in charge yet again

Darnell in Coventry with Hicks in Nottingham

Sam J is very confident and predicts a 5-1 scoreline with a hattrick for Tomas Kurka

Chloe (age 6) goes for 4-3 win for Devils, dad Darren thinks Cookie will have a clean sheet

Warmup done & dusted

Allen W just wants another 2 points, but says Devils will win 7-2

Clive B can only see Devils winning in O/T 5-4

There is a potential delay at rink, problem with the timekeeper

It can't be the old guy that was there in my time as he was in his 80's then

I wonder if it still freezing in the Murrayfield Rink

Delay is a serious matter - medical emergency

Someone has fallen/collapsed in penalty box area

Teams are in dressingrooms

Gareth T says Devils will win by 2, possibly 3-1

Gareth the odds on your other prediction is 100/1 on

Ie no bets taken

A 10 minute delay anticipated

Ice being recut

Goughy (the famous Blaze hater) is confident Devils will bag 6 points

It is very serious, the person taken ill was the timekeeper

Some activity, Devils team sighted at door of dressing room

Jimmy S says 4-1 Devils

Rod D says 6-4 Devils

Teams are out

Owain T says that there appears to be more Devils fans than Capitals followers

James Whiting is the backup netminder

Keith C predicts a 7-2 win to keep RED ARMY happy

Looks like the gamesheet missed off a number of Devils players, now being corrected

Rams & Gipters left off now added

No Anthem and puck is dropped

Phil Cook kicks away first shot on Devils net

Fan count 50/50 says James

Phil Cook pads away Capitals shots

Devils exerting pressure

Puck out of play @ 2:41

Very scrappy so far

Fowler chance foiled by D

Good passing between Rama & Piggott

Glove save Hiadlovsky (Tomas) from Matthew Myers

Capitals icing

I am not typing Hiadlovsky again he is Tomas from now on

Glove save Phil Cook

Max Birbraer is playing D at the moment

Good turnover by Chris Jones

Capitals goal

@ 8:49

Rebound netted

Awaiting details

Zembergs assist Steel

Capitals are playing a man high on this big ice pad

Puck out of play @ 10:51

Capitals icing @ 11:57

Andrew Lord shoots high

Phil Cook save Benadik

Chris Blight covered by Tomas

Gipters shot deflected high

We think ref is Dalgliesh

Not Rab Cowan

Devils offside @ 16:21

Tomas coughs up a rebound on Mac Faulkner shot

Nobody to take advantage

Mostly Devils at the moment but Capitals disrupting well

Gametime 18:24

Save Phil Cook @ 18:33

Capitals offside

Capitals offence consists solely of breakaways

Max Birbraer turnover pas to Kurka whose shot is saved

End of 1st period Capitals 1 DEVILS 0

SoG - Capitals 8 DEVILS 7

second assist for Jan Safar

Figure skater performing

Disaster after disaster - Zamboni has damaged boards on leaving the ice

Players out but urgent repairs going on

Banging and sawing

If they have any spare wood can they toss on the fire to warm up the RED ARMY who feel they are in Siberia

Restart still delayed

Door fixed we think

Puck dropped

Door fixed we think

Tomas Kurka hurt - returns to bench

Great save by Phil Cook

Not much to report at the moment

Tomas Kurka is OK

Phil Cook triple save

Matthew Myers goes close

Capitals icing @ 25:41

Cannonball shot from Max Birbraer saved by Tomas

Lots of Devils pressure

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Tomas covers @ 26:29

Tomas saves from Mac Faulkner

Matthew Myers having chat with Ref

Mark Smith goes close @ 28:33

Glove save Tomas

Looks like a non-contact game - no hits from either team

Max Birbraer now playing up front

Unconfirmed story that he is net for 3rd period

Cookie to head the winner

Capitals really know how to strangle a game

Capitals penalty no less

Hay - delay of game

@ 31:00

The penalty was against Tomas being served by Hay

Its been all Devils for most of this period

Devils Max Birbraer tripping @ 31:50

Mac Faulkner Tomas Kurka breakaway comes to nothing


Devils penalty Mac Faulkner roughing

4 on 3 for 39 secs

Apologies for 1:24

Capitals now have 5 on 3

Great save by STEEEVEEEEE

Ziga Svete to most of us

Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils return to Full Strength (FS)

Mac Faulkner shot saved

Another save by Tomas

From Andrew Lord that time

Its all Devils, wave after wave of attacks

Thats OK but we want a goal U DEVILS

Save Cook

Gametime 37:41


Mac Faulkner

Juicy rebound and biscuit buried by Mac

Assists Josh Batch & Chris Blight @ 38:50

Mac Faulkner buried puck after his initial shot rebounded

Final minute

End of 2nd period Capitals 1 DEVILS 1

Tomas Kurka almost gave us the lead going close on the buzzer

SoG for 2nd period Capitals 8 DEVILS 11 making it 16-18 after 2 periods

The time of Mac Faulkner roughing minor was 32:21

Teams back on ice

Just 20 more miles and you can have a night off

Off we jolly well go

JohnWildthing wins "chuck a puck"

Svete shot deflected wide

sweet save by Phil Cook

Capitals icing @ 41:36

Ben Davies shoots wide

Devils icing @ 42;07

I am now on the lookout for texters from Belfast on Tuesday. If you or know of someone who can help us out PM - nott simpson or email

Mark Smith shoots just wide

Glove save Tomas from Smith @ 43:45

Gametime 44:55

This weather is getting me down

Devils winning cheers you up

Andrew Lord shot saved

Jon J wins "Shirt of his Back"

Texters are cleaning up

Tomas covers @ 45:54

Mac Faulkner hits post

Did the ancient Welsh have web feet?

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Blaze lost 6-4 to Steelers

With Hull losing as well another 2 points are crucial

Scramble in front of Capitals goal Tomas finally covers @ 49:37

Capitals pressure for a change

Tomas saves from Andrew Lord

Phil Cook save

@ 53:12


On a delayed penalty

Tyson Marsh scores

Awaiting full details

Capitals have had to change their tactics

Assists Mac Faulkner & Chris Blight on the go ahead goal

Gametime 56:24

Anther awesome save by Phil Cook

Devils penalty Mac Faulkner hooking @ 57:49

Capitals time out


Devils 2nd goal was @ 53:33

Off we go

1 minute killed

Tomas pulled

Went back pulled again

31 secs left

20 secs

Final score Capitals 1 DEVILS 2

I wonder if that will shut some people up

On second thoughts I doubt it

Many thanks to our band of texters - Gerald, James, JohnWildthing and Jon J not to forget OLIVIA D

A great weekend of work by all concerned


I think we jumped the gun there, James tells me MOM is PHIL COOK

Apologies it was Faulkner

PHIL COOK gets a standing ovation from the RED ARMY

Capitals MoM Marcis Zembergs

A profitable weekend in Scotland Devils bag 6 points JohnWildthing wins "Chuck a puck" Jon J wins "Shirt of his back"

We will be covering the Devils game on Tuesday in Belfast as I am sure my two regular Giants texters will help us out. Hopefully we will locate some Devils fans making the trip eg those that didn't make Scotland