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Fife Flyers 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils seek their second bag of points of their Scottish trip

Join mer (OJ) from around 6:15 as we bring you our usual unique coverage from Kirkcaldy

Score predictions/commentsd always welcomed to

Andrew in Cowbridge calls it 5-4 Devils

Same texters on duty tonight - Gerald, James, Jon J and JohnWildthing

Waiting for team news!!!

Flyers twitter would suggest that Mark Smith and Phil Cook not icing. Todd Dutiaume a scratch for Flyers

Waiting for warmup for confirmation

Told not to expect Mark Smith & Marcus Rama in warmup

Starting netminder not yet identified

I think it will be Phil Cook irrespective what Flyers sources are saying

Gamesheet confirms Smith & Rama as scratches

Warmup starts

Kamil Kosowski in net, James Whiting - backup

Owain & Amanda have left it late to leave Edinburgh so are hoping there is a delay to face off

Viv, feeling left out as the rest of the family are in Scotland predicts a 6-2 win for Devils

That would do nicely as the lady from Amerex said

We have Flyers fan Laura helping us out as usual on MNL

I can tell you it will not be Michael Hicks tonight as he is in Hull

Trying to track down Darnell, oil rig in the North Sea would be best

Scott Dalgleish is in charge at Braehead

Chris Blight having a good warmup

I looked good in a scrum, it was running to the next that was a problem

Warmup done

Where have all the predictions gone - Scotland!!!

Flyers have 18 skaters: DEVILS 16

No referee named on scoresheet, it makes for an interesting game

Neil Wilson is in Dundee

We have Rab Cowan again tonight

James B predicts a hattrick for Chris Blight in a 5-3 win

Lights down - those English power companies again

Welcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Followed by Flyers

away teams score first in the other games


Jones, Myers & Davies start for Devils

Puck dropped

Jordan Fulton runs Kamil Kosowski

Brad Plumton steps in

Devils penalty Brad Plumton roughing @ 1:11


Flyers offside @ 1:28

Flyers pressure on PP

Devils clear

And again

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Flyers Goal

Jordan Fulton scores

Assists Matt Reber & Bobby Chaumont

Goal was @ 3;37

Flyers icing @ 4:19

I cannot believe that there are fans complaining about healthy scratches

What do they want a team on its knees when they get to Belfast on Tuesday

Tomas Kurka shot covered

Mac Faulkner wanders offside

Error by Kamil Kosowski led to goal

Maybe he was unsighted as he seemed to lose it

Devils penalty Chris Jones

tripping @ 7:52


1 minute killed

game stopped as puck keeps flying into crowd

Its all stop start

Devils return to FS

A good PK by Devils

But Flyers exerting pressure again

Bobby Chaumont hits Kamil Kosowski on his helmet from behind

Devils offside

Cardiff offside

Luke Piggot goes close twice

As does Matthew Myers

Flyers break fast

Feisty 1st period

Flyers net off @ 14:54

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Good defending by Gipters

Derek Roehl get slashing minor @ 15:26

Devils on PP

Flyers penalty @ 15:40 Matt Nickerson cross-checking


a 5 on 3 PPG

Mac Faulkner scores

Scoreboard shows Devils winning 7-1

Chant of "We want 8" from Red Army

Devils still on PP

Awaiting full details of Devils goal

Flyers return to FS

Gametime 17:50

Flyers penalty Danny Stewart slashing


Devils 1st goal was scored @ 16:34 Fauljkner, assists Piggott & Blight

2nd goal scored by Kurka assists Kaulkner and Svete

@ 18:35 a PPG

Devils penalty Jaroslav Cesky @ 19:05 interference

End of 1st period Flyers 1 DEVILS 2

Devils will be on PK for 1:05 in 2nd period

SoG Flyers 10 DEVILS 14

Apologies that last Devils penalty was for Tomas Kurka not the departed Jaroslav Cesky

RED ARMY chanting tonight solely on ice matters

Good to hear

Flyers lost their composure at the end of period

Svete & Gipters doing well, Marsh his usual best

Jon J thinks it will become very physical if Flyers fall further behind

No major penalties in any of tonights games so far

The lovers of fighting will be upset

Cardiff back on ice as are the Flyers

2nd underway


Devils return to FS

Devils penalty Josh Batch - roughing

James said it was a S**t call



Devils penalty Brad Plumton @ 22:20 cross-checking

Flyers have 5 on 3 for a minute

Svete offside on Devils breakaway

Ned Lukacevic hits post @ 23:18

Devils back to 4 skaters

Max Birbraer takes puck to face

Hes hurtt although James thinks he will be OK

Gerald however says he leaves ice in pain

Handbags at Devils net

Flyers really going for it

Max Birbraer looks ok

Devils back to FS

Another handbags convention in Devils crease

Devils penalty Tyson Marsh

And Matt Reber also gets minor

Also Horne & Blight

Ref is losing it

JohnWildthing thinks this game could explode as ref has no control or clue

RED ARMY have christened Ziga Svete - STEEEVE

Marsh & Reber got roughing minors, Blight & Horne got delay of game minors all @ 24:38

Devils penalty Matthew Myers

Interference @ 26:14


Max Birbraer takes a shift

Ref is a Tom Darnell on a YTS scheme

Kamil Kosowski puts a hit on a Flyers skater behind the net

Good on him

Gametime 28:12

Devils back to FS

End to end

Flyers icing

Horne wins turnover shoots save Kamil Kosowski

Flyers penalty Justin DaCosta

Devils penalty Ben Davies

Davies 2+2 - roughing

DaCosta 2 slashing + 2 roughing

@ 29:50

Flyers penalty Thomas Muir

interference @ 31:05

Devils go on PP

Tyson Marsh hits post

1:34 of pp left

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Plumton being hassled as he leaves ice

Flyers back to FS

Matt Nickerson & Danny Stewart trying to wind up Brad Plumton

Sin bin now empty awaiting new tenants

Gone very quiet all of a sudden

Flyers penalty Ned Lukacevic tantrum lands him with 10+ Game for abuse of official

Flyers goal

Kamil Kosowski totally screened on that shot

Flyers 2nd goal @ 34:38

Jordan Fulton assists Bobby Chaumont & Matt Reber

Ned Lukacevic ejected at 34:24

All Flyers at the moment

Its very loud at Kirkcaldy

Lets go Devils lets go

Mac Faulkner & Thomas Muir having words

Kevin Regan saves from Tomas Kurka

That was after a nice Devils set up

Devils penalty Brad Plumton

These penalties are just random

Hooking the call @ 38:30


Devils clear zone

End of 2nd period Flyers 2 DEVILS 2

all set for an interesting 3rd period says Jon J

Teams back, slight delay with Zamboni

Needs new gas bottle

SoGfor 2nd period Flyers 14 DEVILS 9 making it 24-23 after 2 periods

Now we have chuck a puck

The teams were not back a few came out to see what was happening

Officials now on ice

Teams are back on ice

Finally we are underway

Kamil Kosowski saves from Justin DaCosta

Devils return to FS

Jordan Fulton shoots wide

Flyers goal @ 42:15

Matt Reber scores

Assist Justin DaCosta

Kevin Regan saves a Tomas Kurka breakaway

Kevin Regan saves from Tyson Marsh

Cardiff offside @ 43;30

Flyers penalty

+ Devils penalty - Matthew Myers & Stephen Gunn

Gunn slashing, Myers roughing @ 44:49

Mac Faulkner breakaway, almost open net he fans on shot

Kevin Regan saves from Gipters twice - blue line shots

Svete down, he can't get up

Hes carried off

teams back to FS


Chris Blight we think

No its Mac Faulkner assist Chris Blight

Its a goal what do we care

Well worked Devils goal

Brent Pope shouting encouragement at the lads

Time of Devils 3rd goal 48:14

Puck out of play @ 49:35

Flyers icing @ 50:04

Face off in the Flyers zone

Ziga Svete walking his dead leg off

He was hit by a slapshot apparently

Bobby Chaumont leaves ice after being taken out by one of his own players

Danny Stewart foul language with youngsters nearby

Bobby Chaumont apparently lost a tooth

Gametime 51:52

Danny Stewart goes for Brad Plumton behind the play and comes out second best

Come on U DEVILS get that winning goal

Kevin Regan denies Max Birbraer

Great glove save Kamil Kosowski

Flyers offside @ 55:39

Bobby Chaumont back on ice

Flyers offside

Fantastic save by Kamil Kosowski

Andrew Lord backhander saved

Ziga Svete back on ice

Svete offside

Mac Faulkner goes close

Final 2 minutes

Kevin Regan saves from Brad Plumton

Brad Plumton annoying the whole Flyers team

Puck out of play @ 58:23

Devils offside @ 59:42

End of 3rd period Flyers 3 DEVILS 3

O/T here we come

Jake Morissette Tomas Kurka Chris Blight start O/T

Maybe not, there are the penalty shooters if needed

Morissette, Davies, Marsh & Birbraer start O/T

Jordan Fulton collides with Kamil Kosowski

All OK

Kurka, Mac, Gipsters & Svete up next

Mac Faulkner hits pipes

Kevin Regan saves from Tyson Marsh

Come on U DEVILS

Ben Davies shoots high

Danny Stewart shoots wide

Gametime 62:40

Its end to end

Flyers penalty @ 63:31 Derek Roehl


Another PPG wins it

Chris Blight we believe awaiting confirmation

Devils MoM Mac Faulkner

Our thanks to James, Jon J, Gerald and JohnWidthing for a great job

Join me tomorrow as the Devils seek another 2 points in Edinburgh


Flyers MoM Matt Reber