Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 1 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils opening game on their mini tour of Scotland

Score predictions plus any other comments welcomed to

Checked that texters are at rink (+ sober)

Judging by the posts on the game thread on the Forum it might be an idea to keep coverage to a minimum tonight so that fans can concentrate on the Forum game topic

I am trying to contact the Stars fans that help us out at MNL so that we can have a balanced (or semi-balanced) reoprting of events at Dundee

No score predictions so far just some silly divisive comments

Texters Gerald, JohnWildthing, James & Jon J in position

Awaiting team news from Dundee - ie scratches

Teams on ice for warmup

Jake Morissette in warmup

Chris Blight and Brad Plumton scratches (healthy I assume)

Marcus Rama is bigger than what was expected

Kamil Kosowski in net plus ANOTHER ( not Phil Cook )

Anthony L calls it 4-2 Stars

Referee is Rab Cowan

Warmup completed

Robbie Hill and Lewis McIntosh scratches for Stars

Marcus Rama wears #81, Martins Gipters wears #44

Backup netminder is James Whiting wearing #1

RED ARMY in fine voice

Callum Buglass is also icing but no Adam Harding

By my reckoning that makes 16 skateras

Rachael is up from her sick bed and cheering for the RED ARMY

So is Baz

Ice ready awaiting teams

Here come the officials

Lights dimmed

Either that or the English have turned off the power supply

Both teams take to the ice

Both National Anthems played

14 skaters for Stars 15 for Devils

I made it 16 for Devils

Incredible support in Dundee estimated as in excess of 300

Not far off 400 says JohnWildthing

Puck dropped

That travelling support reminds me of the Devils first game in the Heineken Premier in Glasgow v Ayr

Glove save from Svete

Svete & Gipters paired

Rama solo breakaway blocker save

Dan Bakala saves from Josh Batch @ 2:17

Dan Bakala saves from rama 7 lord

Spare a thought for me as I try and get my head around these new players

My texters cannot count DEVILS have 16 skaters

Tomas Kurka offide @ 3:58


@ 4:13 Andrew Lord assist Max Birbraer

Andrew Lord finds Dan Bakala 5 hole

Tyson Marsh breaks up promising Stars attack

Tyson Marsh icing @ 5:04

Nico Sacchetti shoots wide

Massive chant for Joe Myers from RED ARMY

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 6:43

Svete & Kamil Kosowski combine to clear Devils zone

Devils penalty Mark Smith @ 7;00

Mike Wirll chance denied by Kamil Kosowski Dundee

Kamil Kosowski covers

Devils have 1:30 of PK left

Rory Rawlyk shoots high & wide


Mark Smith was called for holding

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Good PK by Devils

Nikita Kashirsky collides with Kamil Kosowski

No harm done

Dan Bakala glove save from Andrew Lord

Rory Rawlyk salutes the RED ARMY

Finnerty is present watching

Stars penalty Quaile - holding @ 10:37

Max Birbraer shoots high

Dan Bakala saves a Mark Smith one timer

Tomas Kurka shoots wide

Devils goal waved off???

Whistle had gone before Kurka put puck ibn net @ 11:56

Stars return to FS

Stars goal

@ 12:52

Sam McCluskey scores

Assists for Bagron & Quaile

Devils penalty - Tyson Marsh - slashing @ 14:15


Mark Smith is ICING hes even had a penalty

Chants for Joe Myers once again

E-mails asking who is dressed for Devils, well we have 12 import skaters on the books so only 10 can ice - resulting in scratches for Plumton & Blight

puck out of play ' 15:28

Devils return to FS

Dan Bakala covers

Devils new Euro signings are physical no question of that

Gametime 16:48

Its end to end as we enter final minute

Puck out of play @ 19:23

John Dolan gets a minor penalty for Stars

delay of game @ 19:23


Andrew Lord

End of 1st period Stars 1 DEVILS 2

Assist for Mark Smith

Is anyone going to e-mail again to say Mark Smith is not icing

Apparently the webcast is saying Mark Smith is not icing

End of 1st period Stars 1 DEVILS 2

Devils 2nd goal timed at 19:41 and it was a PPG

Just for you Andrew- Imports icing for Devils are Kamil Kosowski, Mark Smith, Mac Faulkner , Tyson Marsh, Max Birbraer, Jake Morissette, Andrew Lord, Tomas Kurka, Ziga Svete, Marcus Rama and Martins Gipters. Also icing Ben Davies, Matthew Myers, Chris Jones, Luke Piggott, Josh Batch and Callum Buglass

SoG for 1st period Stars 7 DEVILS 11

Jon J says Devils largely in control that period, new guys doing well with Ziga Svete the standout

Teams back on ice

Game restarts


Tomas Kurka @ 21:07

Assists Mac Faulkner and Ben Davies

Ben Davies beakaway comes to nothing

high sticks on Josh Batch not called

Dan Bakala glove save from Chris Jones

Mac Faulkner slips as he shoots hence no power in shot

Devils on top at the moment

So lets have another goal U DEVILS

Impressive work by Gipsters

Kamil Kosowski saves @ 25:56

Good save Kamil Kosowski

Gipters getting into this game

Another save Kamil Kosowski @ 26:43

Dan Bakala glove save from Max Birbraer @ 27:53

Stars penalty Tysen Dowzak

Devils go on PP

cross-checking the call @ 29:18

Face off in the Devils zone @ 30:00

Marcus Rama lack of game fitness showing

Svete shoots wide

Stars back to FS

Puck out of play in Devils zone @ 31:32

Game gone quiet says JohnWildthing so he is concentrating on his drinking

Max Birbraer shoots high in fact hits the roof

Jon J very impressed with Ziga Svete

He is physical & skillful

gametime 34:59

Kamil Kosowski covers from Brock McPherson

Stars icing

Rama penalty tripping @ 37:00


That was a shocking call on Rama

Chants of "Are you Darnell in disguise"


Tomas Kurka misses on a SH chance

Kamil Kosowski saves from John Dolan @ 38:35

Stars PP is thankfully very poor

Devils return to FS

Final minute

Gametime 39:13

Andrew Lord limps to the bench

Stars penalty ' 39:46 Paul Swindlehurst - boarding

End of period Stars 1 DEVILS 3

Devils were dominant for large chunks of that period

The decision to go for European imports seems to have been a good decision

Despite widely held beliefs our "Euros" are no shrinking violets, riding challenges and taking the body

That is what is coming from our texters at Dundee

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Tyson Marsh shoots

Stars penalty Tysen Dowzak

5 on 3 for Devils for 12 secs

Stars back to 4 skaters

delay of game was the call on Tysen Dowzak

Gipsters does coast to coast - save Dan Bakala

Stars back to full strength

Some Devils travelling fans appalled at the abuse directed at Brent Pope

Classless Devils fans was what the called them

Worryingly it was NOT a minority chanting abuse

Gametime 45:00

Marcus Rama denied as was Max Birbraer

devils penalty Tomas Kurka

Interferrence @ 45:51

Stars PP has improved

Devils back to full strength

Texters view on anti BP chants different - just 1 or 2 chants

Devils penalty Matthew Myers hooking @ 48:00

Tomas Kurka & Ben Davies breakaway denied

Devils return to FS

Devils icing @ 50:15

SoG for 2nd period Stars 8 DEVILS 5 making it 15-16 after 2 periods

Glove save Dan Bakala from Tomas Kurka

Gametime 51:18

Ref not calling anything on Stars

Devils offside @ 51:57

Game gone a bit flat but Stars dangerous on the break

Just run the clock down U DEVILS

Gametime 53:30


Mac Faulkner

@ 53:35

Beautiful finish by Mac

assist Mark Smith

2 Stars mug Mac Faulkner off the play

Marsh goes to his defence

Penalties for Mac Faulkner & Bari McKenzie

Its 4 on 4

Both called for delay of game

@ 53:57

Come on U DEVILS stick the puck up your jumper

Easy glove save Kamil Kosowski

Last 4 minutes


LORD v Hutchins

Andrew Lord wins

Hutchins attempt to mug Andrew Lord

Andrew Lord promptly flattens him

Instigator penalty fot Hutchins

Lord gets a roughing minor, Hutchins fighting major

Correction Hutchins got 2+2+10 for roughing

Now Mac Faulkner called for hooking

REf seems to be calling random penalties

RED ARMY in full voice

Faulkner penalty was at 56:50

Final 2 miniutes

Devils back to FS

Final minute


Hattyrick for Andrew Lord @ 59:15

That was a PPG

Assists Max Birbraer & Tyson Marsh

Final score Stars 1 DEVILS 5

Our thanks go to Gerald, Jon J, James and JohnWildthing for their brilliant coverage


Make sure you join us tomorrow as the Devils take on the Flyers in Kirkcaldy. WE shall hopefully be live from around 6:15 for the 7:15 face off

Stars MoM - Jerry Pollastrone

It would appear that Gerald was substituted and our thanks should go to Olivia, WELL DONE HER