Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 4:15 as MNL brings you the action from Coventry when the Devils seek to extend their winning run

Score predictions as usual to - before face off please

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Rachael & Sarah are our texters tonight in Coventry

Viv thinks Devils will win 6-4

Natalie I concur, its the win for the Devils that matters, the score is irrelevant

Warmup in progress

Devils seem to have a lot of bodies out there

Trying to work out who is dressed for Devils

There are a number of NIHL Devils out there

Ziga Svete wears 3

Jordan Powell makes his debut wearing #42

Jamie Preece wears #27

Callum Buglass wears #45

?? Griffiths wears #12

Chris Blight leaves warmup early!!!

Tom Darnell is referee

Clive says O/T win for Devils

Its Owen Griffiths in #12

warmup done

Carl goes for a 4-3 win for Devils

Anthony calls it 5-2 Devils with hattrick for Tomas Kurka

Still trying to piece together our roster for tonight.

We know that Richardson, Quiney and Smith are scratches

No Adam Harding - suspended

Red Army numbering around 60 already

Ice is ready

Mark calls it 5-3 - Devils

Jason M is very confident and says Devils will win 4-1

Devils on the ice

Chris Blight is with them

Long winded Blaze intro going on and on

Blaze finally appear

I assume with Mark Smith absent both import netminders can be dressed


They are both dressed

Zacharias in net for Blaze

Blight, Kurka and Faulkner start for Devils

Off we go

Henrich shoots wide for Blaze

Adam Henrich that was

we think Kamil Kosowski is in net for Devils

Devils penalty @ 3:37 - Mac Faulkner hooking


Davies SH breakaway denied by Mike Zacharias

Save Kamil Koosowski

@ 4:12

One minute killed

Save Kamil Kosowski

Devils penalty Ben Davies tripping @ 5:03

Clear give by Ryan Ginand fooled Darnell


Gametime 6:54

11sec of PK left

Devils are back to full strength (FS)

icing @ 8:12 Blaze

Tyson Marsh shot deflected wide

Kamil Kosowski save @ 9:54

Blaze shoot high @ 10:10

Good defending by Tyson Marsh @ 10:57

Jaroslav Cesky is playing

12 minute applause for Dagenais family whose young daughter died recently

Blaze have goal disallowed

Not really disallowed as puck never crossed the line

Puck out of play @ 13:05

Save Mike Zacharias

From Jaroslav Cesky @ 13:41

Puck out of play again @ 13:49

Mike Zacharias save @ 14;04

No Blaze fans stood for the Dagenais applause

Save Kamil Kosowski @ 14:16

Kamil Kosowski covers puck

Glove save Kamil Kosowski @ 15:08

Mike Zacharias save @ 15:21

Mike Zacharias covers

Plumton takes nasty check from Harvey

Fight - Harvey floored

Plumton gave Harvey a pasting

Both Harvey & Plumton ejected

Might be 5 minute majors and they have gone to dressingroom

awaiting call

Plumtom MATCH for aggressive roughness

Harvey 5+ Game for check from behind

All at 15:43

Game restarts

Devils pushing hard for that opener

Tyson Marsh shot deflected @ 16:55

save Mike Zacharias @ 18:17

Darnell shocking as ever

Tomas Kurka goes so close @ 18:35

Final minute

Save Mike Zacharias @ 19:58

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

If you take a nasty hit from behind - what are you supposed to do?

I am sure its not "Please don't do that as it hurt me"

The comments of our fight expert Glynne, who is in Coventry will be interesting

Ziga Svete looks OK - so far

Plumton destroyed Harvey who didn't have a chance

It will be interesting what Hanson will make of this, instigators who get sorted deserve what they get

teams are back

Kamil Kosowski stays in net

Off we go

Mike Zacharias covers @ 20:21

Glove save Mike Zacharias @ 21:43

Blaze icing @ 22:01

SoG for 1st period Blaze 14 DEVILS 13

Puck out of play in Blaze zone @ 24:29

Good comments from RED ARMY on our new D Ziga Svete

Devils penalty @ 24:53 - Tyson Marsh - slashing

Blaze goal @ 25:07 a ppg

Ryan Ginand assist Wilson

That Marsh penalty was again after a blatant dive by Ginand

Ginand dives again - Piggott called for holding @ 26:35


Blatant trip ignored by Darnell

Goal Blaze Ginand @ 27:18

Darnell ruining another good game helped by diver Ginand

How often do you see diving called?

Devils goal disallowed @ 27:36

Blaze penalty - Benn Olson delay of game @ 27:35

Darnell has hit an alltime low tonight

Blaze kill 1 minute

Blaze return to FS

Mike Zacharias covers @ 30:06

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Tyson Marsh slapshot blocked

Save Kamil Kosowski @ 30:42

Shot on Blaze goal deflected onto side netting @ 31:48

Save Mike Zacharias @ 32:00


Mac Faulkner @ 33:40

Assist Chris Blight

Ginand knock Devils net off @ 34:52

Mike Zacharias covers @ 36:02

Save Kamil Kosowski @ 36:18

Kamil Kosowski saves from Ashlee Tait @ 37:15

Lets tie the game up before the buzzer U DEVILS

Andrew Lord block shot, hit on leg leaves ice in pain

Devils icing @ 37:32

There is justice in this life, Tom Darnell is hit by puck @ 38:01

Hes ok game restarts

Blaze penalty @ 38:34 Mike Egener delay of game


Final minute

RED ARMY wants a goal

Devils go close @ 39:16

Andrew Lord returns

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

you can do it DEVILS

Blaze back to FS

Devils penalty @ 41:57 Tyson Marsh slashing


Nice defensive work by Tomas Kurka

1 minute killed

Mike Zacharias covers

Kamil Kosowski @ 43:49

Devils back to FS

Jaroslav Cesky shot deflected wide

Devils net off its moorings

Save Kamil Kosowski @ 45:48

RED ARMY in fine voice as they get some practice before Scottish trip

Davies goes close as does Myers

Puck out of play face off in neutral ice

Kamil Kosowski save @ 47:41

Blaze offside @ 48:39

Kamil Kosowski save @ 48:49

Devils offside @ 49:32

Mike Zacharias save from Max Birbraer

Devils offside @ 50:34

RED ARMY disagrees

Come on U DEVILS, its not raining so lets have a goal to cheer us up even more

Can you imagine if the recent rain had been snow

Devils icing @ 54:30

Has Tyson Marsh spent more time in the sinbin than on the bench?

Puck out of play @ 54:52

Tyson seems to be on the ice all the time

Devils offside @ 55:08

Gametime 56:00

Good save Kamil Kosowski

Its now or never

Do the RED ARMY sing that song

Blaze go close @ 57:14

Blaze whistled down for hand pass @ 57:38

Final 2 minutes

Darnell ignoring Blaze offence after offence - looks the other way - afterwards

Final minute


Devils pressure

Blaze icing @ 59:31

Pull Kamil Kosowski now

Time out Devils

Kamil Kosowski pulled

Mike Zacharias save @ 59:35

Marsh shot just wide of target

Blaze ENG @ 59:59

Well we went down trying

Wilson scores ENG

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 1

Many thanks to Sarah & Rachael who did a great job for us


Blaze MoM Ryan Ginand

Thats all from me for tonight.

Join me on MNL for coverage of the Devils Scottish trip - starting on Friday night when they are in Dundee to take on the Stars