Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 4 Nottingham Panthers

Hello and welcome to tonights coverage of Cardiff Devils Vs Nottingham Panthers, apologies for the lats start its a pain to get here after work

Mark ( The Blaze hater that he is ) is saying he'll be grateful for a Devils win

Lots of signings and injuries so not 100% sure who's playing and who isn't will update as soon as I know

Getting close to face off now

DEVILS WIN 5- 3 prediction from Kevin ! Lets hope so

Injuries for the devils Rupert Quiney & Mark Richardson

I'm on the slowest lap top Ive ever had so its going to be a fun one

Teams announced heading into the Anthems

Kamil Kosowski in nets to start it seems

For those in the BBT Mumbles apologies he appears to be losing his voice

And we are off

Strong start for the Panthers

Tom Darnell with the whistle here tonight

Face off in the Devils zone

Andrew Lord with a breakaway denied but fouled and a Penalty shot is awarded


Face off in the Devils zone

Panthers Goal... details to follow

big rebound from Kamil Kosowski

17:30 to play in the first

Panthers Goal from Petr Kalus

Devils Brad Plumton 2 minutes for boarding

16:20 to play

Kamil Kosowski gloves the puck devils with 1:20 left on the PK

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils killing this well 1 min left

15:30 to play in the first

Panthers pressure but Devils clear

Devils back to F/S

Petr Kalus reacts to some banter from some Devils fans

Panthers go close


Tomas Kurka while falling beats Neil Conway

Tomas Kurka assisted Mac Faulkner & Chris Blight

13:03 to play in the first

Kamil Kosowski looking solid in nets

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone

and again

11:50 to play Panthers camped in the Devils Zone

apologies Devils also missing Jake Morissette tonight

10:23 to play in the first

Neil Conway covers Face off in the Panthers zone

Tomas Kurka,Mac Faulkner,Chris Blight out for the Devils upfront

Brad Plumton & Max Birbraer on D right now

Tyson Marsh & Josh Batch also paired on D

Tomas Kurka goes close

Puck out of play from a Brent Henley who gets a "your rubbish chant" from block 2

Max Birbraer with a big shot block

6:50 to play in the first

I seem to be losing some updates tonight when posting apologies will try and sort something in the period break

Devils Brad Plumton takes a penalty

2 minutes for cross-checking for Brad Plumton

Chris Blight cant quite get it into an empty net as Conway goes walkabout


Tomas Kurka shorthanded

Unassisted and short handed

Devils back to f/s

4:00 left in the first

Big slap shot from Chris Murray saved Kamil Kosowski

Tomas Kurka goes close

Robert Farmer with a shot high over the net

Kamil Kosowski covers and we have a Face off in the Devils zone

1:45 to play in the first

Chris Blight goes close again but can't get the shot off cleanly

Face off in the Panthers zone

Max Birbraer breaks a stick on a big shot

26 seconds to play and we have Face off in the Panthers zone

End of the 1st here

13 shots on Kamil Kosowski that period who looks pretty handy despite an iffy rebound for the 1st Panthers goal

Second Panthers goal was Matt Francis (21) , 6:57 lovely top shelf shot

Great comments from Nigel on the 1st - Entertaining 1st period, especially when you consider some of these guys have only had 1 practice session together. New nettie could do with staying in his net - he was lucky a couple of times. He can't know hour unpredictable the boards are at the BBT. sizeable rebound for the first goal and in fairness to Kalus he didn't have much gap to aim for but he put out away well. Beginning to think Broadway Tom only has one arm! Plumton only has to look at Darnell the wrong way to be shown to the box. Neither Devils penalty "should" have been called - first one was a dive that Tom Daley would have bern proud of and the second was pathetic Panther play acting. There must be a sniper in the crowd somewhere, samd old same old.

teams back out for the 2nd

and we are under way here in the second

Devils go close

Devils in the driving seat right now

Panthers with a few good shots there but denied by Kamil Kosowski

15:58 to play in the second

Face off in the Panthers zone

Face off in the Panthers zone


Andrew Lord checked over Neil Conway by a Panther and the puck is put away

Andrew Lord the scorer Max Birbraer given the assist ( that may well change)

13:47 to play in the second

Devils looking good here what a difference a full bench makes

12:30 to play Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils icing

11:15 to play in the second

Ben Davies with a shot at Conway on a breakaway

Panthers Goal... details to follow

Matt Francis the scorer for Panthers

Panthers icing called

Face off in the Panthers zone

Devils Brits getting a lot of ice time tonight which is great to see

8:06 to play in the second

Ben Davies goes to the box

2 minutes for slashing

Darnell evens things up Chris Murray take a 2 min as well

4 on 4 here

Face off in the Panthers zone

Chris Murray 2 minutes for interference 7:48 to play

Kamil Kosowski save after some sloppy devils play behind the net

Neil Conway saves from a Brad Plumton shot

Petr Kalus nails Tyson Marsh penalty called

Josh Batch has a go at Petr Kalus both heading to the box

Well done Batchy

Petr Kalus looks to have been kicked for the hit and Tyson Marsh has gone off looking injured

Nasty hit by Klaus there

Petr Kalus match for excessive roughness and Josh Batch gets 2 minutes for roughing

Seeing a replay here the hit on Marsh was nasty

Ben Davies shoots wide on a break away

5:30 to play in the second

Brent Henley gooning it up first having a go at Brad Plumton and then Matthew Myers

Devils back to full strength

Tyson Marsh in for stitches but back on the bench

Kamil Kosowski makes a save

Devils with two mins on the PP

3:11 to play in the second


Andrew Lord Hat trick goal

2:32 to play in the second

Andrew Lord assisted Mac Faulkner

still 5 on 4 here with a minute left on the PP

Panthers chance denied with some good play from Josh Batch

Face off in the Devils zone

save Neil Conway

Ben Davies misses a sitter

end of the second

10 Shots on Neil Conway in the Panthers net that period

Teams back for the third

Lords 2nd goal being amended details to follow

Devils 4th goal Matthew Myers the scorer assisted by Max Birbraer

So Lord needs another for hit Hat trick

Slow start to the third from both teams

Panthers Goal... details to follow

David Clarke with the goal

assisted by Thomas Norton & Robert Farmer

16:22 to play here now

Devils Penalty

Max Birbraer 2 minutes for tripping

Chris Blight breakaway nothing from it

Panthers take a penalty Kamil Kosowski to the bench

13:38 to play in the third

Jonathan Weaver 2 minutes for tripping


Devils goal Josh Batch

10:05 to play in the 3rd

Puck out of play

Face off in the Panthers zone

Devils goal waved off as Neil Conway "accidentally" unmoors the net

Mac Faulkner hits the post 4:58 to play

Matt Francis 2 minutes for slashing

3:44 to play in the third


Tomas Kurka or Lord we aren't sure here

Tomas Kurka with his hat trick Goal

1:51 to play in the period Face off in the Devils zone

Adam Harding given match for checking to the head

Devils will finish the game on the PK

bad hit by Harding there

Puck out of play 1:30 to play

Neil Conway on the bench so its 6 on 4

Josh Batch close on the empty net


Bryan Adams playing here

Tomas Kurka assited by Chris Blight

Red Army Chant ringing out

Game ends

Panthers MOM Matt Francis

Panthers fans cheering their team off the Ice

Devils MOM Tomas Kurka with four goals tonight

That's us out thanks for tuning in