Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 5 - 10 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup 1/4 Final from Kirkcaldy

with the Devils winning the 1st Leg 7-3 the scoreline tonight will show the AGGREGATED SCORE

Score predictions as normal to before the 7pm face off

Awaiting updates from Rachael & Baz who are making the trip to Kirkcaldy

Hopefully we can bring you full coverage from about 6:15

Join me (OJ) later as the Devils try and put last weekends dismal performances behind them

Rachael reports that they passed the team coach (or was it a mini bus) earlier but couldn't see how many were on it.

Rachael & Baz at rink tucking into the stovies

Just realised face off is 7:30 not &pm

There are FIVE members of Red Army in the bar

Unconfirmed rumour that Chris Blight is back

No score predictions, where are you all?

Warmup underway

Blight in warmup but no Richardson, Quiney or Morisette

Two extra players wearing 18 & 42 trying to identify

Rod D says Devils will win 6-4

Daniel Rhys goes for a 54-2 win for Flyers but a 9-7 win for Devils on aggregate

Chris F thinks it will be 11-5 to Devils - aggregate score I assume

Gareth D suggests that one of the new players might be recent NIHL Devils signing Jamie Preece

I must concentrate on the game, not communicating with my mate who has just left the Azores for Bridgetown, Barbadoes

Lucky sod

Remember the scoreline tonight will give the AGGREGATE SCORE

Warmup done

Gareth J just wants the Devils to win the quarter final

Preece, Buglass and Lockwood icing for Devils

No Adam Harding which is a surprise

Sue & Kevan Batch go for a 4-3 win for Devils

Devin D is available if the call was made

Ice not ready yet

A sdry day today what a change

Racing at Ffos Las abandoned again

Chepstow Friday with a bit of luck

Ice is ready

Apparently Swindon have a game tonight hence no Harding

Officials are on the ice - ref is Wilson

Lets call him Mr Wilson - not to upset him.

Anthony L goes for 7-2 Fife - ie goodbye Devils 10-9

Both teams on the ice

Anthems done

Stephen B thinks we will lose 5-3 tonight and go through

Game starts

Flyers goal @ 0:28

Bobby Chaumont assist Jordan Fulton

Devils penalty called

Davies - tripping @1:50


Devils clear zone

Cook save

Flyers offside

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Devils shot deflected out of play

Cook save Ned Lukacevic

Gametime 4:34

Easy save for Phil Cook @ 5:01

Chris Blight shoots high @ 5:17

Tomas Kurka shot saved

Flyers shoot high ' 6:07

Jordan Fulton that was

Sprawling save by Blair Daly to deny Devils

That was a Dr Piggott breakaway that drew that save

Phil Cook save @ 9:14

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Tyson Marsh has a shot saved @ 10:18

Flyers offside @ 10:34

Devils icing @ 11:29

Tomas Kurka and Max Birbraer combine for breakaway shot deflected wide

Buglass gets a shift

Flyers icing @ 12:34

Great skating by Davies, passes to Smith who shoots high

Flyers penalty @ 13:40 Danny Stewart tripping


A PPG would do nicely

Scramble in front of Flyers net @ 15:16

Flyers return to FS

Tomas Kurka hits post

Blair Daly covers

Diane Plumton in Calgary expressed her gratitude to the texters who made the trip to Fife

I have the easy job Diane

Phil Cook covers @ 16:48

Puck out of play @ 17:16

Devils icing @ 17:27

Another Devils icing 12 seconds later

Flyers icing @ 18:07

Final minute

End of 1st period Flyers 1 DEVILS 0 (on the night)

Flyers 4 DEVILS 7 on aggregate

Officials back on ice

No SoG info regretably

Both teams are back

2nd period underway

Cardiff icing @ 20:34

Justin DaCosta goes close for Flyers

Phil Cook loses helmet @ 22:29


@ 22:48 Mac Faulkner aasits Tomas Kurka & Chris Blight


Another one I think

YES Tomas Kurka @ 23:32

Assists Mac Faulkner & Chris Blight

Thats what the doctor ordered

Now Flyers 1 DEVILS 2 on the night

Matthew Myers shot deflected

Puck out of play @ 25:16

Very quiet out there - nobody with a comment

Luke Piggot 2 + 2 for accidental high sticks @ 26:35

Blood being cleared


Game restarts

False start - man with white flag recalls them

Finally we do start


Fantastic save by Phil Cook

One minute killed

Devils clear zone 27:51

Smith block

1 minor killed

3 minutes killed

Goal Flyers

@ 29:50 scored by Bobby Chaumont assists Ned Lukacevic & Kyle Haines

That was a PPG for Flyers

Flyers net off its moorings @ 31:06

Tomas Kurka misses whilst unmarked at backdoor

Game delayed @ 31:125 to repair Flyers net moorings

Off we go again

Glove save Phil Cook @ 32:16

Phil Cook covers @ 34:16

Blair Daly covers @ 34:21

Mac Faulkner goes close

Rob J relieved

Martin A holding his breath

Devils icing @ 36:06

Face off in the Devils zone

Tracey Buglass loves our coverage

Rachael and Laura are doing a great job

Devils icing @ 37:37

I assume Josh Batch is playing D or is it just Smith, Marsh, Plumton and young Callum

Phil Cook save @38;50

Final minute

Couple of saves by Blair Daly

Flyers are giving the puck away regularly - THANK YOU

End of 2nd period Flyers 2 DEVILS 2 (on the night)

Flyers 5 DEVILS 9 on aggregate

Just 20 more miles lads and you will all sleep well on the way home

Sleeping on the team bus was something I was never allowed top do. My job was to talk to the driver

If I stopped Steve Moria would come down the front to see if I was asleep

And after travelling overnight on Sunday from Edinburgh I would go to work Monday morning or worse be in court

SoG 1st period Flyers 15 DEVILS 10; 2nd period Flyers 10 DEVILS 11

Teams are back

puck dropped for 3rd period

Phil Cook covers @ 40:13

Geoff your boy is getting shifts I am told

Both Preece and Lockwood looking comfortable

It would appear that the Devils are using their complete bench - all 15 skaters

Davies shot deflected

Max Birbraer slapshot goes wide

Its end to end at the moment

Gametime 47:03

No news is good news

Just run that clock down

Its still end to end

Flyers shoot high

Cardiff icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 49:54

Phil Cook save @ 50:08

Devils penalty @ 50:19 Tyson Marsh slashing


Blair Daly pulled

Get Matthew Myers on there

One minute killed

Phil Cook save @ 51:40

Chris Blight long shot on empty net hits post

Devils return to FS

Blair Daly still on bench

Blair Daly back in net

Gametime 53:04

Devils icing @ 53:49

Blair Daly pulled again

Come on U DEVILS get the ENG to kill this game off

Cardiff icing @ 54:55

Penalty DEVILS

Birbraer the culprit

@ 55:16 - holding


Phil Cook save @ 55:44

One minute killed

Puck out of play @ 56:28

Phil Cook covers @ 56:35



Davies ENG @ 57:16

Final 2 minutes

Goal announced as scored by Chris Jones assist Brad Plumton

Rachael mystified

Final minute

Final score Flyers 2 DEVILS 3

DEVILS win 10-5 on aggregate

WELL DONE U DEVILS made us all proud

Well maybe not all of us, as I am sure there will be some crap on the Forum later


Flyers MoM - Matt Reber

Our thanks go to Flyers fan Laura who did a brilliant job for us tonight

And of course our very own ace texter RACHAEL

The girls did a brilliant job well done to both of them

Flyers out shot the Devils 12-5 in 3rd period

I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did covering it.

Get down the BBT on Thursday and show your appreciation of a fantastic team effort in Kirkcaldy tonight

MNL will be back on Thursday when the Nottingham Panthers visit Cardiff Bay. I shall be back with you on Sunday when the Devils travel to Coventry