Match Night Live
Manchester Phoenix 2 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Hi all! Aled here making my MNL debut after a late call up! Steve will be sending me updates tonight, he's not quite in the building yet, but will be there for face off. We'll get some team info up as soon as possible.

We'll be taking e mail's at

Steve is just getting into the rink. Other games tonight are Edinburgh v Sheffield, Hull v Newcastle, Basingstoke v Belfast, Nottingham v Coventry

According to IH-update Boniface is the ref

Ben Davies is icing. Starting line is hartwick, Franny and Towe. No sign of Silver and Latulippe. 11 skaters plus Aubs who makes a big save early on.

25-30 Devils fans. Other line is Prpich, Hill and Voth. Davies is playing as the 7th forward. Shot from Hill from Prpich. I couldn't hear the time as Mike sounds like he's smashing the drum extra hard to make up for our lack of players!

We look tired. Didn't Myers used to play out? Let's get him out there and get a fan to sit on the bench with the pads on!

Towe got nailed behind our goal - good open ice hit. MacIver offers out somebody and Voth has a word with Boniface at 6.27

Don't forget to e mail us at We only have one texter so all contributions are very welcome! Or is everyone in the pub after the City game?

Hartwick saves a certain goal with the shaft of his stick. Sounds like tremendous heart as always from our boys! (do you see what I did there?) sorry

Apparently we were on the PK, but it's just been killed. Good times.

Every Devils player is on the ice during a change and it looks funny.

Prpich forces a save

Sorry we don't have times for every event, but as we only have the one texter he's doing a great job. A Hartwick forecheck forces a chance for Voth, but it is missed rather than saved.

Aubry is drawing attention to the ice in his crease. Damn that ice! I'm sure it's giving our boys a nice break though! Also, Steve can't see the clock from his seat.

Phoenix goal...awaiting info

Fulgham from Smith and Hand at 12:40

Keith says, "sod the clock we need goals" (ha ha) which is right on if the Devils are going to match Simon's prediction of a 3-2 OT Devils victory

Devils go offside on a rush

Also thanks Keith - MacIver had 2 mins for cross-checking during the earlier Kafuffle

Voth with a 'late' hit on no.18. A bit of handbags and both get 2 at 15:13. Murphy saves a good attempt from Hartwick

Great save from Aubry on David-Alexander Beauregard (DAG) who will be called DAG from now on!

No.18 was Bruce Mulherin. (he probably didn't fancy it)

Sorry Beauregard will be called DAB not DAG

Voth misses golden chance one-on-one

End of 1st. "We're lucky to be a goal down, but we've earned it through our effort." from Steve at the game. I'll be back with more in a bit after another chat with Steve and maybe a custard cream.

For those interested. Gary Pallister and Gary Mabbot will pick the balls out of the bowl

4 mins until we're underway

SOG 14-7

Swansea (home) will play........Fulham

Cardiff/Arsenal (home) v West Brom/Burnley

And we're off. Towe with a shot straight away

Prpich shot, but Murphy makes an easy save. It's 0-0 in Hull, but Aaron Wilson has fought Payette

Steve says "MacIver is wandering around in front of the net"

Bruce shoots wide as the Phoenix have lots of pressure

Does anyone know the Steelers vs Caps score? Steel Talk makes my internet crash! Does Bob know my IP address?

Dancing on Ice has started and former Bill, Grange Hill and Eastenders actor Todd Carty looks rubbish

1-0 Stingrays. Steve is very quiet

Dunn From Fulgham at 26:03

Devils PP

Prpich and Jarvis both miss good chances. Penalty killed

Hartwick's stick breaks on a good chance

Brad destroys Mulherin from behind. 2 mins Charging 30:59. Aubry made a save and Mulherin jabbed at the puck so Brad came in and smashed him.

Prpich and Hartwick are putting in a huge amount of minutes

Dave from cardiff RedHawks asks what is the shortest bench Cardiff have ever played with? Any takers? The Red Hawks record is 7 ouskters in a 19-1 loss. Bad times

Smith 2 mins for holding the stick at 32:17

Voth's back for the PP

Thanks Sarah who has let us know that Sheff are 1-1 with the caps and thanks to Glynne who says that Cov beat the Panthers 3-1 earlier

MacIver loses the puck then hooks the Phoenix player who is clear on goal. 2 mins at 33:33

Huw on the e mail says it was always going to be tough tonight, but feels a glorious 3rd period comeback could be on the cards! We're all with you Huw.

Even Strength

Dave on the e mail says it sounds like the MacIver penalty was a necessary evil, and the Devils can bring it back. This optimism must be catching! Let's hope the boys are feeling it.

Garbutt was caled for boarding, but Steve says it looke more like a check and Nige is giving us a chance, then Voth Charges and gets 2 mins.

Prpich skates on goal and 'runs' murphy. no call. jarvis misses form the Blue line Voth's back

Prpich misses a great chance in front of goal but shoots straight at Murphy. End of 2nd period and it's 2-0 Phoenix.

Rachel is also predicting a Devils comeback and is going for a 4-3 Devils win in OT. Lets go Devils!

I've just spoken to my Mam who thinks I'm doing a good job! Thanks mam and to all those who've e mailed, and those who are joining us for MNL.

OK - Nigel is ignoring pretty much all stick offences, Brad is on thin ice with 2 bad charges. We're not playing a totally negative game, but have missed our chances.

11-8 SOG 2nd period

We're off as the 3rd period gets underway

Glynee says "I never thought I'd meet a bigger optimist than me, but Rachel takes the crown. Goood on you Rachel. Give them HELL" Meanwhile Rachel has changed her prediction to 3-2 OT Devils win.

Dunn shoots wide then Hill shoots and Murphy saves. That's one of the great things about this sport....we have a shot at both ends on the same text!

Towe passes it to Murphy.

Ricky storms passed and takes the optimisim crown and is going for a 5-4 OT win for the Devils!

MacIver shoots on Murphy who spills, then Towe shoots from the point and Franny misses a good chance.

44 mins

Hill shoots from the Blue, but an easy save for Murphy.

Thanks to Sarah who has let me know that Sheff are winning 2-1.

Smith slashes Franny at 44:55. Devils PP

Has Dy Beckham been to the Steve Maclaren school of accents? He's just given an interview with an italian twang while speaking in English.

Tyson hits Murphy in the face. Now is that with the puck, his stick or his fist? My bet is the puck.

Steelers are now 3-1 up while Hull have taken a 3-0 lead over Vipers. Thanks to Huw for that

Aubry save as Smith returns to the ice. Even Strength.

Now 3-2 Steelers late in the 2nd! Come on you Capitals!

Thanks to Huw again

Good Devils pressure

Did anyone see the All-Star skills competition last night? Good highlights are available on, but don't leave us just yet!

Hill shoots straight at Murphy

We could do with a Prpich special to break the deadlock, or maybe Voth can pull out THAT move again

Steelers 4-2 capitals end of 2nd

"Brad lets a stick shot go while spinning around and just misses." I have to ask...what's a stick shot? Is it as opposed to a header or chest? Sorry Steve.

Cornish and Rushton drop the gloves for a second time in 2 days. A goos draw last night in a long fight. Thanks Glynne we await with interest tonights' result.

Hill shoots from halfway as it gets desperate, but it nearly beats Murphy who saves at the second attempt. (OK I made the last bit up) Easy save. 53 mins.

Thanks Clare, perhaps Steve did mean "slick shot". I feel terrible.

MacIver shoots from outside the zone

Jarvis skates with the puck from behind our net to their blueline, only for us to go offside.

Aubry with a MASSIVE save on abreakaway at 56 mins.

Ray Quinn gets a perfect score on Dancing on Ice. That's how you do it Carty

Aubry saves from Clouts, than Tyson forces a save from Murphy.

9 more posts and we'll make it to 100 for the night!

Mulherin gets 2 plus 10 for not leaving when his helmet comes off and then swears at the ref. Isn't that match nowadays?

There we go...he's now got a game on top. Still not a match though? What on earth did Jay say to Smith last night?

Big save Aubry

Empty net

Murphy falls on top of puck in goal mouth scramble

It's over. We lose 2-0.

"This team are one of the most committed teams we have ever had the good fortune to watch, awesome is the word for these guys committment, well played lads." Great stuff Glynne!

Prpich is Man of the Match

Oh well, sounds like a huge effort from the boys. We now have the arival of Mr Elich to look forward to. Hopefully Silver is back soon and Cowy is doing ok.

Bruce with MOM and that's post 100!

Hartwick was awesome and probably should have had MOM, but Prpich was very good. We didn't play a trap when the first line were out there. We generated plenty of shots, which were characteristically not clinical enough. However we did have people like Hartwick shooting. The boys also looked very tired coming off at the end.

Ok that's it for MNL tonight. Thanks firstly to Steve for the regular and thorough updates. I believe part of the reason for him making the trip was so we could deliver this service so if you see him at the rink give him a pat on the back! Thanks to everyone who e mailed and thanks to everyone who joined us over the night! Let's give the boys a big reception next Sunday against Hull!