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Cardiff Devils 4 - 11 Belfast Giants

Hello and welcome to tonight's MNL coverage of the Belfast Giants Vs Cardiff Devils clash

Warm up is well underway here, don't forget to get your predictions in to the usual address

Also if you can't make it down and you don't want to miss any of the action and reading the game isn't enough you can get the on Devils live TV here for a jolly reasonable Eight Quid

Erin I'm guessing from Belfast ? Predicts - 7-1 Giants Keefe with a Geordie Howe

Mark alongside hating the Blaze calls in 6 - 2 to the Giants

Devils Missing Rupert Quiney and Mark Richardson tonight, we has Chris Blight on the ice for warm up so hopefully he will return

Face off is delayed around ten minutes we've just been made aware

another prediction in Laura calling it 7- 3 to the Giants as their to good for us!

Hazel in Southend is the first to call a Devils win saying - I'm a bit nervous about the match tonight but I've got my fingers crossed that the Devils will win 4 - 3. I think it could go to overtime. Come on Devils you can do it!

Just been told Chris Blight is a scratching

Jim's came in with this prediction - Hoping it will be a good game and a giants win

another prediction in and its more of the same.. this time from Andrew who says As much as I hate saying it, it's gonna be a bad night for the devils tonight unless Poper has really read the riot act. 6-2 Belfast.

Confirmed now no Chris Blight tonight and Jake Morissette is being looked at by the medical staff after taking a puck to the face in warm up.

Getting closer to face off now

Jon thinks we will struggle tonight but Devils to win in OT

I won't lie I think its going to be a long night and a Giants win ):

Teams out on the ice can't see who the ref is as yet as its properly dark in here

No sign of Jake Morissette on the ice as yet

Devils with just 13 skaters

Heading into the Anthem

Much better crowd than the Mid Week game in attendance tonight

and we are off

Face off in the Giants zone

Jeffrey Szwez drives for the net and is fouled

Devils Mark Smith 2 minutes for hooking

Giants on the PP looking strong

Giants Goal..details to follow

Under two minutes played here in the first

Kevin Saurette assited Evan Cheverie

18:21 to play in the first

Giants shooting at every chance

Net off its moorings as the Giants put the puck in no goal

Face off in the Devils zone as Cook makes a glove save

16:37 to play in the first

Jeffrey Szwez scores a sweet goal ( it was i'm sorry)

Pass called for by Swez and beats cook

15:31 to play in the first

Jeffrey Szwez from Colin Shields

Giants looking dangerous here

Face off in the Giants zone after an icing call


Brad Plumton the goal machine strikes again with a huge slap shot

Brad Plumton assisted by Mac Faulkner & Tomas Kurka

Ben Davies with a shot Stephen Murphy saves Face off in the Giants zone

Giants icing face off in the Giants zone

12:44 to play

Kevin Saurette with a shot Phil Cook coughs up a rebound face off in the Devils zone

Adam Keefe shoots high

Face off in the Devils zone

Tomas Kurka with a shot denied

Puck out of play 10:23 to play in the first

Giants Goal..details to follow

Devils on the PK there with Mac Faulkner in the box

Kevin Saurette asssited by Robby Sandrock

9:18 to play in the 1st

scramble in the Devils goal Phil Cook falls on the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils battling hard but its all Giants here

7:50 to play in the first

Stephen Murphy unmoors the net and a Devils goal is disallowed

Jeff Mason also had a little dig at Phil Cook there behind the play

Face off in the Giants zone

Devils called for going offside

Face off just outside the Giants zone

5:22 to play in the first

Devils break up a Giants attack

Devils having to work hard here and the Giants look to be cruising

2:30 to play in the first

Dustin Whitecotton with a shot saved Phil Cook

Face off in the Devils zone

Giants penalty called with 2:04 to play in the first

Face off in the Giants zone

Robby Sandrock 2 minutes for hooking

devils with a chance but Brad Plumton can't get a shot off

1:30 left on the PP


1:09 to play in the first

Ben Davies assisted by Mark Smith

final seconds in the first

Period ends

14 Shots on the Devils goal that period

Teams back for the 2nd period

Good comments from Nigel on the 1st - Typically Cycloptic performance by Darnell. Missed loads of lumberjack slashes by the Giants. Devils need to stay out of the penalty box. Giants are 2 for 2 on the Power play. Doesn't help we're without Morrisette & Blight - both we out in the warm up. Fingers crossed we can keep it going. Chuffed that "Kick the net off when under pressure" Murphy hasn't got a shut out. 2 good goals by Devils against a team that is probably only on 3rd gear!!

Underway in the 2nd period

Mac Faulkner goes close early on

18:30 to play in the second

Giants icing face off in the Giants zone

Goal mouth scramble infront of the Devils net

Colin Shields with a big shot saved Phil Cook

Face off in the Giants zone

Phil Cook looks to have broken his helmet stopping that one

delay in play here while cooks hat is mended

Face off in the Devils zone

back underway

Devils with some pressure now with 16 mins to play in the second

Stephen Murphy makes a save

Big pad save for Phil Cook on a Evan Cheverie shot

Giants Goal..details to follow

Waiting on details

Kevin Saurette assisted Evan Cheverie

14:00 to play in the second

Mac Faulkner with a cheeky wrist shot save Stephen Murphy

Giants Goal..details to follow

Jeffrey Szwez assisted Robby Sandrock

Robby Sandrock with a shot saved Face off in the Devils zone

12:07 to play in the second

Giants Goal..details to follow

Cook taken out by a Devils D man and the puck goes in

Mark Garside with the goal

Mark Garside assisetd Craig Peacock and Adam Keefe

Giants Goal..details to follow

Devils pull Phil Cook and Joe Myers comes in

10:30 to play here in the second

Giants Goal..details to follow

Craig Peacock assisted Chris Higgins on that last one

Giants Mark Garside takes 2 minutes for boarding

Giants fans rather loud here

Giants Goal..details to follow

Giants still on the PK here

Adam Keefe assisted Darryl Lloyd on the Giants 9th short handed

Lots of comments coming in now lets just say they are questioning our coaching decisions on this one

and Erin's upgraded the prediction to 10 - 2 Giants which we've just hit

Giants Goal..details to follow

Kevin Saurette assisted Colin Shields ( we think)

That we can see heaviest ever defeat in the elite league coming up

there is play ongoing its 3:17 to play in the second

Jester's coming in with a 14-2 prediction which feels low to me

Some penalties called Brad Plumton and Chris Higgins both 2 minutes for stuff

Second almost over

Back for the third and my coffee's taken a oddly alcoholic twist

Phil Cook back in the net for the 3rd

Underway here in the 3rd

Shots so far Belfast 28 - 21 Cardiff

Giants pull Stephen Murphy putting in a back up

Giants back to full strength

Giants Goal..details to follow

Chris Higgins with the goal assisted Robby Sandrock

Not much to report here 14:05 to play

12 minutes to play here

Its been 8 minutes since the last Giants goal which is nice

I apologize for this periods commentary there's been not a whole lot to coffee was nice


With sticks and pucks and everything

Tomas Kurka assisted by Max Birbraer


Max Birbraer

Giants back up is in nets I would point out

Max Birbraer assisted Tomas Kurka and Callum Buglass

4 minutes to play

Final minute

ten giants fans louder than the rest of the people in the rink

Its over ( thankfully )

Devils MOM should be interesting

Kevin Saurette would get my shout for the Giants

Kevin Saurette Giants MOM

Devils MOM.. Ben Davies

Night all I'm done