Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 7 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as MNL brings coverage of the Devils game in Belfast

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off please

Tonight we are indebted to our regular Giants texters David M and Carl who had again stepped in to help us out

A Devils supporter EstsideDevil has also come to our assistance and will be an MNL texter virgin

Ruth predicts a 4-3 win for the Giants, shame on you Ruth

will bring you team news as soon as I hear from the O

Warmup in progress

No Quiney, Richardson or Blight for Devils

Callum Buglass is icing but no Adam Harding

Andrew R call it 4-3 to Devils in O/T

Rachael also goes for a 4-3 win for the Red Army

Baz is more confident with a 4-2 prediction

Michael Hicks is referee

Eight fans spotted in Devils sweaters

All thre texters now in position at O

Jester says it looks like a nice big crowd

Warmup done and dusted

Another Giants fan - Dorothy E has offered her help

Robert D thinks Devils will win 4-3 after penalties

Winning on penalties is something new for the Devils

There will be a slight delay in face off as running repairs to plexiglass are needed

Face off noe delayed until 7:10pm

Correction - ref is Darnell not Hicks

Hazel thinks DEvils will win 3-2 after a tough game

Helen D thinks Devils will bag a point and lose in O/T

Zamboni off the ice

Mascots out, lights off

Officials take to the ice

Devils on the ice

Devils in WHITE tonight

Giants video now playing

Jester estimates a crowd of 4,500+

About 25 in away stand including 8 Newcastle Vipers fans

No hat for Pope tonight, a FLAT CAP

Giants finally appear

Looks like 13 skaters for Devils

Puck is dropped

icing Face off in the Devils zone

Save Phil Cook

Glove save Phil Cook from Swez

Another Phil Cook save

Sandrock levels Tomas Kurka

Save Stephen Murphy

Devils icing

Phil Cook save from Adam Keefe

Gametime 1:52

Big hit by Darryl Lloyd

Colin Shields hits post

All Giants at the moment

Mac Faulkner hits crossbar

Phil Cook save

Giants have set up camp in Devils zone

Sandrock bullet sdaved by Phil Cook

Giants offside @ 7;10

icing Giants

Stephen Murphy save from Tomas Kurka

Devils turnover but Phil Cook saves the day

Devils have 14 skaters on bench

Murphy save @ 8:50

Devils seem to have weathered that initial Giants storm and are now getting into game

Cook covers

Game has slowed down

Gametime 11:44

Phil Cook saves from Adam Keefe

Goal Giants

Szwez the scorer @ 13:15

Assist Whitecotton

Cook saves from Saurette

Puck out of play

Gametime 14:20

Pad save Murphy

Another save by Stephen Murphy

Giants penalty - David Phillips - hooking


Giants penalty was @ 15:32

Devils PPG scored by Jake Morissette

Assists Marsh & Faulkner

Devils goal timed @ 15:51

Cook covers

Giants finishing period strong

Phil Cook glove save from Colin Shields

Phil Cook saves again from Calvin Elfring this time

Lord shot tipped out of play @ 18:51

Final minute

Jeff Mason shoots wide for Giants

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

SoG for 1st Period Giants 10 DEVILS12

4 minutes to restart

Ice is ready

Officials are back so are Devils

Followed by Giants

Come on U DEVILS

Correction Devils goal scored by Mac Faulkner not Jake Morissette

2nd period starts

Colin Shields shoots wide

greart save by Phil Cook

Cookie keeping Devils in this game by all accounts

Shot from Kevin Phillips sticked away by Cook

Stephen Murphy save

Colin Shields goes close

gametime 44:05

Giants icing

Fairly even start to 2nd period

EastsideDevil sticking up for the Devils against 3 Giants texters

icing Giants

Phil Cook covers

Stephen Murphy save

icing Devils

Devils exerting some pressure

Gametime 26:25

Giants goal

Sandrock the scorer with shot from blueline @ 26:28

Assists Evan Cheverie

Tyson Marsh shoots high

Devils pressing for equaliser

Murphy having to make a series of saves

Great save Murphy from Tomas Kurka @ 28:18

End to end action

Great save Phil Cook from Evan Cheverie tip

Puck out of play

Gametime 30:02

Murphy holds on from Matthew Myers

Hioggins smashed by Plumton

Double save Stephen Murphy

Giants icing

Murphy saves from Smith

Gametime 31;42

Glove save Stephen Murphy

Giants Goal by Szwez

Giants score on a 2 on 1 break

@ 32:05

Assist Whitecotton

It was a 3 on 1 breakaway after Devils pressure

Higgins shoots wide

Puck out of play @ 33:52 Face off in the Devils zone

Marsh breaks stick with a slapshot

Giants Goal

Scored by Colin Shields @35:12

Marsh giveaway in Devils zone

Cardiff icing

Assist Szwez on Giants 4th goal

Cook saves from Garside

Cook covers on Shields dump & chase

Gametime 37:04

Giants top line all over Devils

Phil Cook save from Chris Higgins

Another Phil Cook save @ 38:14

From Kevin Saurette that was

Giants goal by Darryl Lloyd

@ 38:39

Last minute

Assist Sandrock on Giants 5th goal

Another Phil Cook save

End of 2nd period Giants 5 DEVILS 1

Jester says Phil Cook is playing well but no help from his D

SoG for 2nd period Giants 15 Devils 13 making it 25-25 after 2 periods


Officials are back along with the two teams

Dorothy our Giants texters says the scoreline is not a true reflection of the game - Cook suffering from lack of help from D and Murphy playing a stormer

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Glove save Phil Cook

Another Cook save

@ 40:31

Birbraer shoots high

Devils offside

Callum Buglass gets a shift

Giants goal - Szwez

Hattrick for Szwez

Joe Myers takes over in net

@ 42:16

Szwez was left all alone in the crease and scores - he couldn't fail could he

Assists for Shiels & Brookwell on Giants 6th

Birbraer shoots wide

Tyson Marsh down on ice

Penalty Giants - Adam Keefe - high sticks @ 44:18

Tyson Marsh is up and OK

Devils penalty Mac Faulkner interference @ 44;35


Tomas Kurka SCORES

aSSIST Tyson Marsh

@ 45:07

Joe Myers covers

Giants back to full strength (FS)

So are the Devils

Mark Smith shoots high

Devils seem to have woken up

Devils penalty called

Mac Faulkner


cross-checking the call


Joe Myers covers

Giants goal on delayed penalty

Myers rebound punished

Kevin Saurette scores whilst lying on the ice

@ 49:41

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka

Andrew Dickson takes over in Giants net

Kurka got a tripping minor

Higgins scored Giants 7th goal assist Kevin Saurette Evan Cheverie

Devils return to FS

Gametime 52:06

Devils icing

Gametime 53:02

Dickson save

Big save Joe Myers

4 minutes left

Myers doing well in Devils net

Another save by Dickson

Last 2 minutes

last minute

Final score Giants 7 DEVILS 2

Devils MoM - Mac Faulkner

Giants MoM - Jeffrey Szwez

Our thanks go to the trio of Giants fans who helped us out this evening, Dorothy, Jester and David M.

Let us also congratulate our virgin Devil texter EastsideDevil who did a brilliant job on his debut

Thats all from me, join the MNL crew at the BBT tomorrow evening when we welcome the Giants to our barn/tent

Until the next time - GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB