Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 3 Fife Flyers

Welcome to tonights cup game

Its freezing down here

Both teams are on the ice warming up

Flyers without starting netminder Regan and Matt Nickerson

Just the one prediction so far with Mark ( who hates the Blaze ) predicting a 4-2 Devils win

Don't forget if you can't make it down and you don't want to miss any of the action and reading the game isn't enough you can get the on Devils live TV here for a jolly reasonable eight pounds

Hazel in Southend was spot on last game with her prediction, so lets see if she can make it 2 in a row! Devils to win 5 - 2 tonight she pedicts

Seems very quiet in here with 8 minutes to go till face off

I'm being told Mike Hicks has the whistle again tonight so expect some random penalties

Teams on the ice

Introductions underway

Heading into the Anthems

one last prediction - CornwallTaffyWe've had plenty of flooding down in Cornwall over the last few weeks but I wouldn't mind the floodgates opening tonight and Devils getting a big win to take up to the 2nd leg next week. Devils by 6-1

Puck drops and we are off

Justin DaCosta with a shot Phil Cook saves Face off in the Devils zone

Mac Faulkner breaks away and is denied by Blair Daly

Face off in the Flyers zone

Fife Derek Roehl 2 minutes for hooking

18:40 to play in the first

Fife killing the PP well now

shot deflected

Fife clear

30 seconds left on the penalty

Fife back to full strength

16:55 to play in the first

very stop start here Face off in the Devils zone

Devils offside

Bobby Chaumont 2 minutes for hooking

15:27 to play in the first

Blair Daly doing well in nets here on the PK


Details to follow PP goal

Tyson Marsh assist for Tomas Kurka and Mac Faulkner for his 100th EIHL point

hard wrist shot from the blue line from Marsh beat daly

Luke Piggot 2 minutes for delay of game see's the devils on the PK

Fife penalty tripping

Kyle Haines 2 minutes for tripping at 13:22

4 on 4

Phil Cook big save glove hand 2 on one

Sorry penalty for Fife was holding

Jimmy snells coming in with a late prediction 4-1 devils

Fife PK looking handy again as Phil Cook is forced to make a save Face off in the Devils zone

11:35 to play in the first

Fife back to full strength

Jordan Fulton tries for a wrap around goal

Face off in the Devils zone

9:18 to play here in the first

Got to be said lowest crowd we've had in a long time

Luke Piggot 2 minutes for tripping 7:30 to play

Phil Cook deflects a big slap shot out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Devils back to full strength

Devils short Rupert Quiney, Chris Blight, Joonas Liimatainen and Mark Richardson tonight

we have a delay here some one for Fife taken a a ten minute misconduct

Ned Lukacevic a ten minute misconduct


Tomas Kurka with an amazing finish Blair Daly didnt know what was happening

4:46 to play in the first

Sorry if I've called Blair Daly Tom at any point btw

Jordan Fulton with a shot save Phil Cook Face off in the Devils zone

1:28 left in the first

Bobby Chaumont with a shot and the save from Phil Cook unmoors the net face off in the Devils zone coming up

Devils go close

30 seconds to play in the first

Its raining here behind the desk again there's a hole in our tent

end of the first

seven shots on Cook for the first

I'm off to get a coffee see you all for the 2nd soon

Almost underway in the 2nd


Tyson Marsh from the Blueline


two in less than a minute

Ben Davies with the 4th assisted by Chris Jones & Tyson Marsh

Devils Mac Faulkner 2 minutes for hooking 18:24 to play

Tomas Kurka & Max Birbraer all over Fife while on the PK

Face off in the Flyers zone

Justin DaCosta having a go at Chris Jones for shame DaCosta.. then dropping his stick like a pillock

Crossbar denies Jake Morissette

14:40 to play in the second

Game sheet for tonight showing 600

Devils very in control here but Fife breaking up attacks well

Tomas Kurka goes close again

Devils shooting from everywhere now and the crowd is in fine voice ( if small )

Face off in the Flyers zone

Shots on Goal for the first Devils 10 Fife 7

9:34 to play here

Devils dominant here

5:57 to play in the second

Not much to report lots of Devils shots

Flyers goal.. details to follow

Matt Reber assisted by Bobby Chaumont

3 minutes left here in the second

Flyer goes to the box after a late shove on Tyson Marsh

Jordan Fulton 2 minutes for cross-checking ( more of a shove it looked )


Mac Faulkner short handed

Goal was Mac Faulkner from Tomas Kurka

Watching that last goal back and Mac Faulkner puts it straigh thru the five hole

All kicking off here now Fife player runs over Phil Cook

11 seconds to play in the second left

Jordan Fulton took the run at Phil Cook

somehow Devils come out on the PK there waiting on pens to be called

Sorry it was Derek Roehl on the netminder

Derek Roehl 2 minutes for goal tender interference

Chris Jones 2 + 2 for holding the stick and Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for roughing

Delay for blood on the ice after that

Back underway

more aggro here now on the ice after the face off

Jordan Fulton with a hit on Cook

End of the second

Nine shots on Blair Daly that period

Teams back on the ice for the Third

Period underway

Devils on the PK for the first minute or so


Brad Plumton ( for real this time) water bottle everywhere kind of goal

Jake Morissette denied on a breakaway

Brad Plumton assisted by Max Birbraer

very nice one legged fist pump celebration from Mr Plumton there

15:20 to play here in the third


We look away for a second...

Max Birbraer assisted by Andrew Lord & Matthew Myers

Flyers goal.. details to follow

Tim Hartung top shelf with a nice finish

Tim Hartung assisted Jamie Wilson & Jordan Fulton

9:30 left in the third

Devils looking for an 8th goal here

Fife Flyers 2 minutes for too many men

Flyers goal.. details to follow

Matt Reber with what looked like a five hole goal

Matt Reber from Jordan Fulton and Thomas Muir

7:17 to play in the third

Flyers go close again Matt Reber looking dangerous

5:10 to play very end to end now

Jordan Fulton goes close but Phil Cook comes away with the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

2:30 to play in the third

30 seconds to play

game ends

13 shots for Fife that period

Matt Reber Flyers MOM

Devils MOM Tyson Marsh

Thanks for following along and we will see you in Saturday