Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

We will be updating you live from the Inferno news desk at the rink thanks to the great guys at Analysis Technologies from around 6 pm tonight

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Devils on the ice for warm up

Devils D looking to be very short again tonight I'm told it will but just four D men

Predictions coming in and they don't make for good reading at the minute apart from Rusky who says IF the D unit turns up tonight i predict a Devils win

Al wants to say Good luck and all the best to everybody in New Year from Birbraer's clan!

Pat in Bridgend has this to say After last night I'm almost afraid to predict any score but I hope they win 3- 1

Warm up well underway if your on your way to the rink bring Scuba gear its a little wet outside

Jon predicting a 4-3 Devils win

Mark thinks the devils will get a 5-4 overtime win ( and he still hates the Blaze)

Deans calling the game as a win Devils 3 - 2 Steelers. Lets hope so

Teams as off the ice and we are about 15 minutes away from face off

I'm told Joonas Liimatainen, Rupert Quiney, Mark Richardson and Chris Blight not icing for the Devils tonight

Seems to be a few Steelers fans in tonight and Dave Simms is in attendance

Hazel in Southend has this to say on tonigts game Well todays a new day and I think the Devils can do it. It's going to be tough and I reckon it could go to overtime with the Devils winning 4 - 3 Come on Devils!

Teams out on the ice

Heading into the Anthem shortly and they we will be off

Michael Hicks our ref tonight

Max Birbraer, Jake Morissette and Tomas Kurka lining up for the 1st shift. Tyson Marsh & Josh Batch on D

We are off

Robert Dowd has a cheeky shot save Cook Face off in the Devils zone

Steelers getting the better of things so far here

Phill Hill goes close

Devils absorbing allot of pressure

16:12 to play


waiting on details

Luke Piggot with the Goal

sorry Ben Davies


14:15 to play

Bad hit on Andrew Lord delayed pen coming

Lord went head first into the boards didnt see which Steeler it was

No Steeler Penalty but Andrew Lord has gone into the box we are all a bit confused here

Andrew Lord 2 minutes for boarding when it was him who was boarded

Ben Davies 2 minutes for interference

5 on 3 now

Hicks seems to be losing control already

Steelers well set up on the PP

Devils Clear

back to 5 on 4 and another Penalty called

Brad Plumton 2 minutes for roughing called

Lino man handles him to the box

Still five on three

Andrew Lord back on the ice

5 on 4 now

Steelers desperate for an opener

10:57 to play in the first

Devils clear the zone still five on four

Tyson Marsh called for Devils delayed pen coming

Face off in the Devils zone

back down to 5 on three

10:08 to play

Face off in the Devils zone

Tyson Marsh 2 minutes penalty and a a ten minute misconduct

Hicks is all over the place tonight

Andrew Lord floors a Steeler

9:30 to play Face off in the Devils zone

Hicks see his first Steelers penalty of the night

Jason Hewitt goes to the box 2 minutes for tripping

4 on 4 now

Devils back to 5 skaters

big scrum in the Steelers zone

Drew Fata and Brad Plumton to the box

Drew Fata 2 minutes for roughing and Brad Plumton 2 minutes for cross-checking

7:02 to play

Steelers back to five skaters, Face off in the Steelers zone

Hicks calling every time a Devil looks at a Steeler

Ben Davies takes the lamest 2 minutes for ?? I've ever seen

Ben Davies 2 minutes for cross-checking apparently

5:49 to play

Steelers score.. details to follow

Do we give Hicks an assist on that one as well ?

Rob Sirianni assisted by Tim Spencer and Nate DiCasmirro

Jake Morissette takes a high stick

Mark Thomas 2+2 minutes for high sticks

big shot from Max Birbraer

3:12 to play in the first

Devils pressure now

Devils set well on the Power play

Final minute in the 1st Period

Face off in the Devils zone and Phil Cook makes a save

back to five on five

End of the first

A late prediction from CornwallTaffy - Asking a lot from our D tonight. Hope someone stays more at home to stop the fast break goal. Not too optimistic. but will hope for a 3-2 with Overtime shoot out.

Devils kept Steelers to 13 shots on Phil Cook that period

22 minutes of Penalties that Period for the Devils called by Mr Hicks

8 minutes for the Steelers

Steelers 1 for 5 on the Power play, Devils 0 from 2

Hello Steeltalk thanks for tuning in we did say it was biased coverage

Just to recap Steelers goal was Sirianni, (14) from (Spencer, DiCasmirro) @14:15 (PP)

Devils goal was Davies unassisted at 4:10

4:12 left in the break and its steamed up a treat in front of us .. next period shaping up to be a little like Gorillas in the mist at this rate

a comment from Nigel on tonight's game Mike Hicks had sunk to new depths of poor officiating tonight. Under the new 2014 rules if you are taken into the boards by your opponent from behind, you get called for Boarding. UNBELIEVEABLE. Steelers have obviously been watching Tom Daley over Christmas, they are diving all over the Ice and Hicks had called everything against the Devils - falling for every one. Darnell now has some serious competition for the worst ref in the history of the game.

Underway in the 2nd

I can see shapes moving in the gloom

Devils with some pressure early on and Frank Doyle accidentally un-moors the net

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils shot Frank Doyle covers

Face off in the Steelers zone

Max and Jake Morissette combine on a break away but the shot goes over

SOG for the 1st Steelers 13 and Devils 7

Face off in the Devils zone

Maxime Lacroix denied by Phil Cook

16:24 to play in the 2nd

Tomas Kurka goes close

attendance down as 1324 for tonight

14:10 to play in the second

Face off in the Devils zone

Frank Doyle covers as Chris Jones & Ben Davies attack Face off in the Steelers zone

13:20 to play

some brilliant play on show from Tomas Kurka

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

8 minutes gone in the second

Devils penalty Mark Smith to the box

Face off in the Devils zone

9:47 to play here

Devils killing the penalty well

Phil Cook makes a save Face off in the Devils zone

Net well off the moorings as the Steelers put the puck in

No goal

Steelers score.. details to follow

Phil Hill with the goal

His celebration more than a little over the top

we had the ayatollah and a punching of the glass

8 minutes left in the second

Lovely pass from Tomas Kurka to Max and a shot from Jake Morissette Face off in the Steelers zone

Robert Dowd called for Steelers

Face off in the Steelers zone

Robert Dowd 2 minutes for hooking we think

Devils on the Power Play

Andrew Lord with a chance shoots high

6 minutes to play in the second


Jake Morissette with the goal

assist for Brad Plumton

4:34 to play

Mac Faulkner goes close on a five hole shot

Face off in the Steelers zone

2:53 left in the second


Mark Smith from the point

Set up from so nice play by Andrew Lord

1:50 left in the second

Mark Smith assisted Andrew Lord and Matthew Myers

Steelers swamp Phil Cook in goal and we have "handbags " in the goal mouth

Devils with all the chances right now

Steelers with some late pressure

Period ends

Just looking at the stats Phil Cook 2 Assists making his play making stats similar to Phil Hill since his arrival at the Steelers

Shots on Goal for the 2nd Sheffield 16 and Cardiff 12

Just under a minute until the 3rd

teams back on the ice

face off in the 3rd delayed as an ice "issue" is worked on

Third period underway

Its all a bit misty here again

Face off in the Steelers zone

Phil Cook covers from a long dump in by the Steelers, Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penalty we didnt see here Matthew Myers goes to the box and we have Face off in the Devils zone

17:49 to play

Matthew Myers 2 minutes for slashing

Steelers score.. details to follow

From the point worked well by the Steelers

Chad Langlais with the goal assists for Stefan Meyer & Jeff Legue

16:26 to play

14:30 left in the third

Bit flat after that last goal and we have a stoppage in play here now

Face off in the Steelers zone

Danny Meyers 2 minutes for holding and Andrew Lord 2 minutes for tripping the calls

Phil Cook working hard now

20 seconds left on the 4 on 4

12:30 to play in the third

End to end stuff here the minute and the atmosphere has died

Face off in the Devils zone

cheeky chip in gloved by Phil Cook Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Davies 2 minutes for cross-checking

7 minutes to play in the third

Tomas Kurka carries the puck into the Steelers zone

Maxime Lacroix 2 minutes for slashing

5:31 to play

Devils doing well on the power play this time

Still five on four here and a Devils goal would be nice about now

Steelers back to full strength

3:45 to play

Face off in the Steelers zone

2:50 to play Steelers not happy after a collision between Brad Plumton and Jonathan Phillips

2 minutes to play here now

Rob Sirianni bounces off Brad Plumton behind the Devils net

30 seconds to play

End of regulation and we are heading into overtime

Devils four on four starting with Tomas Kurka, Jake Morissette, Mark Smith and Brad Plumton

Overtime underway

Devils with a chance batted away

Brad Plumton with a shot save Frank Doyle

3:02 left here

Steelers about to get a delay of game maybe

2:20 to play still 4 on 4 as nothing called

Phil cook with an amazing save

Hicks ignores a tripping on a Devil

and a too many men for the Steelers

into the last 20 seconds

Steelers net off the mooring and a scrum in goal

Tim Spencer and Brad Plumton head to the box

Its looking like penalties here

20 seconds to play from the restart

Brad Plumton 2 minutes for roughing likewise Tim Spencer

3 on 3 here now

Devils pepper Frank Doyle with shots at the death but its Penalties here in the bay

Jeff Legue no score

Jake Morissette up for Devils scores !

5 hole !

Rob Sirianni

Phil Cook saves

Tyson Marsh for devils scores !

Phil Cook has a very strange penalty shot style.. but it works !

Devils Win !

MOM for Steelers Rob Sirianni

Devils MOM Mark Smith

That's us out for tonight, we should have coverage live for the Fife game mid week.