Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 9 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join us from around 6:15 as we bring the first MNL of 2014 when the Devils take on the Panthers at the NIC

Score predictions always welcomed to

Texters have reported in - so we are good to go


Ruth calls it 3-2 to the Red Army

Dean W not very confident and calls it 4-1 to the Panthers - he of little faith

Thats it Kirsty confidence - Devils to win 4-2

Busy EIHL tonight with all teams playing

Devils to be the only away team to register a victory I say

Rachael has found her seat at the NIC and watching the warmup

Awaiting team news

Joonas Liimatainen is icing

No Chris Blight for Devils tonight

Warmup completed

Molly calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Pat in Bridgend if confident Devils will start 2014 with a win - 4-2

About a 100 of the RED ARMY have made the journey to the Lace City

Ice is ready

THe concensus in the Batch household is that Josh has been too well fed over Christmas & New Year and him scoring another hattick is asking too much

Kevan & Sue Batch predict a 3-2 win for Devils

Officials on the ice

Devils also out

Adam Harding icing for Devils

Ref is No 30

We will tell you who it is when the lights come back on

30 is a bit high for the IQ of a ref isn't

In the gloom we think it is Michael Hicks

30 is certainly too high

Panthers intro taking ages as normal

Now told ref is Kieron O'Callaghan

Daniel LaCosta on bench with Brent Pope

Anthem time

I wish they would make their mind up - it is Hicks

O'Callaghan is a lino

O'Callaghan is a lino

Off we go

Devils exert pressure from the start

I am now totally confused who the ref is

Ref is Kieron O'Halloran

WE got that sorted in the end

Scramble in front of Phil Cook @ 1:43

Cook had covered the puck

Farmer break foiled

Its end to end at a terrific pace

Panthers icing @ 3:41

Panthers penalty @ 4;00 - Grimaldi

Tripping the call

Conway save @ 4:05

Great movement by devils PP line

One minute killed by Panthers

bad miss by Tomas Kurka

panthers return to full strength (FS)

Happy birthday to Chris Jones from all at MNL

Conway covers @ 7:22

Panthers goal

@ 7:40

Petr Klaus with Panthers opener

Assists if any to follow

Assists Farmer & Ryan

Defence clear a Cook rebound

Faulkner tips a Kurka shot wide

Panthers goal

Scored by Lachowicz assist Grimaldi

Panthers 2nd goal was @ 11:59

Jake Morissette breakaway save Conway

Panthers score again @ 13:44

Devils time out

Lachowicz scores Panthers 3rd

Joe Myers goes in net

Texters believe that Cook was not playing that badly but Devils defence were all over the place

Panthers goal

Gimaldi assist Ryan

@ 14:12

Panthers icing @ 14:36

Come on U DEVILS get a grip

Davies fails to pass and is turnedover

Devils penalty Chris Jones - slashing @16:06


Panthers PPG @16:34

Scored by Matt Ryan

PR has left his seat in the stands

Devils are now in panic mode


Final minute

Panthers offside @ 19:38

Devils taking shots but they are all wide of the net

End of 1st period Panthers 5 DEVILS 0

The biggest difference between the two teams is that the Panthers are clinical in punishing mistakes/errors

Too many errors from Devils and unable to punish those rare Panther errors

Panthers back

So are Devils

SoG for 1st period Panthers 16 DEVILS 6

Myers remains in net

2nd period starts

Glove save by Conway

Hatless Pope


Easy win for Plumton

Pumton took exception to a hit on Jake Morissette

Fighting majors for both @ 20:51

Panthers goal

@ 21:27

Weaver assists Ryan & Murray

Devils D backing off ionstead of standing the Panthers up

Retreating deep into your zone is not a good option against a team that can find the back of the net

Devils 3 man breakaway - Tomas Kurka misses the net

Devils D is a mess

Panthers score @ 25:08

Panthers 7th goal scored by Klaus

Kalus even

Assists Lachowicz and Francis

This is embarassing sitting here at home, what is it like to the Red Army at NIC

Texters losing the will to live

Its error after error

Turnover after turnover in their own zone

Glove save Joe Myers @ 27:41

a bit of Devils pressure at last but no scoring opportunity created

Panthers Goal

@ 28:36 - Ryan after a Plumton turnover

Assist Farmer

Devils attempting passes instead of skating with puck

Conway glove save from Plumton

Phil Cook back in net for Devils

Devils icing

If the Devils don't wake up the Panthers will break a record I thought would never be beaten

devils penalty @ 30:15 - Josh Batch - delay of game

Cook glove save

Piggott clears

Devils return to FS

Good PK by Devils - at least something +ve

The Stub has started clapping when we clear the zone or block a shot

Panthers for a change messed up a clear breakaway chance

Cook save

Another Cook save from Grimaldi

Conway save from Davies @ 37:41


Tyson Marsh with a slapshot following a face off

@ 37:44 assists Kurka & Faulkner

Final minute

Devils offside @ 39:14

Devils penalty -Meyers - roughing @ 39:54

End of 2nd period Panthers 8 DEVILS 1

At least that record I mentioned will still stand, amazingly it was twelve years ago tomorrow

Both teams return to the ice

Dan Green takes over in Panthers net

Off we go

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 15 DEVILS 12 making it 31-18 after 2 periods

Devils PK working well

Devils return to FS

Gree glove save from Kurka @ 42:31

Devils seem to have shuffled the lines

Green save from Marsh @ 43:14

Panthers giving Devils a lesson on how to give protection to your netminder


@ 45:04 Birbraer assists Kurka & Smith

Gametime 45:26

Myers shoots high

Lord shot deflected away from net

Devils offside @ 47:09

Myers hits cross bar

Gametime 49:12

Devils penalty @ 49:12 - Brad Plumton - slashing


Devils clear zone

Devils have 3 SoG whilst on PK

Panthers Goal

Robert Lachowicz scores @ 51:02 assist Grimaldi

Devils too eager for a SHG are made to pay

Phil Cook glove save from David Clarke

Phil Cook making some quality saves

Cardiff offside @ 53:08 - Mac Faulkner

Handbags featuring Ryan & Plumton

Both Plumton & Ryan called for holding @ 53:36

Gametime 55:03

Ryan & Plumton return

Phil Cook save @ 56:17

Devils icing @ 56:43

Devils penalty @ 57:08 - Matthew Myers - roughing

Panthers penalty also for Ryan - roughing

So its 4 on 4

Final 2 minutes

Batch shoots - Green saves

Phil Cook covers @ 58:44

Panthers fans have seen enough, sneaking off early

Well done to RED ARMY for suffering this nightmare

Both teams return to fs

Its all over

Final score Panthers 9 DEVILS 2

Thanks to our texters - regulars Rachael & Gerald, The Stub making a comeback and rookie Darren. Well done all of you

Devils MoM - Matthew Myers

Panthers MoM - Matt Ryan

Join us for MNL tomorrow night when the Sheffield Steelers visit the BBT