Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Compliments of the Season to you

Welcome to Boxing Day MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry to take on the Blaze and burn off those extra calories consumed yesterday

My texters have arrived safely at Coventry and eager to report on further positive progress by our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Waiting for team news.

Score predictions as usual welcomed -

Simon predicts Devils will win by 3 probably 4-1

Russky goes for a Devils win in O/T

Warmup in progress

Very quiet on the prediction front

Chris Blight is in warmup

Checking on Joonas

Warmup completed

Michael Hicks has the pea

Thank you Lew for your kind comments, we always aim to please here a MNL

Claire P thinks Devils will win 4-2 and furthermore Devils opening goal will be scored @ 6:37

By who I wonder?

Al is much more confident and predicts a 5-1 win for the Red Army

stop eating & dinking for a minute and get those perdictions to us at MNL

I hope all the travelling fans have a safe trip home tonight as there is some nasty weather on the way from the west

No racing for me today as Ffos Las was abandoned

Both Henrichs are scratches for Blaze

Claire cant make her mind up whether that opener for Devils ios scored by Andrew Lord Tomas Kurka

What hat has our coach got on tonight I wonder?

According to gamesheet Joonas Liimatainen not icing for Devils

Teams making their way onto the ice

Rob J goes for a 4-1 Devils victory

Both teams now on the slippery stuff


Devils start with Jones, Blight & Piggott with Marsh & Plumton

Off we go

Puck out of play after 6 secs

Blaze pressure

Mark Smith passes when he should have shot

Then Mac Faulkner shoots wide

Max Birbraer should have scored then

batch shot deflected out of play

Ginard shot saved by Phil Cook

Blaze score


@ 2:56

Error by Cook

Assist Benn Olson

Devils spent a minute in Blaze zone without testing Mike Zacharias

Devils penalty @5:00 - Andrew Lord 2 + 2 for high sticks


Blaze offside

Devils clear zone

1;17 killed

Blaze offside

Glove save Phil Cook @ 6:36

One minor killed

Great pk work by Davies - keeps puck for close on 20 seconds

Good save Cook

Devils restricting Blaze to long distance shots

Myers goes close SH

Kurka has SH effort saved by Mike Zacharias

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Blaze icing @ 9;16

Blaze goal @ 9:52

Scored by Guthrie

Assists Egener & Harvey

Come on U DEVILS get into this game

Play whistled down for a hand pass in neutral zone

Devils need to apply some pressure on Blaze

Devils seem to have lost their composure

Bad giveaway by Rupert Quiney - Phil Cook saves the day

A few hits are called for

Puck out of play ' 14:23

Devils penalty ' 15:26 - Brad Plumton - interference


Phil Cook save

Another Phil Cook save

Net off its moorings @ 16:50

Devils return to FS

Mac Faulkner denied a wraparound

gametime 18:23

Devils still look flat

Blaze misses open goal

Devils net off its moorings again

Final minute

Blaze should have scored but passes it around too much

Puck out of play @ 19:36

End of 1st period Blaze 2 DEVILS 0

Devils fortunate to be only 2 goals down

Officials back on ice

Teams are back

Blaze should have scored but passes it around too much

Come on U DEVILS

SoG for 1st period Blaze 12 DEVILS 5

Off we go for 2nd period

Myers Batch & Lord start


Blight @ 21:16

Assists for Marsh & Cook


@ 22:11

Just like Cardiff Bus

Scored by Batch assists Myers & Smith

Blaze timeout


Batch again @ 22:26

3 goals in 670 secs

Assists Myers & Lord on Batch's 2nd goal

That threw me for a minute until I realised that Josh had scored twice

15 seconds apart

Phil Cook saves from Tait @ 23:59

Another giveaway by Rupert Quiney

Cook saves

Devils icing @ 24:28

Another Devils icing @ 24:43

Bit hit by Mike Egener on Andrew Lord causes net to fall on Mike Zacharias

Another giveaway by Rupert Quiney

egener foils Mac Faulkner breakaway

RED ARMY taunting Blaze fans for being so quiet

Davies driven into Zach both slow to get up

Blaze penary Ryan Ginand - charging @26:25

Trainer on for Mike Zacharias

Hes ok

Close on 100 Devils fans in Coventry

Blight & Marsh go close on pp

Blaze kill 1 minute

Blaze return to FS

Cook saves

That was a good save by Phil Cook

Devils penalty @ 29:06 - Brad Plumton - high sticks


SH goak by Andrew Lord

@ 30:40

Correction - scored by Jake Morissette assist Andrew Lord

Blaze look well & truly rattled

Devils enjoying possession on PK

Devils penalty ' 29:26 - Rupert Quiney - interference


Glove save Cook

Devils back to 4 skaters as Plumton returns

Jake Morissette breakaway denied by good save by Mike Zacharias

Blight down injured

Jake Morissette breakaway denied by good save by Mike Zacharias

RED ARMY calling for high sticks

Blight up and skates off unassisted

Goes to changing room

Devils return to FS

Blaze Goal

Ginandf @ 33:34

Assist Tanaka

Chris Blight back out

Jake Morissette should have done better on a 3 on 1 breakaway as he shoots well wide

Mike Zacharias covers @ 36:20

Handbags follows

Ginand kicks Devils net off

Gametime 37:00

Blaze penalty called

37:19 - Olsen -2 minutes for interference

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Mike Zacharias save @ 38:04

From Richie that was

Blaze kill 1 minute

Blaze back to FS

Devils penalty @ 39:35 Andrew Lord - hooking


End of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 4

Devils will start 3rd period with 1:35 of PK

Teams coming back onto the ice at Coventry

So are the officials

Devils 4th goal was scored by Andrew Lord as we first reported not Jake Morissette

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 14 DEVILS 14 making it 26-19 after 2 periods

úrd period starts


Cook saves from Harvey

Devils penalty @ 41:00 - Brad Plumton - slashing

Blaze have 5 on 3 for 35 secs


Devils back to 4 skaters

Cook save

Devils clear zone

And again

Devils return to FS

Blaze net off its moorings

Kicked off by Mike Zacharias


Dr Piggott

@ 43:39 assist Davies

2nd assist to Adam Harding

Glove save Mike Zacharias from Mac Faulkner

Mike Zacharias saves from Chris Blight @ 44:43

Blaze icing @ 45:38

Cook saves from Tanaka @ 46:08

Blaze (Olson) offside @ 46:27

Cook covers from Guthrie @ 46:56

Cook save @ 47:21

Cook covers @ 48:07

Mike Zacharias covers from Tomas Kurka

Devils offside :49:30

Blaze Goal

@ 49:55

Scored by Tait

Assists Tanaka & Devin

Soft goal conceded by Cook

Cook saves from Olson @ 51:02

Blaze peppering Cook at the moment

Blaze goal disallowed - kicked in

Mike Zacharias glove save @ 52:17

Mike Zacharias saves from Jake Morissette @ 52:55

Devils net off again @ 53:34

Devils offside

Gametime 54:02

two quick saves by Phil Cook

Game time 55:01i

Puck out of play ' 55:16


Josh Batch hattrick

@ 55:28 assists Meyers & Marsh

Egener tantrum - break stick after two attempts

Gametime 56:07

Mike Zacharias save from Jake Morissette

Gametime 56:28


Fairly even

Olson gone to changingroom as has Batch

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 57:26

5 on 5 it is

Final 2 minutes

Puck out of play

@ 58:34

Final minute

Devils icing @ 59:28

RED ARMY in full voice

Another Devils icing @ 59:39

13 secs to go

Final score Blaze 4 DEVILS 6

Good 2 points gained on the road

I take this with a pinch of salt SoG for 3rd Blaze 15 DEVILS 24


1st line very quiet tonight - left it to the Brits who netted 4

Our thanks go to our texters at Coventry - Rachael, Richie, JohnWildthing & Gerald who did their usual brilliant job

Join us at MNL on Saturday when the Blaze come to the BBT - better still get down the Bay

Blaze Mom - Ryan Ginand

Thats all from me, GODD NIGHT - NOS DA