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Sheffield Steelers 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Sheffield

On a wet and windy evening in Cardiff, probably the same up North MNL will bring you its unique coverage of this eagerly awaited game.

Score predictions always welcome to or

I (OJ) will be back with you from about 6:15 after I have checked that our merry band of texters have made it to South Yorkshire

Texters well some of them have reported in, others still in the pub.

I have a feeling that we are going to do well tonight.

It would round of a great day for me - A 206 exacta at Ascot plus a 12/1 winner in the last, it will help pay for Xmas

Knowing me I will lose it all ast Ffos Las on Boxing Day.

Apologies I am having problems accessing emails (predictions) tonight - working on it

Phil Cook wears #1

Chris Blight is the scratch as expected

warm up underway

Adam Harding ices for Devils

Allen W calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Sorted out my emails

Warmup drawing to a close

Lets have a great game of hockey tonight as reading the rubbish on the forum these days is depressing

I have never read so much rubbish in my life

I am more passionate about the Devils than you!!!!

I know I have been away recently but who are the Malitia

Talk about hidden agendas and sour grapes

Well in my day it was FOD or FOB

People ask me why I still stay away from games, well the rumblings on the Forum this last month shows I made the right decision.

Maybe I should write my memoirs so everyone would know what my family and I went through

Better left in the cupboard

No news on referee yet.

JohnWildthing & Rachael are in their seats

RED ARMY already in fine voice

Predictions are rare tonight

Any Devils fans following MNL in distant parts let us know by texting

Also any of the players familes following their exploits please get in touch

I wish I was hosting MNL in Tenerife not Cardiff

I am pleased to see that ITC cards come through much quicker thesedays

Its not Darnell as he is in Hull

Gerald has now joined the Texter Corps

Into time at Sheffield Arena

Hull 2 Nottingham 0 @ 13:43

Danette Macrae wished us a Merry Christmas, apparently Stu is in town for a few days, possibly in sheffield most likely at tomorrows game at the BBT

Anthems done

we are off

Michael Hicks is the referee

Faulkner goes close

Steelers icing @ 1:05

Steelers offside

Doyle save from Kurka @ 1;50

Phil Cook is in net for Devils

Steelers penalty @ 2:15 - Fata - tripping

Mike & Diane Plumton asking why they can't get Premier Sports in Canada tonight as it has been OK in the past/ Any Advice

Joonas shot saved

Joonas Liimatainen

Steelers return to full strength (FS)

Devils had 6 or 7 shots on that pp

Steelers penalty ' 4:27 - Fata - interference


Devils PPG

@ 4;33 - Kurka assists Maxim Birbraer AND Mac Faulkner

Phil Cook is a WANDERER - he likes to play the puck

Gametime 6;59

Puck out of play

Cook coughs up rebounds


@ 8:30 scored by Matthew Myers assist Josh Batch

There are so called fans spouting their rubbiash on the forum as the boys battle in Sheffield

Steelers icing @ 10;01

No advice for the Plumton family so far!!

Harding has a shift

Doyle glove save from Josh Batch

Gametime 11:15

A series of huge saves by Phil Cook

Devils penaltyy - Rupert Quiney - slashing @ 11;50


Steelers ppg

@ 12:08 scored by Baldwin assists Langlais & Phillips

Steelers Goal @ 13:50

Scored by Dowd assists Siranni & DiCasmirro

Devils penalty @ 15:11 Brad Plumton - roughing


Matthew Myers clears

One minute killed

Devils back to FS

Steelers icing @ 17:31


Awaiting confirmation

Yes Devils 3rd goal @ 17:44 scored by Andrew Lord

Simmsey very muffled tonight a godsend for Red Army

Final minute

devils penalty @ 19:03 - Mark Smith - interference


End of 1st period Steelers 2 DEVILS 3

Good report on our new netminder Phil Cook, some big saves and handles the puck well

Devils 3rd goal now credited to Mac Faulkner assists Tomas Kurka and Mark Smith

Teams are back

off we go for 2nd period

devils back to FS

Cook covers @ 21:30

Andrew Lord given assist on Devils 2nd goal

SoG Steelers 11 DEVILS 16

Save Cook @ 22:48

Brad Plumton & Dowd having words

Gone quiet all of a sudden

I suppose no news is GOOD NEWS

Steelers Goal @ 29:12

Phillips assists Hewitt & Kohn

Steelers goal @ 30:18

Devils time out

Steelers 4th goal sdcored by Fata assists Goertzen & Meyers

Game restarts

Cook covers 32:29

Save Doyle followed by handbags as Davies is slashed

Devils penalty Joonas Liimatainen @ 37:25

interference the call


Marsh clears

One minute killed

Devils have a 3 on 1 SH breakaway, Doyle saves

Devils return to FS

Cook save @ 39:27

Cook covers

End of 2nd period Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

One problem identified with Phil Cook is that he doesnt make enough clean saves, coughing up too many rebounds

Who am I to criticize with all the typos I cough up

The official gamesheet is still not up to date. No Phil Cook in team list and no netminder in net for Devils

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 9 DEVILS 9 making it 20-25 after 2 periods

Teams back

3rd period underway

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL

Cook saves from Siranni

Doyle scrambles to save from Tomas Kurka

Steelers penalty @ 44:06 - Kohn - tripping


Hewitt clears

Richardson shoots from point, rebound but to no avail

Hill hits post on SH breakaway

Cooks saves another Steelers SH breakaway

Dervils pressing for equalizer

Devils penalty @ 45:11

Faulkner 2 + 2 for accidental high sticks


DisCasmirro went down and Steelers appeal for penalty, Hicks obliges

Steelers icing

Steelers return to FS and go on pp

devils clear zone

more than 1 minute killed

First minor killed

Devils clear zone


3 minutes killed

Cook covers

34 seconds of Mac penalty left

Puck out of play @ 49:02

Devils return to FS

very good PK by all accounts

Cardiff icing @ 50:04

Gametime 50:51

Steelers penalty @51:25 Kohn - roughing

Joonas Liimatainen pulling off some tasty moves says Gerald

Devils penalty @ 53:13 Joonas Liimatainen -cross-checking

Cook covers

Joonas Liimatainen penalty stopped a Steelers SHG

Steelers return to FS

One minute killed by Devils

Cook foils a 3 on 1 breakaway @ 55:03

Devils return to FS

Doyle covers

Steelers icing @ 56:25

Puck out of play

Gametime 57:22

Come on U DEVILS lets get that equaliser

final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:11

devils go very close

Final minute

Cook pulled

Steelers icing Face off in the Steelers zone

Birbraer shoots high

Final score Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

Devils lose but by all accounts deserved at least a point - gallant effort

Our thanks go to texters - Rachael, Gerald and JohnWildthing

Devils MOM - Mac Faulkner

Steelers MoM - Robert Dowd

Thats all from me, MNL will cover the Steelers visit to the BBT tomorrow and I will be back with you on Boxing Day when the Devils travel to Coventry.