Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

OJ in the MNL studio for tonights visit of the Nottingham Panthers

"Congestion" in Cardiff Bay, face off delayed until 7:15

Don't know whether is is roblems with the traffic or long queques at the pay booth

Delay due to both traffic and large walkup

Tonights referee is Dean Smith

Large crowd at the Tent tonight

Problems caushed by the Swimming Gala next door apparently

Warm up completed

Remember to let me have your comments and predictions by emailing me

Carl calls a 3-1 win for the Devils with goals from Prpich, Latulippe & Voth

Russky call a 3-2 Devils win

Sam says Panthers score but Devils come back to win 3-1

Mariun (Steeler fan) calls a close Devils win 3-2

Although as a full blown Turk I hate to admit it but I have my fingers croosed for the Ospreys (winning 12-6) and well done to the Jacks for their win at Pompey

Lights are dimmed

Simon inPlymouth calls a Devils win on penalties after a 4-4 tie

New intro gets approval from my texters

Panthers take to the ice

Not many empty seats at the Tent

Your Cardiff Devils come onto the ice

If there is anyone out there who will be at Sundays Manchester Phoenix v Devils game and can give us assistance on MNL e-mail me. Otherwise we will not have MNL coverage of the game as all our regul ar texters are staying in Cardiff for the City v Arsenal FA Cup game

Anthem has been sung

Devils start with Voth, Latulippe & Hill


FIGHT @ 0:01

Voth v Bergin home win

Penalties Voth (D) & Bergin (P) 5minute majors for fighting @ 0:01

Panthers dominatring first minute of game, shot after shot

Silverthorn shoots but saved

Devils penalty @ 2:04 Hill - boarding

Panthers penalty @ 2:34 Clarke - cross check

First real save of the game by Robinson @ 3:08

Panthers offside @ 3:20

Aubry save @ 4:23

Robinson save @ 4:59

Voth & Bergin return to the ice

Robinson save @ 6:16

7 minutes gone both teams hitting hard

Pathers go close to opening theur account @ 8:02


Francis & Tessier

Penalties Francis (D) 2+2 roughing; Tessier (P) x-0checking minor @ 8:22

Panthers on pp

We now have handbags

Aubry save @8:46, Richardson skates in Aubry flattens him

Looks as if the Panthers have brought their boxing gear tonight

Another Aubry save @ 8:56

Aubry being peppered with shots, save after save

More handbags

Devils penalty @ 9:28 Latuliuppe - interference

Panthers habve 5 on 3

Awesome Aubry save @ 10:18

Cowmeadow on ice after serving Francis 1st minor penalty

Panthers goal

Panthers ppg @ 11:06 scored by Nergin, assists Tessier & Neilson

12 minutes gone

13 minutes gone Devils playing well by all accounts

Its now Robinson making save after save

Robinson saves @ 13:56

15 minutes gone and its all Devils at the moment

Robinson save @ 15:02

Panthers ice puck @ 15:34

16 minutes gone

Devils seem to be directing all their shots directly at Robinson

Panthers only seem to be able to clear their zone by icing puck

If only the DEvils had a sharpshooter


Its 5 on 5 but Doug MacIver seems to be tieing up three on his own

Come on you Devils lets be having you

Penalties @ 16:42 MacIver (D); Neilson (P) unsportsmanlike conduct minors

Panthers 2nd goal scored by Richardson, assists Meyers and Myers

Panthers penalty @ 17:51 Bergin - tripping

2nd Panthers goal timed @ 17:14

Prpich hits pipes

Robinson somehow loses helmet, stick and blocker @ 18:50

Devils penalty @ 18:56 Aubry - slash

Towe serves penalty

Panthers kill Bergin penalty and go on pp

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 2

2nd Panthers goal was a 2 on 1 breakaway

DEVILS just can't score, how many times have we said that this season

Teams return to the ice

Any Pheonix fans out there who can help us with texts from Sundays game?

Devils start 2nd period with 57seconds of pk

Brilliant save by Aubry @ 20:33

Devils kill penalty

Towe comes out of the sinbin and goes on a breakaway, foiled by Robinson

Devils penalty @ 21:47 Latulippe - hooking

Panthers hit pipes

Devils penalty kill giving up loads of shots

Robinson save @ 25:12

Panthers all over Devils at the moment

Aubry save @ 26:23

Devils passing is woeful as usual

Cowmeadow down injured

Cowmeadow down after hit by Clarke but gets up

Cowmeadow down again and he is hurt this time

Stretcher being brought out

He actually got up and assisted to first aid room

Cowmeadow wouldn't get on stretcher, might be his shoulder ass Doctor is holding his Lee's shoulder

DEVILS goal scored by Voth, assists Hill & Silverthorn - ppg

Devils goal timed @ 28:04

Reports that Clarke hit Cowmeadow into open bench door and his arm is broken

Missing penalty Leclair (P) - interference @ 27:22 hence ppg

Panthers penalty @ 29:57 ???? - hooking

Texter says it was some foreign sounding name

Devils pp awful, Panthers have had 2 breakaways already

Panthers penalty @ 31:29 Neilson - slashing

Devils have 29 secs of 5 on 3

Panthers back to 4 skaters

MacIver pings pipes

Panthers back to full strength

35 minutes gone

Devils penalty @ 35:39 Jarvis - interference

Panthers Goal being challenged awaiting verdict

Panthers 3rd goal hotly disputed

Panthers 3rd goal scored @ 37:05 by Myers ppg

Devils penalty @ 37:05 Prpich - charging

Final minute of 2nd period

Prpich penalty killed

3rd Panthers goal scored by Myers, assists Cook & Galbraith

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Panthers 3

Referee Dean Smith is missing a lot tonight

Campbell & Fulton at game on crutches, they will not be icing for some time

Andy in Block 9 says Dean Smith is missing a lot but always sees the retaliation from the Devils

Sog for 1st period was 13 each

3rd period underway


Devils 2nd goal scored by Both assists Hill & Latulippe @ 41:14

Handbags between Richardson & PRich @ 43:10

Panthers penalty Meyers - unsportsmanlike conduct @ 43:10

DEVILS pp lets be having you

Robinson save @ 44:21

At least 1,500 in Tent tonight

45 minutes gone

Panthers kill penalty with ease

Panthers penalty @ 45:35 Tessier - slashing

Prpich hits pipes @ 46:52

Panthers kill penalty

48 minutes gone

Devils penalty @ 48:01 Francis - interference

49 minutes gone, at least the pk is working

Amazing Aubry save @ 49:50

Devils penalty @ 49:50 Voth - slashing

11 seconds of 3 on 5

Francis penalty killed

Panthers 4th goal scored at 50:04 ppg

Panthers 4th goal scored by Tessier, assists Bergin & Cook

Devils penalty @ 50:04 Latulippe 10 minute misconduct

Well at least he will be back to take a penalty shot

I am eternally optimistic

52 minutes gone, Francis slashing everyone

Panthers 5th goal @ 52:28 scored by Myers unassisted

Teplitsky passed to Myers who buried the puck

Panthers penalty @ 52:50 Richardson - tripping

This would be a good time to start our winning comeback Devils


What did I tell you

Devils 3rd goal scored by Prpich assist Teplitsky ppg @ 53:27

Devils penalty @ 54:09 Hartwick - charging

55 minutes gone

Aubry saves @ 55:11

DEvils penalty @ 55:17 Hill - 10 minute misconduct

Aubry save @ 55:40

Hartwick returns

Robinson saves from Hartwick breakaway @ 56:35

57 minutes gone

Panthers offside @ 57:02

Final 2 minutes

Give us a goal Devils

Final minute

Panthers penalty @ 59:37

Aubry lifted at same time

Devils call a time out

Its a bit pointless @ 59:54 if you ask me

Thats it folks DEVILS 3 Panthers 5 FINAL SCORE

Panthers Mom Richardson

Devils MoM VOTH

Our thanks to Chris and Sharleen our texters this evening

Both coaches not very happy with referees performance tonight, Adams and Neilson gone into the referees room with officials

The final straw was the refusal of Smith to grant the Devils a time out @ 59:37

I know its a few years since I knew the rule book back to front but I think there is a rule that you cannot call a time out when there has been a penalty assessed, you can when a goalk has been scored. Where is the IIHF rule book gathering dust?

That all from me OJ until the next MNL, we are still trying to find texters for us in Manchester on Sunday. If you know of someone who will help us out let Chris Stone know.