Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 8 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join us at MNL from about 6:15 when our texters will hopefully start thinking about leaving the pub for the rink

Teams on ice for warmup

russ J thinks Devils will suffer a narrow defeat

Ruth is much more confident and predicts a 4-2 win for the team in RED

Stephen B thinks Devils will sneak it by the odd goal in nine

Warmup done & dusted

Rachael and Chris (Clan) on duty tonight

Tom Darnell is the ref

Aaron is on texting duty as weel

Red Army some 25 strong and growing

James has produced a brand new dashboard for MNL with amazing shortcuts to save my little fingers

James if you are watching I will give it a go

Officials on ice

Devils take to the ice

Clan intro starts

Both teams introduced


Off we go

Devils start with Chris Blight Ben Davies Jake Morissette

Jones save @ 1:00

Its end to end at the moment

Good save LaCosta

LaCosta covers up @ 2:45

Jones saves from Kurka

Jones blocks Davies shot

Breakaway goal for Clan after a period of Devils pressure

Scored by Nycholat assist Cullen

Clan Goal @5:05

Deviols defence all at sea

Time out Devils

Clan 2nd goal score by Goldie assists Cullen & Champagne

Game restarts

Clan have a goal disallowed @ 5:53 - net off its moorings

Clan threaten with every shift

Plumton error thankfully goes unpunished

Both Carl & Hazel predicted a 4-03 win for Devils

Morissette goes close

I misread Russky prediction he goes for a Devils win in O/T

Clan shot deflected out of play @ 9;53

Clan offside @ 10:09

Clan peppering Devils goal according to Chris

Good shift from Blight says Aaron


Kurka scores

Assist Faulkner

@ 11:18

Clan penalty @ 11:49

McGrane 2 minutes for hooking

Jones covers @ 12:25

Jones saves from Morissette

Devils go close again

1 minute killed by Clan

Richardson shoots high @ 13:40

Clan return to full strength (FS)

Dan LaCosta saves @ 16:02

Devils defence still shaky

Jones saves from Tomas Kurka

Devils penalty Mark Smith 2 minutes for tripping


Final minute

End of 1st period Clan 2 DEVILS 1

Not a very good period for Devils fortunate to claw it back to aingle goal

However Devils seem to have got their game together towards end of opening period

Teams back

Off we go

SoG Clan 10 DEVILS 8

Chris thats not peppering the Devils net

Then we biased so can you be Chris

Nice play by Morissette

End to end

I missed off time of Mark Smith tripping minor - 17:28

Clan goal @ 22:40

Haywood assist McGrane

Come on U DEVILS

Terrible defending by Devils says Chris

Clan shot deflected out of play

Devils icing

Dan LaCosta save

Another Cardiff icing

Clan icing for a change @ 24:40

Devils penalty Mac Faulkner 2 minutes for interference @ 25:12


Devils return to FS

Good PK

Kyle Jones saves from Andrew Lord 28:17

Clan break out of defence very efficiently and quick/dangerous

Clan penalty called

@ 30:04

Daniel Nycholat 2 minutes for high sticks

Clan offside

Gametime 30:35

Another Clan goal disallowed as it clearly didnt cross the line

Devils fans confirm puck never crossed the line as did ref Darnell - only goal judge thought it was a goal

Clan fans not very happy OH!

Clan return to FS

Davis shot saved by Kyle Jones @ 32;20

Clan goal @ 34:03

Trimm assists McCrane & Harper

Dan LaCosta looks as if he is hurt

Hes gone to the Bench

Joe Myers takes over


Scored by Maxim Birbraer assists Luke Piggot and Joe Myers

@ 35:30

Dan LaCosta took a hit when Clan scored their 4th goal

Long range shots by Clan not testing Myers

Final minute of 2nd period

Clan Goal @ 39:11

Harper assist Trimm

Birbraer injured after colliding with Batch

End of 2nd period Clan 5 DEVILS 2

A poor period for Devils says Aaron

SoG for 2nd period Clan 15 DEVILS 6 making it 25-14 after 2 periods

Teams are back

Off we go for 3rd period

Luke Piggot shoots high & wide

Devils penalty @ 41:05 Maxim Birbraer 2 minutes for hooking

Devils penalty @41:50 2 minutes for too many men

Clan PPG @ 23:10

Apolgies it was Blight not Birbraer who got a hooking penalty. Good news is that Max is back on ice

Clan 6th goal was at 43:10 scored by Goldie assists McCrane & Champagne

Blight shot saved @ 44:19

Clan offside @ 45:35

Devils offside

Devils turnovers have cost them dearly tonight

Devils toiling away

Devils have become more physical

Devils penalty @ 50:35 Brad Plumton 2 minutes for charging


Clan Goal @ 51:44

Another PPG for Clan

Cukllen assists Trimm


Blight assists Morrisette & LOod

@ 53:50

Clan penalty

Frank - goalie interference

@ 55:00


Morisette assist Lord

Jones save 56:17

Devils have suddenly woken up

Apologies for the disjointed reporting - crisis here at home

Brother in laws flight to Canada tommorrow cancelled as incoming flight not coming

Richardson shot saved by Jones @ 56:37

Clan back to FS

Clan penalty

@ 57;49

Harper hooking

Devils appltying pressure on PP

Final 2 minutes

Lord shot deflected high

Final minute

Myers lifted

Clan score ENG @ 59:30

Why Myers was pulled?????????????????????

That ENG was also SH

Scored by Champagne assist Frank

Final score Clan 8 DEVILS 4

Our thanks to Rachael & Aaron and to our regular Clan texter Chris Devlin

Devils MoM - Andrew Lord

Join us at MNL tomorrow night when the Dundee Stars come to Cardiff Bay

Clan Mom - Ed McGrane