Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL, OJ your host back from sunny Tenerife

Awaiting reports from texters that they are in place

Warmup well underway

Simon R says Panthers will win 3-2 in O/T

Lets home that the Devils can keep up their recent good form.

I must admit I was getting very depressed following their exploits on MNL until last weekend.

A run of four losses, so lets make it a run of four wins

Claire says Devils to win 3-1 if they play like last night

Duncan also goes for a 3-1 Devils victory

Warmup long finished by the way

Last Sunday people in my local bar in Puerto (Beehive) thought there was a mad Welshman in there screaming at his playbook

We believe Michael Hicks has the pea

Over a 100 Devils fans have made the trip

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

After endless intro - Panthers now on ice

Anthem done

Off we go

LaCosta covers

Birbraer hooked on breakaway

Panthers penalty - Murray - hooking @ 2:01

Blight hits right post

Ryan clears for Panthers

Marsh fires wide from point

Davies shoots high

Panthers back to full strength (FS)

Nasty hit by Panthers - Murray

Nasty x-checks on Lord

Murray gets both x-check and roughing minors @ 4:34

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG


PPG by Birbraer

Assist Davies


2nd assist for Faulkner

Devils icing @ 9:03

Rachael says Devils look strong just like last night

Gametime 10;02

Devils penalty @ 10:212 - Batch - tripping


Davies clears zone

Myers goes close SH @ 11:08

Davies fires wide on a breakaway

Panthers penalty - Clarke - hooking @12:03

Devils back to FS and on pp

Kurka takes down Lord as they collide

Panthers return to FS

LaCosta save @ 14:16

LaCosta blocker save of weaver shot

Adam Harding ices with his first shift of the game

Devils penalty @ 16:55 - Plumton - x-check


One minute killed

Kalus clears Devils zone - thank you

Devils back to FS

Final minute of opening period

Panthers icing @ 19:44

Very quiet at NIC

End of 1st period Pantherrs 0 DEVILS1

SoG for 1st period Panthers 7 DEVILS 10

Ice is ready

Players return to the ice

We need a 2nd period like last night

We are off

Panthers goal @ 20:22

Farmer assist Carparo

LaCosta covers from Ryan @ 23:28

Gametime 24:03

Myers shot saved by Conway

Blight breakaway denied

Harding shot rebound, Jones hits post

Good play by Kurka & Lord but fail to get a clear shot on goal

Kalus elbows Blight in front of Hicks - no call

Devils penalty - Marsh @ 30:27 - tripping

Panthers score PPG

@ 31:04

Panthers 2nd goal scored by Capraro assist Clarke

Gavin says Devils are now struggling

Panthers goal @ 32:17

Devils time out

That was another PPG as Smith was given a delay of game minor @ 11:13

Apologies 31:13

Panthers 3rd goal scored by Clarke assists Weaver & Capraro

Conway gives up a rebound on Kurka shot

Roughing minors @ 36:50 for Murray (Panthers) & Lord (Devils)

All the good work in 1st period is now history as it is all Panthers in 2nd

Quiney shot blocked

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period PANTHERS 3 DEVILS 1

Lets hope that is the Devils only bad period of the weekend

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 11 DEVILS 7 making it 18-17 after 2 periods

Players return

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS you can get something out of this game

Panthers penalty @ 41:01 - Salters - roughing

Save laCosta @ 43:18



Morissette scores

Gametime 47:08

Devils penalty - Batch - hooking @ 50:06

Apologies 48:06


Plumton shoots wide

One minute killed

Blight clears

gametime 49:57

Devils back to fs

Devils icing @ 51:08

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please, please

Apologies from my trigger happy score button

Gametime 52:31

Devils icing 52;32

We want a DEVILS GOAL now

Puck out of play @ 53:55

Comway saves from Chris Blight @ 55:09

Save Dan LaCosta

Finally got round to using the clever extras put on by James

Devils pushing hard for equaliser

Final 23 minutes

panthers icing @ 58:09

Devils taking loads of shots

Dan LaCosta pulled early

Dan LaCosta back in net @ 58:44

Final minute

Devils go close

Big effort by Devils


Final score Panthers 3 DEVILS 2

Great effort by the Devils deserved to share spoils based on 1st and 3rd period performances

Whilst we wait for MOM our thanks go the texters - Gerald, JohnWildthing and Rachael who did their usual brilliant job

Devils MoM - Matthew Myers

A safe trip home for all those who travelled to Nottingham

No news on Panthers MOM

Join us at MNL next Saturday night when the Devils are in Glasgow taking on the CLAN

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next time - GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB

Final SoG Panthers 27 DEVILS 30