Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

Good afternoon and welcome to our match night live coverage of Cardiff Devils Vs Nottingham Panthers live from the Big Blue Tent in Cardiff bay. We'll be here with updates from 6 pm for a seven 7 pm face off.

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Players out for warm up

Ruth predicts 2-1 .... not saying to who!

Hazel in Southend says - Devils to win 5 - 3 tonight. I'm watching the match on Premier Sport channel for the first time and am really excited. I want to hear massive support for the Devils!!!! Come on Devils!!!!!

Jon thinks Devils will win 4 - 2

Ian calling it 3 -2 devils

a bit distracted by the rugby.. talk between yourselves

Been asked to let anyone heading to the rink know that due to a request from Premier Sports there will be no highlights and the Intro tonight will be a very shortened version as they don't want the lights turned off.

First prediction for a Panthers win 5- 3 to panthers from Laura

Rink filling very slowly with the rugby just finished we guess

Ref is Dean Smith and not anyone else as we got it very wrong last week

teams on the ice

Panthers fans in good voice

Anthems done

about to face off here

think we have a pause for the TV to catch up or something

Still on a delay.. pesky TV delays

Ok here we go

Devils offside 19:43

Petr Kalus with a cheeky shot

very open play so far

Devils working the puck around the Panthers zone

17:45 left in the period

Leigh Salters puts in a big hit on Tyson Marsh

Panthers shot from Chris Capraro deflected

Face off in Devils ZOne

16:06 left to play

Joe Jensen with a chance for the Panthers but denied by Dan LaCosta

Panthers pressuring making Dan LaCosta work

Puck out of play with 15:31 left

Devils Penalty Mark Smith delay of game

Ben Davies gets a break away and is hooked down by the Panthers

Matt Ryan 2 mins hooking

Devils back to f/s

13:36 to play in the first

Neil Conway knocks the net off.. butter fingers

Good pressure from the Devils

1 min left on the Powerplay

Devils not getting much now on the PP

Panthers back to f/s

12:21 left to play

Panthers offside 11:59 to play

good chance for Panthers but Matt Ryan cant put it away

Panthers Penalty Brandon Benedict 2 mins for Interference

11:17 to play

Chris Blight goes coast to coast but shot deflected

Brad Plumton and David Clarke exchange checks there

Panthers back at FS

Jonathan Weaver 2 mins for tripping

8:26 to play

Neil Conway freezes the puck

7:50 to play

Matthew Myers with a shot

Panthers back to f/s

Maxim Birbraer and Chris Capraro having words

Tomas Kurka with a back hand shot denied

Dan LaCosta having some net knocking off issues now

4:50 to play

Face off in the Devils zone

3:22 to play very open first period so far

Farmer fans a shot for Panthers


Scored by Maxim Birbraer assits for Mark Richardson

1:37 to play in the first

LaCosta freezes the puck face off in front of Devils net

final minute in the first

LaCosta saves as the net goes off Panthers fans chanting cheat having forgotten Neil Conway has done the same

24 seconds to play

12 seconds

Max ends the period battling for a goal

Good first period for the Devils there

Around the league its 1 -1 for Steelers and Hull and The Clan are beating the Capitals 3-1

2 mins till were off in the second

Panthers back on the ice

Devils back on the ice

and we seem to be waiting for the nod from Premier sports to get going

here we go for the second

Leigh Salters with an early shot into Dan LaCosta's chest

Maxim Birbraer takes a penalty for something or other 2 mins

call on Max was hooking

1 minute left to kill on the powerplay

Ben Davies and Matthew Myers toying with the Panthers now

Devils back to f/s

Tomas Kurka and Mac Faulkner go close

16:18 to play

Neil Conway freezes the puck, face off in Panthers zone

Tyson Marsh hits the post

Neil Conway under real pressure

14:18 to play

some hand bags in front of the devils net

Devils with a 3 on 2 shot goes wide

12:16 to play

Devils pressing hard on the Panthers net

Chris Murray takes 2 mins for the Panthers

Panthers pen for hooking

11:10 to play

Shots for the first Panthers 9 Devils 8

Dan LaCosta big save on a Panthers break away

Panthers offside with 10:09 to play


Devils scorer Maxim Birbraer !! assists Jake Morissette and Tyson Marsh

9:36 to play

Its gone a bit silent in the away block here

8 mins to play

Chris Jones goes close for the Devils


Tyson Marsh the scorer we think

6:15 to play

Tyson Marsh assist for Matthew Myers and Maxim Birbraer

BBT is rocking ! Devils !

Penalty called Andrew Lord 2 mins for tripping

Ben Davies denied on the breakaway

4:53 to play in the second

Devils out working the Panthers on the penalty kill

4 mins to play

Devils back to f/s


Tomas Kurka with the goal !

3:05 to play

Tomas Kurka assisted by Mac Faulkner and Andrew Lord

1:46 to play in the second

final minute of the 2nd

Rupert Quiney really winding up Leigh Salters

10 seconds

Period ends

awesome period for the Devils there

we will be back shortly with the third where we'll see if the Panthers can make an epic fight back from the jaws of defeat

Maxim Birbraer 2 +1 so far tonight on fire

Shots on goal in the second Devils 9 and Panthers 9

5 mins till we are off in the third

some kind of rubber duck throwing going on

Close to face off in the third unless we get a TV stoppage

Third underway here

Puck out of play 18:40 to play

End to end stuff here early in the third

Devils bounce one off the post

16:47 to play

Devils fans in fine voice

Devils have a penalty coming

Brad Plumton 2 mins for cross checking

Devils clear the zone well

Devils breakaway

Panthers take a penalty David Clarke 2 mins

14:42 to play

"Punchbag Farmer" the chant now

David Clarke 2mins boarding

Brandon Benedict with a shot save Dan LaCosta

Devils back to F/S

1:17 5 on 4 to play

Devils playing well on the PP

Panthers back to f/s

12:30 to play

11:05 to play

Panthers seem to have gone up a gear

9:20 to play

bad hit on Ben Davies from Joe Jensen

2 mins for Joe Jensen to think about what he did

8:34 to play

Joe Jensen - 2 mins Interference

30 seconds left on the Devils PP


Bryan Adams playing here with 6:34 to play !

Goal scored by Matthew Myers assists for Maxim Birbraer and Brad Plumton

I don't like to gloat but Panthers fans seem to be leaving

4:36 to play

More Bryan Adams...we're gonna win !

Devils Penalty Josh Batch 2 mins for Hooking

Guys seem to be really playing for Dan LaCosta's shut out now ( he said touching the wooden desk)

3:43 to play

3 mins to play

Devils back to F/S

Net off its moorings in the Devils zone

2 mins to play

All Devils now

Red Army chants here !

1:29 to play

0:59 to play

Devils Penalty Tyson Marsh 2 mins can't hear what for over the chanting !

Crowd on its feet

Apart from the Panthers fans who looks pretty down

Game over !

"Easy" is the chant

In preparation for the MOM awards I'd guess

Panthers MOM Mr I won't come to the UK Petr Kalus

Panthers skating off

Devils MOM... Its no shock.. Maxim Birbraer Kazakhstan greatest country in the world all other country's are run by little girls. Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium! Other countries have inferior potassium. Kazakhstan home of the tinshein swimming pool it's length thirty metre ans width six metre. Filtration system a marvel to behold it removes 80 percent of human solid waste. Kazakhstan,Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from plains of tarashenk to northern fence of jewtown. Kazakhstan, friend of all except Uzbekistan, they very nosey people withe bone in theire brain. Kazakhstan, industry best in the world, we invented toffee and the trouser belt. Kazakhstan, prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course for Turkmenistan's. Kazakhstan,Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from plains of tarashenk to northern fence of jewtown. Come grasp the mighty phenis of our leader, from juction with testes to tip of its face

Thanks for following along

Oj will be hosting tomorrow nights return match lets hope for more of the same

So yeah 5 nil against the Panthers... Jazz club nice