Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Sheffield Steelers

Good afternoon and welcome to our match night live coverage of Cardiff Devils Vs the Sheffield Steelers. We'll be live with updates from 6pm.

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Devils out for Warm up

Tonights predictions Rusky thinks we'll see a Devils Overtime win

Pat thinks Devils to win 3 1 safe journey to every one this very cold evening good luck devils

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Steve in Sheffield says he thinks steelers will win 4-2

We are getting close to face off now

Flag bearers out on the ice as we get closer to warm up

Not many Steelers fans in as yet tonight in the bay

I can see the Devils getting ready to come onto the Ice in the tunnel, not long now

Dean Smith our ref tonight

Intro underway as the lights drop

Steelers skate out

Followed by the Devils

anthems over

we are about to get underway here

Puck drops

early shot for the steelers

Lacosta saves

Phil Hill with a big hit on Plumton

Steelers take a penalty

Fata for tripping

Minute gone on the powerplay

Big slap shot for March goes wide

Steelers killing this well

16 seconds left on the power play


Goal was full strength

Scored by Mac Faulkner assist for Kurka and Blight

Lots of pressure from the Devils

Devils take a penalty, Blight two mins

The cross check after the pen not called

Blight penalty for tripping

Lots of steelers pressure on the Devils net

Big shot blocked by Morisstte

Devils back to F/S

Good shot from Ben which Doyle swats away

Seven minutes gone now, face off in Steelers zone

Devils take a penalty

Sorry on the Ref call earlier its Darnell with a Tache..

Devils pen was Kurka for holding

Just over a minute of 5 on 4 left to kill

Steelers take a penalty now so four on four

Too many men on the ice

36 seconds of four on four to play

Save LaCosta as the Devils return to F/S

1 minute on the power play to play now

shot from Blight goes wide

Steelers back to full strength

9 minutes to play

Big hit from Max and we have Spencer going for Plumton the other end of the Ice

Steelers penalty Langlais 2 mins called

Steelers penalty for holding the Stick

devils looking good on the powerplay and we end in with a scrum in front of steelers net

Spencer with some hand bags behind the steelers net

Steelers back to F/S

shocking call of tripping on a devil there.. diving more like

Faulkner 2 mins tripping

Poor poor call

4:51 to play

Steelers penalty 2 mins DiCasmirro

Big save LaCosta on Hewitt shot there

Fata collides into the net looks ok

3:12 to play

Face off in Devils zone

steelers back to F/S

2:38 to play

Steelers goal

Pass across the net and in on the open back door

Scored Stefan Meyer

1:56 left to play in the first

Steelers take a penalty

Langlais 2 mins tripping

Devils looking strong on the power play

45 seconds on the Devils PP

35 seconds left in the first

Period ends with 4 seconds left on the penalty for the Steelers

13 Shots on LaCosta in the first

Power plays on the first period Devils 0/5 and Steelers 0/3

Good first period and Phil Hill finished a check

Getting close to the second period now

players back on the ice for 2nd period

shots on goal for first period - steelers 9, devils 13

and were off 2nd period

devils icing 21:04

net off, face off in devils zone

save by doyle, puck bounces off steelers crossbar

myers taken a hit off the play

4 minutes played in 2nd period

shot and rebound by kurka but somehow puck stayed out

shot by faulkner straight into chest of doyle

game time 14:39 to play

devils icing at 26:01

scramble in front of devils net, lacosta covers

steelers icing 12:26 left to play

faceoff centre ice

myers breakaway, does all the hard work but cant find the back of the net

doyle was beaten

10 minutes gone

Marsh boarding with 9:18 left to play. Steelers power play

devils battling behind steelers goal

Marsh returns to ice, good PK

Shot on Lacosta but straight into chest. Faceoff Devils zone 6:31 to play

good poke check by Richie on steelers breakaway

Myers strong on the puck tonight

faceoff devils zone 4:15 to play

faceoff steelers zone with 3:23 to play

Come on Devils give us a goal

steelers shot on goal, Lacosta covers 2:42 to play

2 mins left to play in 2nd

faceoff in devils zone

little bit of steelers pressure in the devils zone

end of 2nd period, still 1-1

devils with 7 shots on Doyle in that period

10 shots on Lacosta in 2nd period

There are ducks on the ice but they dont seem very Mighty!

both teams back on the ice - here we go for the 3rd

and here we go

devils win the faceoff and mount an attack on steelers net

doyle saved, faceoff in steelers zone 19:15 left to play

slight delay as darnell checks the ice

steelers shot straight into the chest of Lacosta

steelers shot from the point, good save with outstretched arm by Lacosta 18:50 left to play

langlais with a mazey run through the centre but snuffed out by devils D

devils have the puck in the steelers zone, but play is stopped, a steeler has lost a stick and helmet 17:28 left

steelers offside 16:51 to play

no penalties for either team for 15 mins!

spencer with a shot goes wide

Devils have a couple of Jabs and then puck comes out of zone

faceoff on steelers zone with 14:52 left to play

devils camped out in steelers zone at the moment

steelers break out quickley but quiney muscles the puck back

faceoff in devils zone 13:08 to play

hill takes issue with plumton but its all handbags

eeyore is the chant from the crowd!

devils with the wraparound attempt but its cleared up ice by the steeler for an icing - 10:51 to play

puck goes over the glass for faceoff in neutral zone - 9:57 to play

devils pressure in the steelers zone

kurka gets knocked to the ice and Darnell calls it - Devils PP

good shot by Richie from the point, saved by Doyle

8:12 left to play net is off. 1:12 left of PP

Devils shot and steelers clear the zone

Devils Icing - Faceoff in devils zone with 7:14 left to play

PP over

Devils pressure in steelers zone but the net is off again. 6:49 to play

Devils pressure in steelers zone but the net is off again. 6:49 to play

Steelers attempt but the puck was bobbling. devils clear the ice. 5:36 to play

too early to call, but smelling like overtime?

scramble in front of steelers goal, bit of handbags

faceoff steelers zone - 4:58 to play

Doyle kicks his net off again...boos from the BBT

devils offside - both teams with line change. 4:16 to play

devils chance! faulkner pass and kurka with a 360 spin to shoot on goal - saved by Doyle

Some stong D by Quiney behind devils net


Awsome goal - the BBT goes wild

Goal by Morrisette #47

Assists Blight and Davies

Big Hit by Myers - having a good game tonight. Energy has been lifted!

0:56 to play!

Shot by steelers straight into Lacostas chest

The BBT might be brought down if we can hold on for 43 seconds

Steelers timeout

massive pressure in devils zone, devils up the ice


Empty net goal

Myers with the Empty net goal with 15 seconds to play

Steelers fans are streaming out - they've had enough!

Devils 3rd goal scored by blight, assisted by Myers

Faceoff in Steelers zone - 2 seconds to play!

And the Crowd goes WILD!! Excellent performance and a 4 point weekend!

Devils chants ring out around the rink!

Steelers players applaud their fans, but theyve all gone!

Devils MOM #61 Chris Blight

Thats it from us, thanks for tuning in and see you next weekend.