Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Braehead Clan

Good evening and welcome to Match night live coverage of Cardiff Devils v the Braehead Clan you can check out our preview of this game here

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Apologies for the late start "traffic"

The Clan sit 4th in the league while the Devils languish in 9th.

We've been informed that face off is delayed by about ten minutes

Both teams warming up, we know how you like coverage of the warm up

Face of delay seems to be due to a fallen plexi sheet

If your stuck for period break Entertainment take a look at Inferno TV here

Flag bearers on the ice

Might be close to face off

Rusky calling it a Devils win

Lights go down

Tom Darnell our ref tonight

Clan fans in fine voice

Teams coming out onto the ice

Awesome drumming for Brett here in the BBT

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Anthems over

Act 1 Scene 1 - The Grotty tent in the Bay, two teams face off against each other on a cold Sunday night while the crowd sit around making little noise.

Nearly face of now

Puck drops

Early pressure for the clan

Deivls fans silent

Clan attacking well lots of pressure

Clan having all the possesion but few shots

Devils force a face off in the Clan Zone

Shot for Plumton saved

Clan running and gunning looking for breakaways

clan goal on a 2 on 1 break away

Clan Goal for Towe assisted by Lust

Devils lose the puck in their own zone and LaCosta has to scramble to save

For a retro match experience at home try

Devils Penalty couldnt hear what for 2 mins showing on the clock

Clan on the PP

Face off in the Devils zone

shot from the clan and the puck deflects out of play

Clan not making much of their power play 18 second left

Just over 8 mins gone

Devils Pen was Plumton

Devils back to F/S

Great chance for the Devils but Blight cant get behind the puck to put it away

Devils face off in the Clan zone

Clan Ice the puck to clear

devils win face off and get some good pressure going

Clan manage to break out

Devils pressure on the Clan net and yet again the Clan Break out

10 Minutes gone now

Good chance for the Devils Kurka carrying the puck well but we can't put it away

Clan chance saved LaCosta

Its behind you Batchy !

Davies with a shot but goes wide

Really scrappy play here in the tent

7:41 left in the first

Devils being made to work hard the Clan really seem to want it

Plumton nails Chris Frank into the boards

20 Clan Fans showing the Red Army how to cheer here

4:30 left to play

LaCosta save and we have a face off in the Devils Zone

awesome drum solo form Brett the drummer there

Faulkener can't connect on a good chance there some pressure for the Devils now

Big shot from Morrisette there but and we have a face off in the Clan Zone

Hull have a guy in the box we didnt see the Pen but Devils are making nothing of it

Clan back to F/S

Hull pen was McGrane for Hooking

Final minute in the first

Clan hunting for a second goal there and force a face off in the Devils Zone 26 seconds to play

Kurka denied on the breakaway

Period ends

Clan have 11 Shots on LaCosta

To recap Clan goal Towe from Lust @ 4:25

Clan penalty was McGrane, 16:24 - Hooking-Minor, 2 min

Devils penalty was Plumton, 5:23 - Slashing-Minor, 2 min (PP)

All in all a pretty poor period

I'm going to drink to drown my sorrows back soon

Almost back for the second act

Act 2 Scene 1 Similar to Act 1 but colder and now the Devils are behind, The Druming is amazing !

Teams back on the ice we should be off soon

Shots for the first Clan 11 Devils 6

And the second is underway

If you having issues with the Devils Webcast in seems to just been on Apple products

Face off in the devils zone, ends up with an icing call for the Devils

Good play from the Devils but the Clan looking in nets rebound and no one to pick it up

Pressue for the Devils here and yet again the Clan break out

Imagine the first period but twenty minutes later its like that but the Devils fans are making less noise

Chance for Blight there infront of net

Clan long shot and LaCosta covers face off in Devils zone

Marsh with a slap shot through traffic goes wide

So glad the Clan fans are here.. it'd be like Coventry otherwise

Handbags infront of the Clan net

Devils pressure on the Hull net

Kurka with a chance

Blight misses an empty net

Hang on is that a Devils fan I hear ?

8 minutes gone

Face off in the Devils zone

Good break away for Lord and Morrisette

Cullen looks a good edition for the Clan

Frank makes an awful attempt to clear face off in Hull Zone

devils with a delayed Penalty think on Meyers for something

Clan Goal

Waiting on details of the goal

Chris Frank scores for the Clan assists for ?

Clan have a penalty

Clan penalty 2 mins charging on Zajac

Devils not getting anywhere on the powerplay

March Slapshot saved by Jones

Marsh even

Clan goal was Frank, assits McGrane

7 :22 left in the period

Scramble in front of Clan net nothing from it for the Devils

Devils with some good play in the Hull zone Myers goes close

More noise in a Coventry Library

Struggling to say much here its a poor showing from the Devils

Lots of chances but no one putting the puck away

Nearly 3 minutes to go till the period break

Clan have a penalty McGrane for something

Devils looking good on the powerplay

1 minute to play... Clan fans going nuts

Making noises with their hands and mouths and stuff

13 seconds

Purple army Purple army ... whistle blows but we might have penalties called

Apologies for any Hull / Clan confusion that period.. my error.. clealy having flashbacks to the horror of last week

Second period ends and I can go home now thats right isnt it ?

the Clan penalty was on Chris Frank so the Devils start with 2 mins powerplay in the third act

Game sheet showing Clan shots 1 and Devils shot 15..

Theres a shower of ducks on the ice.. for some reason.. no frisbys maybe

In other games around the league.. Panthers 6 - 1 Steelers

and The Blaze leading 4 - 0 in Hull

2 minutes till we get underway for act three

Devils on the powerplay from the off with a 2 minute Clan penalty Chris Frank

Act 3 Scene 1 With the puck dropping not a noise could be heard in the tent expect for the Clan fans

We are off in the third

Devils pressure in front of Clan Net

Clan clear and get a line change

Devils working the puck well

Brett the drummer the sole Devils noise

Clan back to f/s

Devils chances but can't finish

sorry folks Aled the Drummer going all Animal on us !

I'd talk about the hockey but if you just scroll back you can re-read the second period..

Devils pressing for an opening goal now

The Clan break out and put a shot on LaCosta

Lust goes close for the Clan

some shocking 70's taches on the Clan squad

4:30 played and the Devils don't look like scroing as yet

Scrappy play, no one with much happening

Clan looking good on the attack devils being made to work hard

For the doubters if this was a club outlet would I say - Ominshambles.. worst game I've seen in weeks ?

Clan save the Devils don't seem to have a clue tonight

Penalties called Devils 2 minutes to Faulkner four on four at the minute

missed the Clan penalty but its Frank

Just seen the play back of the Faulkner cross checking penalty.. lol sums it up its hopeless

Clan pressure now

Both teams back at F/S now

Both teams back at F/S now

Save LaCosta there

atmosphere in the tent is awful

Aled on drums and nothing else

5:44 to go

Very scrapy and not much to report guys. Very sorry

The face off is in the Clan zone

Man Aled can drum

Devils pressing but it feels to little to late

Someone in the crowd nearly made a sound then

2:26 to play

Devils pressure now

1:22 to play

Clan fans and the drummers making the noise now

Shocker of a game

Clan take a penalty for things and stuff

Devils have pulled LaCosta

Empty net goal due any second now...

Its five on three now Clan take another penalty

or six even as we've pulled LaCosta

30 Seconds




Faulkner we think here

hang on we might have scored after the whistle

no goal on the board

Boooo's in the rink and the crowd storm out

Horrid game

Clan fans have been amazing ! Still chanting

Credit to their club

Devils fans quiet.. we know why but still its hardly the loud proud Red Army

Clan Man of the Match Kyle Jones

Devils Man of the Match Rupert Quiney ! Great game from him the one positive tonight

Sorry about the game coverage tonight its hard to make a silk purse from a pigs ear and all that

Hopefully we will have a better game next time ?

Look out for this weeks Inferno TV the "what the hell was that" edition.

Thanks for following along guys

I'm out of here like the rest of the fans Omni Shambles its a thing

Oh and the Club don't own us lamers