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Coventry Blaze 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for this league game in Coventry

Predictions can be sent to the usual address

Apologies if updates are sporadic. Its all a bit last minute here at MNL towers

James and Skip are your hosts tonight and we have beer so if it gets sucky on the ice the updates may get interesting :)

Ruth C is predicting a 2-4 win to the traveling team.

Guthrie is back with the Blaze tonight. Hope he's gonna take some time to get into the swing of things

We of course have Kurka icing for us after actually having time to train with the team.

Elliot B agrees with Ruth. 2-4 to the Devils

Skippy being a miserable git calling 4 - 2 blaze win

Not long now..

Goughy calling 5 - 2 Devils win and mentioned he hate the blaze !

Laura thinking 5 - 3 to blaze

Tait, Olsen, Gudice and Cowley out. Enger yet to arrive

Teams are on the ice

Smith the only scratch for us

British Anthem played

Kurka still wearing his red gloves of epicness

face off

Davies, Lord and Morisette

Kurka shoots wide, Penalty M Henrich


Myres, Faulkner, Kurka on the PP

Powerplay pressure

couple of shots on target but Zacharias stops the shots

Blaze FS

and Blaze ice

FO in blaze end

Nice Blaze play stopped by Lacosta

Morisette places a shot on goal but puck gets frozen

Goughy still hates the Blaze

FO Devils zone

game looking more even

7 mins gone

Tanaka hits the pipes

Blight shoots high

end to end at the moment

Macmillan almost scores

penalty devils ..too many men

10 mins gone in the sponsor dome

Myers breaks away and shoots high but gets awarded a penalty shot

kicked away

game restarts

Blaze set up in the Devils zone

devils killing well

griffin shoots for face off

F/O in blaze zone

Awesome save Lacosta.

Devils piling on the pressure

Devils DOG - Marsh

Penalty Hervey Cross check

4 on 4 - f/o in the blaze zone

like a morgue at the sponsor dome

Blight fires to get a f/o in the blaze zone

devils full strength

back to 5 on 5

end of first period, no score

looking around the league 3 - 3 in Edinburgh against the Giants

1 all in the dullest rivalry in UK hockey in Sheffield

and new boy Cullen has fired the clan a goal up against the stingrays

oh and its 1 -1 for Dundee V Fife

Both teams with two power plays that period and both failing to get much going on the Powerplay

Still no update on shots on goal but it seemed pretty level

Will update when we know

Grab a drink and talk amongst yourselves.. we'll be back with the second soon

Or there's always Inferno TV

Mike Hicks our referee tonight just in case you weren't sure

We might be back for the second soon ish the blaze clock is odd

players back out

devils win fo

some Blaze pressure

face off in devils zone after some blaze pressure

devils win fo

devils blow a chance on a 3 on 2

blaze netty saves on Max shot

some blaze pressure. a few shots saved by Lacosta

face off in devils zone devils win it

around 3 mins gone in second

Blaze rolling just four d men tonight

Our luxury 5 man d looks huge in comparison

Myers puts it into the body for a f/o in the Blaze zone

Anyones game at the moment. Devils have the better shirts though

Devils mounting some pressure

Michael Henrich scores through the five hole

on a breakaway


Bottom place Capitals 5 - First place Giants 3

Blaze pp .. not sure whos in the box or why

LaCosta looking very good. Stopping all sorts

Blaze icing

end to end with shots both end being deflected f/o in the blaze zone

blaze icing

the announcer apparently reminding the home fans where they are in case they have forgotten

piggot slashing

blaze not setting up but getting shots on

devils killing well. 1-30 down in the pk

the Doctor is out the box

Got some mumford and sons on the stereo here

venus dives to pull a penalty

Well done to the Edinburgh Capitals for convincingly beating the Belfart Giants

Blaze on the pp

Hicks earning his bung tonight

Blaze go offside trying to get into the zone on the pp. It's like they have Finnerty playing for them

devils back to f/s

almost the end of the second.

Blight puts a few on goal but gets denied

Blaze DJ playing some classics. Rhianna up next. Maybe the Timberlake

End of the second Blaze leading by a single goal

Wannabe is wanting to see some hits. Reporting a borefest

Anthony L worried that there are no d'men and lots of forwards on the ice and still we are a goal down

We always suck in the second Anthony. We call it the second period suck in our section of the rink. I expect big things in the third :D

No shots on goal from the sponsor dome. Think they ran out of fingers after 6

On the plus side, Empire Strikes back is on ITV

Around the league other than the Giants getting a kicking from the Caps we have Hull beating the Clan 2-1 at the end of the second. Also end of second Shuff beating the Panties 4-2 and Dundee leading Fife 2-1 in the second

first period shots are in. 14 for the Devils, 15 for the Blaze. They are trying to say shots for the second period are 1-0 Blaze but I think they are getting it confused with the goals

Think the Blaze DJ just have "Now That's What I Call Music 2008" on tape and nothing else

Teams back out and facing off

Ginand being kept quiet by our D

f/o in the Devils zone

Devils pen coming up

Blight goes in for slashing

Blaze setting up well in the zone

Davies doing well wasting the Blaze pp

The millennium falcon has been eaten by a giant space worm

Im assuming the pk is over at the sponsor dome

Myers forces a f/o in the blaze zone

Devils managing some pressure

and earn themselves a PP

Selby 2 for hooking at 46.17

shots are in for the second, Devils were outshot 19 to 11

Devils set up in the offensive zone

blaze back to f/s

Devils pressure

1/2 way through the last period here

Blaze currently sucking less than the Devils


Kurka with the opener

Must have been the red gloves

Or his skill

Piggsy fans on an open goal

Lacosta with a cracking save from Shea Labouf

Faulkner goes in the box for tripping

Ginand not called for diving to the ice though

Blaze set up well in the zone

Lacosta pads a shot away

Lord tries for a cheeky wrap around

down the other end and blaze score




Tanaka breaks away. Hits the post then Lacostas back

goal Blaze

Little bit of handbags in front of the Blaze net

delayed penalty on marsh

marsh in the box for cross checking

They think its all over ..

Blaze player mashing Davies into the ice at the goal mouth

nothing called

Blaze still on pp

big save by lacosta

2.30 left in the third

Faulkner makes a nice shot, saved by Zacharias

f/o in the Blaze zone

2 mins left

back to F/S

Poper calls a time out

Lacosta pulled


Lord with the engineered ppg

Lacosta back on the bench

Allegedly Mr Ragan has left the building. Missed the Lord scoring there

Time out Coventry

face off in the Blaze zone

Faulkner almost does it

Adam Henrich goes down the ice and scores into the empty net

and that's it. The fat lady has sung

Devils secure their 9th place position. The Caps are catching us up though

lets hope we can bounce back against the purple army tomorrow

MOM awards

Lacosta gets the MOM

final score in the dullest rivalry in Europe is Shuff 5 - 3 Panties

Still all sorts of awards going on on the ice in the sponsor dome

Blaze only rolled 4 d for that game

still presenting all sorts of random stuff on the ice

MOM for Blaze goes to Zacharias

Well thats it from James and the Skippy for tonight

join us tomorrow for the home game vs the Clan. Both teams looking for the bounce back after Braehead lost to the Stingrays. You can read our preview here

James and the Skippy signing out. Thanks for joining us