Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Hull Stingrays

hey hey Skippy here with Devils Vs Stingrays

Warm up underway in the bbt

few predictions for you, Rusky thinks Devils with an OT win

Pat in bridgend devils win 3 - 2 good luck guys

Aled thinking 5 - 3 devils

Jon on the desk here thinking 4 -2 devils

stephen borinetti thinking 5-2 win for the devils and hoping kurka has better start than morissette

From around the league Steelers 1-2 Giants in the first

Warm up nearly over here in the BBT with 3 mins left

While in Sheffield Steelers 1 - 3 BELFAST

Devils new player Tomas Kurka looking good in warm up full details of his signing here

Ruth predicting a 3-1 Devils win

Devils will observe a 2 minute silence before tonight's game

so if your on the web cast the sound isnt broken don't worry

twenty minutes to face off

If your following along from Hull, welcome and sorry in advance for the name calling

Kirsty calls in a Devils win 6-3.. lets hope so

Getting close now

Flag bearers out on the ice

lights are down for the intro

Hazel in Southend predicts Devils to win 6 - 3 tonight, reckon tomas kurka's going to make a big difference

no limos in site at the rink

devils on the ice

Introductions underway

Hull not on the ice

Hull skate out

don't forget two minutes silence followed by the Anthem

Kurka about to be introduced

huge cheers for number 91 Kurka

and we are off

Mike Hicks ref tonight

Just waiting on face off now

puck drops

kurka on the first with faulks and blight

Devils looking strong

Devils shot from blight saved bowns

face off in Hull zone

all devils right now

tendler break away denied

Kurka looks good

goal mouth scramble devils denied

four minutes gone

Hull look nifty on the break away

handbags behind the hull net

Hull high sticks Smith

Devils on the power play

Number 5 for hull called as delay of game 2 mins

Devils moving the puck well on the PP

Hull clear

30 seconds left on the PP

Hull back to FS

Devils off side

Kurka fast as hell

Good devils pressure here

Hull very defensive looking for breakaways

Doucet with a nasty check on a Devil someone down can't see who

Doucet to the box naughty boy

Hull clear

1 minute left on the pen

Hull Goal..

odd deflection

Hull Short handed

Goal mouth handbags in front of Bowns

Pacha jumped Lord


Faulkner with the chop down in front of net

all even here

Faulkner from Blight and Marsh on the power play

Bowns with a save

face off in Hull zone

Bowns working hard, Hull look nasty on the Breakaway but otherwise not

Scoring so far HULL: J. Silverthorn (09:32 1st) Devils: M. Faulkner (10:30 1st)

Save LaCosta

06:56 left in the first

Good pressure from Hull

Devils on the PK didn't hear the call here sorry

Hull pressing hard

4 :23 left in the period

Face off in Hull Zone

Stingrays on the PK

Tripping called on one of them

3 mins left in the first

Hull Break away denied

Penalty shot given

Doucet misses

2 mins left in the first

Hull with real pressure now

Batch clears

final min in the first

Stoppage in play

Face off infront of Devils net

End of the First

to racap Devils 1 / 3 on the Powerplay

Devils Goal Faulkner from Blight, Marsh10:30 (PP)

Hull Goal Silverthorn from Lauzon

Off to find tea.. back shortly

Shots for the First Hull 12 Devils 11

Teams back on the Ice

And we are off in the second

Blight Denied

Hull with a shot

face off in front of devils net


Meyers from Max

Myers even

assists called as 17 & 23

Kurka looking dangerous

magic save from Bowns

face off in Hull zone

Hull Penalty 2 mins delay of game

Sylvain Cloutier sits

Devils Pen Blight

breathing on a Hull player or something

LaCosta save

Bowns is playing a blinder lucky save there

Hull Goal


Hull really are grim on the break away ... look dangerous every time

Smith for Hull falls over

Devils Nail a hull player

big mid ice hit from Max

Hull goal was Doucet, from Cloutier and Pachca 5:10

Devils go close

Hull Goal ?

Much confusion here

its hard to say what happened there I'm not sure Hicks knows

Hull have a Penalty

Devils on the PP and Hull clear

Hull Goal was C.Lauzon

Hull Player goes down and we have hand bags here

Penalties coming

Big Devils hit followed by Hull players going after Devils both sides taking pens

Plumton 2 + 10 for checking to the head

Hull get 2 mins roughing

four on four here

Hull making some good saves all Devils on the four on four so far

Kurka goes close

fouled and gets a pen shot !

Kurka all net Devils score

oh and Gooooooooaaaaaaallll !!!! Effortless from Kurka

Big devils shot goes wide there

Devils have a penalty Faulkner goes to the box

Devils on the PK

Faulkner in for tripping or maybe trying ? Its hard to say

Good pressure from Hull

30 seconds left on the PK

Ruck after a bad hit

Myers in for Devils

While pens get sorted.. Nottingham Nil Caps 4 ! Get it Caps

Devils on the PK after that somehow

2 Mins for Myers and 2 mins for a Hull player

4 mins left in the period

face off infront of Devils net

five on five now

Big save LaCosta

Devils on the PK - Marsh 2 mins

Richie takes a knock and skates off

four on four as hull take 2 mins

High sticks called on Hull there

2:15 left in the period

Devils with 38 seconds on their penalty

Devils time out

we are down a linesman and Sam Motton seems to have taken a stick to the face

Morrisette unlucky there opening but tripped

Devils back to FS

1 :24 left in the period

Stingrays back to FS

32 seconds left in the second

Puck out of play

face off in Hull zone

Handbags again behind Hull Goal

2 seconds on the clock

Period ends

Off for a wander, you'll have to amuse yourselves for a few mins

Shots in the second Hull 2 devils 14 ! Get in

Not long now till the third.. just enough time to grab a drink

Teams back on the ice

Here we go

Devils pushing hard now.. camped in Hull zone

Hull breakout dump and line change

Save LaCosta

1:48 gone in the period

Bowns under pressure and Hull jump Faulkner

Hull take a silly Penalty Suderman we think

Devils take a pen as well there

we are four on four

Suderman 2 mins cross checking

Blight 2 mins cross checking

Kurka looks a very good addition, been told he's not skated in months so not match fit he looks amazing

50 second four on four left

Hull look nasty on the breakaway

Myers with a cheeky shot on Bowns

Teams back to full strength

Hull under huge pressure

Hull take a penalty after yet again going after faulkner

Number 6 for Hull Martin Ondrej for slashing

Bowns is struggling to not kick the net off the moorings every few seconds

1:30 left on the PP

Bowns keeping Hull in this to be fair to him

Devils with 25 seconds left on the PP

LaCosta glove save

Hull back to FS

Devils Pen 22 Marsh for 2 mins hooking

Hull tripping on Myers it seems

Oh wait no Myers goes in

Myers for tripping 5 on 3

LaCosta save with his helmet

Devils have to kill 30 seconds of five on three

Devils huge PK effort

Back to five on four

Just over ten minutes to play

Devils back to FS

Great back checking from Morrisette

Save LaCosta end to end play few chances in the last couple of minutes

Bowns keeping Hull in this

This game has the wiff of overtime about it

Just under six mins to play

LaCosta great save after a shocking line change

LaCosta really working now

Crowd very flat in the BBT tonight

LaCosta really keeping the Devils in this now

I'd update more but its end to end and few chances

Face off in Devils zone devils break out

Goal Hull

.... Tendler we think..

Tendler unmarked in the Devils zone assit Sylvain Cloutier & Matt Davies

Two mins to play

Its all Hull right now LaCosta down after the net landed on him

Big scramble infront of net

LaCosta looks ok

Hull empty net goal

They think its all over...

Forty seconds to play

LaCosta back in net

Hull really want this one still coming strong

all over here in Cardiff

Shots on Devils that Period 13 from Hull

Crowd streaming out now

Hull mom Sylvain Cloutier apparently

well played Hull to be honest they wanted it more

Crowd has gone its empty in here

Devils MOM Jake Morrisette

Well thats us out of here like everyone else it seems

Thanks for following along

Capitals win in overtime in Nottingham which is nice

Ok that's us out

Peace and stuff