Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for Chapter 2 of Giants v Devils

Score predictions, before FO time to me (OJ) at

Just establishing contact with my troop of texters who are recovering from a night out celebrating last nights win

Warmup underway

Allen Winton calls it 4-3 to Devils

Lets hope that we have a good game this afternoon

Similarly a great game between City and Swans would also fit the bill

Also hoping that there is no trouble in Cardiff as I am on standby for the morning

Russky thinks Devils will lose

Elliot goes for a 5-3 Giants win

Carl predicts a 3-2 Devils win in O/T

Warmup completed

Robert D goes for a 2-1 win for Giants

Kirsty F is optimistic and calls it 4-1 Devils

Simon L calls it 4-1 Devils

Ice is ready

Breaking news - JohnWildthing not drinking tonight

Kicked off at City Stadium

Lights dimmed

Very quiet at O

Only quarter full I am told

5 minute delay at O

Officials on ice

Devils appear

Michael Hicks is the referee

Giants intro started

Antoinette calls it 4-3 Devils in O/T

No Mark Smith in Devils lineup

Szwez & Keefe back for Giants

Why Smith is a scratch I do not Know

Puck dropped

Shoulder injury for Smith we think

Morissette fires wide

LaCosta covers @ 1:20

Giants penalty @ 1:20 Higgins - slashing

Blight shoots right

Giants clear zone

Devils penalty @ 3:13 - Lord - tripping


Giants back to full strength (FS)

Devils clear

One minute killed

LaCosta covers


laCosta covers again

20 secs of PK left

Mark Smith on bench

Devils return to FS

Smith did take part in warmup

Giants penalty @ 6:23 - Szwez - hooking

Giants have a 3 on 1 but foiled

Giants penaltty @6:58 - Garside - interference

5 on 3 for Devils

Giants clear zone

Giants back to 4 skaters

Giants back to FS

Good pp from devils says Gerald

Giants penalty ' 10:29 - Elfring - tripping

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG now

Giants back to FS

Keefe clears zone

Giants penalty @ 13:44 - Phillips - interference

Come on U DEVILS

Davies misses a clear chance

Shoots wide

Gametime 15;50

Devils icing @ 17:31

LaCosta save @17:36


Plumton & KEEFE

Gametime 18:00

awaiting refs call

Not much of a fight

Both get fighting majors

Plumton gets minor for x-checking as well

Lacosta covers

gametime 18:50

Batch shoots right

Giants penalty @18:50 - szwez - Roughing

Final minute of period

batch shot saved

Richardson shot deflected out of play

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 0

Devils will start 2nd period with 50 secs of pp

In the 2 games so far we have had 26 powerplay opportunities and no pp goals. That is very much like my usual run of losers at the races

lets have another win tonight and I can go to Tenerife a happy fan

Officials return to the ice

For those of you who don't know it is City 0 Swans 0

Teams back

2nd period starts

Giants return to FS

Davies breakaway - shot deflected wide

devils penalty @ 22:13 Quiney - tripping

Blatant dive says Rachael


Devils penalty - Batch @23:19

5 on 3 for Giants

Marsh clears

Hooking the call against Batch


Devils back to 4 skaters

LaCosta save @ 24:16

Blight breakaway saved

Giants Goal

' 24:51 scored by Szwez

Assists Whitecotton & Shields

That was a PPG

WE have one at last

Giants icing @ 26:10

Devils penalty @ 26:52 Marsh - x-check


Giants penalty - Szwez - holding @ 2:14

4 on 4

Devils penalty @ 27:31 - Faulkner

Hooking the call

Birbraer clears to Lord, back to Max who shoots - save Murphy

Now 4 on 4

Marsh returns

Giants back to FS and go on pp

Devils back to FS

Devils penalty - Marsh

hooking @ 29:41


Marsh was being held, Giant fell over call against Marsh

Giants offside @ 30:15

LaCosta covers @ 30;30

Richardson clears

LaCosta save

Gametime 30:52

Devils penalty @ 33:19 - Batch - hooking

Another 5 on 3 for Giants

3 huge saves by LaCosta

City score 1-0

devils back to FS

Giants offside

LaCosta, Marsh & Richardson keeping us in this game

Giants icing

That last penalty to Batch might be an error, delayed text

Murphy covers

SoG for 1st period Giants 10 DEVILS 11

Puck out of play @ 36:40

Giants offside - Higgins @ 37:01

Gametime 38:03

Giants penalty @ 38:47 - Szwez - slashing


Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 0

SoG for 2nd period Giants 10 DEVILS 14 making it 20-25 after 2 periods

both teams back

3rd period starts



@ 40:41

LaCosta covers @ 40:54

Assists Myers & Blight

Giants penalty @ 41:17 - Brookwell - hooking

Mason clears for Giants

Devils penalty @ 41:52 - Myers

Myers got 2+10 for check to the head

Devils penalty @ 41:58 - Faulkner - tripping


Correction - holding the call

4 on 3 for 1;20

LaCosta covers @ 42;49

Giants back to FS

Glove save LaCosta

Devils back to 4 skaters

Giants PPG

Shields buries rebound

Assist Szwez & Mason @ 44:08

Faulkner goes close

Giants penalty - Higgins - tripping @ 45:57

Giants back to FS

Devils pp is terrible

Devils penalty coming

Plumton - hooking @48;30


One minute killed

Gametime 50:04

30secs of pk left

LaCosta save @ 50:10

Devils FS

Devils offside

Quiney tripped in front of Hicks - no call

Maybe he is out of trippinfg calls as hes called a few of them tonight

4 in fact

Giants icing allows Mason who is hurt to get back to bench, at least they can't blame Conboy

Morissette shot tipped over bar


Devils icing @ 54:09

Lacosta save @ 54:24

Murphy save @54:41

Celebrity stus awaits them as Ger-Devils & JohnWildthing are asked to present MOM

Hicks grabs Faulkner and holds him off as Mac ir trying to get at puck

Then whistles down the play

Giants penalty - Higgins @ 57:40

Devils time out

High sticks the call against Higgins

Blight fires right

Final 2 minutes

LaCosta pulled

@ 58:50

Murphy covers

Final minute

COME ON U DEVILS lets have a goal

Giants clear

Giants back to FS

Giants miss empty net

13 secs left face off in Giants zone

Final score Giants 2 DEVILS 1



Not popular with texters who say it should have been Richie or Tyson

Giants MoM - Adam Keefe

Our thanks to Rachael, Gerald, JohnWildthing and Ger_Devils not forgetting Giants fan David M

Thats all from me (OJ) for a month or so. Back in December for Xmas