Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as we bring you our unique coverage of Devils exploits across the Irish Sea

Texters have reported in and are now in the Bar at the O

No score predictions so far

Mark in Caerphilly predicts a 5-2 loss for the Devils

Alan T says Devils will win 3-2

Robert D says 4-3 Devils

Talk about backing each horse, Chris says Giants will win 2-1 whilst Natalie says Devils will win 2-1

Lets hope Natalie wills that argument in Sparks in the Park

Relax everyone - JohnWildthing has his beer

Antoinette calls it 4-3 Devils

Ruth calls it 2-1 for the Red Army

Both teams on ice for warmup

Anyone care to bet how long I will keep my cool after all the windy weather in the Devils camp

What a load of rubbish that has been regurgitated on the Inferno forum this week.

Its Jamie Elson on the bench tonight with Brent Pope

Ruth is encouraging me to blow my top.

As someone who doesn't watch the Devils in the flesh my stance on the issues of the week are totally based on playing records along with game performance as reported to me by texters

Over the years I have had to edit a sackful of texts that have questioned the performance of the Devils and coaches

Kirsty calls it 6-3 Devils

Its birthdays for JohnWildthing & Fletch this week

Darnell is the referee

Somebody buy him a pint or a hot dog quickly

a 3-2 win for the Devils says Elliot B

No programes apparently at the O

I am demob happy tonight, more about that later

LaCosta have left ice and gone to dressingroom

On duty for us at the O tonight are Gerald, Rachael, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils along with our usual Giants texter - David M

Giants have left the ice early

I thought the gales was last weekend, it sure is blow out there tonight

Warmup now completed for Devils as well

Will bring you team news as soon as I get it

Kevan & Sue Batch in a wet and windy Essex predict a 4-3 win for Devils

80mph gusts in South Wales at the moment

Many Firework Displays cancelled

Lets hope we have fireworks at the O from our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Sam J says 5-3 Devils

Its nice to see the positive attitude from fans predicting the results after all the doom & gloom on the Inferno Forum

Keep it going as we are the CARDIFF DEVILS

Ice is ready

A heads up for you MNLers tomorrows game is a 4pm face off. Join me from around 3:15

Mark in Caerphilly feels bad as he is the only one to predict a Devils defeat

Shame on you

Waiting for teams as light are dimmed

Tony L calls it 6-2 Giants

Welcome onto the ice your Cardiff Devils

Giants take to the ice

Giants of course without the banned Keefe & Szwez

For those of you who didn't know the time difference between Cardiff & Belfast is 10 minutes

Ceremonial puck dropped

JohnWildthing & Fletch are in fancy dress for their birthdays

Puck dropped and we are underway

blight, Faulkner, Conboy: Richardson & Plumton

Devils offside @ 0;21

Lord Morrisette & Davies up next

Giants offside @ 2:00

Quiney, Myers & Birbraer

LaCosta covers @ 2:54

Blight shot rebound, Murphy covers

Gametime 3:04

Puck out of play in Giants zone

Giants chance cleared off goal line

Blatant trip on Devils - no call

Murphy covers @ 4;37

Up to a 100 Devils fans in the O. WELL DONE RED ARMY

Giants offside @ 5;07

Piggott shot saved

Gametime 6:02

Uneventful game so far


Dr Piggott

@ 5:55

Assists Lord & Smith

Giants penalty Phillips - interference

Devils penalty coming

@ 6:40

Faulkner- Hooking

Now 4 on 4

Phillips (Giants) penalty was @ 6:14 - hooking

Lord shot deflected

Faulkner shoots wide

Puck out of play 4 on 4 for 26 secs

Giants goal - whitecotton - evenhanded goal

Giants goal credited to Shields assist Whitecotton @ 8:09

2nd assist to Elfring

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Giants icing @ 9:55

Another Giants icing @ 10:08

devils penalty @ 10:17 - Birbraer - z - checking


Interference the call not x-check

One minute killed

Morissette breakaway comes to nothing

Myers clears zone

Devils return to FS

murphy saves from Conboy

Phillips takes a swing at Conboy then skates away fast

Elfring hits post

Faulkner misses after a 3 on 2

Murphy bats the puck out of play @ 14:49

Birbraer having words with ref Darnell

devils penalty - Birbraer @ 15:42 - tripping


Myers clears and has a SHG dash up ice

SH dash comes to nothing

LaCosta covers @ 18:39

Apologies 16:39

One minute killed

Marsh clears

Devils back to FS

Lloyd giving Plumton an ear bashing as he goes to sinbin for tripping

@ 18:24

Final minute

Murphy covers from Faulkner

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

Devils did well to come out of that period on level terms

Devils will start 2nd period with 24 secs of PP

Holding the stick was the call agaist Lloyd apparently not tripping - there is some doubt however

Officials back on ice

Devils back

SoG for 1st period Giants 7 DEVILS 11

Giants return

Off we go on PP

David says all going NUTS!!

What he means your guess is as good as mine

Conboy ejected from game , Pumton in sinbin

@ 21:36

Darnell seems to have lost it, Pumton called for fighting, why Conboy thrown out is a mystery

Big delay as we await penalties

Saurette and Looyd called for penalties

Plumpton - fighting major

Its 5 on 5

devils have 3 players in sinbin + Conboy thrown out

Its 5 on 4

To Giants

Conboy given a Match Penalty

Texters cannot understand announcements

Conboy given Match for excessive roughness

LaCosta save ' 23:34

Devils penalty for hooking

Both Convboy and Plumpton called for fighting but no Giant, maybe they fought each other Another farce

@ 24:25 Morrissette - hooking

Have Devils got anyone on bench

LaCosta save @ 25;05

1;20 on 5 on 3 left for giants

Devils clear zone

it would appear that Plumpton got a 10 min misconduct as well

Devils amazingly kill all penalties

giants offside @ 27:08

Lloyd got 2+2 , Surette got a fighting major

Hope that clears it up but I doubt it

Giants penalty @ 27:56 - Higgins - hooking

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Lloyd charge on Marsh not called

Giants back to Fs

Giants penalty @ 30:30 - Higgins - elbows

Giants clear

Giants return to FS

By my reckoning Plumpton returns on a whistle after 36:36

LaCosta save from Shields breakaway

Puck out of play

Puck hits Giants on home bench @ 33:37

Birbraer shoots wide to the right of net

CJ gets his first shift @ 35:02

devils penalty - Piggott - boarding @ 35:38

Moray Hanson in Belfast by all accounts


Devils cannot appeal against Conboy match as it only carries 1 game ban

Marsh Birbraer & Lord on breakaway no success

Devils back to FS

LaCosta save @ 37:41

Lloyd charges Davies - Yes - NO CALL

Final minute

Giants throwing hit after hit, no response from Devils

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

My understanding is that a Match for excessive roughing has a tariff of ONE game suspension and you cannot appeal any ban of less than 3 games

Lets hope that Darnell sees the errors of his ways and downgrades it to a Game Penalty - we can but hope

If it was only Saurette called for fighting for Giants and he was fighting with Pumpton then Conboy should have had a Game for 3rd man in

As usual an incompetent referee has ruined what was a fine game

I would love to see what payments are made to officials and whether they are in excess of the game charges levied on Clubs. The forensic accountant I work with would have a field day.

That's for another day, tomorrow nights game is my last for a few weeks as I am off to old haunts in Tenerife.

I will be an avid follower of MNL as I sip my rioja

Teams are back for the 3rd period

3rd period starts

SoG for 2nd Giants 12 DEVILS 4 making it 19 - 15 after 2 periods

Devils goal off its moorings way before Giants put puck in net

LaCosta covers

Murphy save @ 44:07

Glove save Murphy from Batch

Giants icing @ 45:19

Smith shoots high

Too high

Anthony L my understanding is that Darnell refs both games

Its gone very quiet

Giants penalty - Sandock 2+2 - accidental high sticvks @ 47:39

Come on U DE VILS lets have a PPG now yes now

Giants clear zone

3 minutes killed

gametime 51:25

Giants return to FS

Smith shoots wide

Murphy covers @ 51:41

LaCosta covers @ 52:28

Devils penalty - Davies - high sticks @ 52:54


Marsh clears

1 minute killed

Great save Lacosta

gametime 54:06

Devils penalty

Devils time out

Mark smith - hooking ' 54:21

Giants have 5 on 3 for 34 secs

Devils clear zone

Devils back to 4 skaters

G chants @ 55

Devils clear

Devils back to FS

Gametime 57:03

Gametime 57:27

Giants penalty @57:17

Final 2 minutes

Gardide - hooking was the call

Devils offside @ 58:52

Giants back to fs

Last 25 secs

End of 3rd period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

O/T here we come

O/T starts

Davies goes close to bag the winner

LaCosta covers @ 60:45

SoG for 3rd Giants 9 DEVILS 11 making it 28-26

Devils penalty @ 61:37 - Smith - high sticks


Giants penalty @ ??? Whitcotton

3 on 3 for 1:24 then Devils go on PP

Hooking the call against Whitecotton

Devils killed 1 minute of their penalty will go on PP shortly

Devils on PP

Giants back to FS

Morissette shoots wide

Last 30 secs

Morrissette offside

End of O/T Giants 1 DEVILS 1

Penalty shots coming up

Richardson - saved

Higgins - miss

Morisssette - SCORES

Saurette miss

Blight miss

That was Faulkner not Blight

Whitecotton - Goal

Richardson - miss

Higgins - save

Morissette - GOAL

Saurette - misses


I hope I got that right texts coming from all directions

Confirmed DEVILS WIN

Final score Giants 1 DEVILS 2


Giants Mom - Darryl Lloyd

Our thanks go to David M (Giants) and our very own Rachael, JohnWildthing, Gerald and Ger-Devils for an excellent job

I hope they don't celebrate too much as there is another game at 4pm tomorrow

Thats all from me, I hope that result lifts the gloom about the place, join me (OJ) from 3pm tomorrow as we bring you the 2nd leg of this double header from Belfast