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Cardiff Devils 1 - 0 Newcastle Vipers

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Newcastle Vipers to Cardiff Bay

E-mail me (OJ) at to discuss tonights events and lets have those predictions before game time

E-mail me (OJ) at to discuss tonights events and lets have those predictions before game time

Well done to the Blues on their great win in Gloucester, that shut the Shed up

Well done to the Blues on their great win in Gloucester, that shut the Shed up

My texters have arrived and reported a miserable night in Cardiff Bay, so its up to you Devils to brighten up the evening

My texters have arrived and reported a miserable night in Cardiff Bay, so its up to you Devils to brighten up the evening

Waiting for my first texts from the Tent on referee, sratches etc

Well done to the Blues on their great win in Gloucester, that shut the Shed up

Nigel Boniface has the whistle tonight, lets hope there is no pea in it

Warm up finished

Zamboni on the ice

Keith in Aberystwyth calls in 3-2 for the Devils

Tim in Cheltenham calls it 6-1 Devils

Face off delayed until 6:10 due to big walkups

It amazing what people will do and pay to get out of this horrible weather.

Anymore score predictions?

Keith has revised his prediction to 4-2 Devils

Sue in work calls it 5-2 Devils

Kieran in Newcastle calls it 402 Vipers

Vipers fans want to know if there is a commentary on tonoghts game on BBC Wales, if there is please post on Forum

Good crowd in Tent tonight with large queues outside

20 or so Vipers fans have made the long journey south

Those long bus rides is not something I miss

Blackout conditions at the Tent

Vipers take to the ice

DEVILS take to the ice

Texters confirm big crowd

More delay

Devils starting line - Voth, Latulippe & Hill

Puck is dropped


Prpich v Campbell @ 0:46

Penalties Prpich (D); Campbell (V) 5 mins for fighting @ 0;46

2 minutes gone, very slow start to game (Fight excluded)

No clear winner to fight

Verner save @ 3:30 from Cowmeadow breakaway

Rhodri calls 4-2 Devils

Devils offside @ 4:10

Vothy & Payette sizing each other up @ 4:33

Latulippe hits pipes @ 4:58

Loads of penalties coming after a skirmish

Penalties @ 5:04 Wilson (V) - hooking; Holland (V) - roughing

Verner save @ 6:31

Prpich & Campbell return

Verner saves on the line @ 6:49

Prpich hits crossbar @ 7:01

Devils all over Vipers

Vipers return to full strength

8 minutes gone and its all Devils but withy nothing to show for it

Vipers penalty @ 8:58 Courtenay - tripping

10 minutes gone

Lets have a goal Devils

Verner save @ 10:25

Devils penalty @ 10:53 Vothy tripping

Vipers kill penalty and go on pp

12 minutes gone

Vipers pp is pants, worse than Devils I do not believe it!!

Devils kill penalty with ease

Verner save @ 13:04

Cowmeadow has best chance in game so far

Verner dislodges net @ 14:11

15 minutes gone

Devils failing to get that crucial tough as puck after puck goes through Vipers crease

Hartwick hits pipes

Verner kicks net off again @ 15:49

Come on referee what about a Delay of Game penalty

16 minutes gone and no finishing from Devils

Devils ice puck @ 16:30

Great save by Aubry @ 16:56

Followed by handbags

With the ONL going to basically ban fighting what about banning handbages in our league

Or bring back those infamous Devils jerseys with the pink lovehearts

Verner dislodges net yet again @ 18:00

Final minute of 1st period

Devils penalty @ 19:47 Hartwick - roughing

Aubry saves as the buzzer goes to end 1st period

Handbags from Maciver & Payette

End of 1st DEVILS 0 Vipers 0

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:48 of pk

Aparently Jarvis & Aubry have their names on Likit Andersson's jersey as sponsors. weird

SoG Devils 19: Vipers 8

Sue in Aberystwyth thinks the Devils should leave their handbags in the dressing room as they seem to be affecting their shooting

Teams return to the ice

Devils on pk

2nd period underway

21 minutes gone

Devils kill penalty

DC's dad Jeff joins us from BC

GOAL for vipers - disputed

Puck never went in net, referee agrees with goal judge NO GOAL

23 minutes gone

Stone goes close @ 23:30

25 minutes gone

27 minutes gone

Devils all over Viperts but can't get one past Verner

Devils penalty @ 27:08 Francis - hooking

Easy save for Aubry @ 27:50

Aubry save @ 28:11

Vipers penalty @ 28:32 Hutchins - roughing

Devils back to full strength and go on pp


Vipers penalty @ 30:02 Rankin - 10min misconduct

Verner saves from Maciver @ 30:09, shot from blueline

Vipers kill penalty

Aubry save @ 31:08

Prpich & Campbell come together, no penalties

Vipers ice puck @ 31:41

Aubry foils a 2 on 1 @ 32:02

Another Aubry save @ 32:14

Vipers are coming more into the game

Penalties @ 32:14 Latulippe (D), Hitchins (V) - roughing

prich & Campbell sailing close to the wind re ejection

33 minutes gone and Devils are shooting from the blueline instead of establishing themselves in Vipers zone

Aubry save @ 33:39

Verner saves @ 34:10

Both teams return to full strength

Another Verner save @ 34:58, weak shot

Payette misses a check and lands on his backside @ 36:03

Aubry easy save @ 36:26

Lack of Devils sharpshooters edvident to all

Devils wander offside @ 36:57

Verner save @ 37:22

Another Verner save @ 37:51

Followed by another one 8 secs later

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Voth floors Rankin in final minute of middle period

Aubry save @ 39:51

Verner save on buzzer

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Vipoers 0

Lets hope that the big crowd didn't turn up to see goals

If someone could score DEvils will be only 1 point behind Manchester, as they are losing 6-2 at home to the Giants

Phoenix are taking a hell of abeating on home ice

Lets secure both points this period DEVILS

Both teams return to the ice early

There must be a party somewhere

3rd period underway

Some Devils goals are callewd for

1st minute of 3rd period has more action than the whole of the 2nd period

Aubry called upon for easy save @ 42:01

Devils penalty @ 42:40 Hartwick - tripping

Aubry easy save @ 43:16

Bizarrely tonites shirt off his back gets Andersson Devils sweater

Another Aubry save @ 43:40

Devils kill penalty with ease

Vipers penalty @ 44:54 Hutvhins - slashing

Verner save @ 45:26

Devils penalty @ 46:05 Maciver - holding stick

Vipers go on pp after Hutchins returns to the ice

48 minutes gone

Devils kill penalty

Aubry save @ 48:31

Vipers save on line as Devils go close for once

Verner saves @ 49:23

Maciver floors Rankin on Devils blueline

50 minutes gone

Devils are creating chances but it is the same old story - no finishers

Devils call a TIMEOUT @ 51:06

I hope it is not for takeaway orders

To think of the out and out snipers the Devils have had in the past, I would rate Claude Dumas as probably the best

Verner saves @ 51:48, Boniface whistles despite the puck having been cleared

Rick Brebant also comes to mind as well

If they had a glimpse of the goal the puck was only going to one place

52 minutes gone and no sign of a goal

Puck goes out of play @53:09

Vipers offside @ 53:29

And again @ 53:44

Vipers ice puck @ 54:25

If this goes to penalty shots the record 24 penalties in the 1990 Wembley Final is threatened

Puck doesn't want to play anymore and disappears over the boards again @ 55:01

Not much icetime for Ben Davies tonight

Players crash Verners net @ 56:26, face off in neutral zone

Verner deflects puck out of play @ 57:04

Vipers ice puck @ 57:15

Hill hits pipes

Verner saves @ 57:54

Vipers call a Time Out @ 57:54

Probably to decide what time the bus leaves

Final 2 minutes

Prpich goes close, thats the story all night

Prpich goes close, thats the story all night

Verner saves @ 58:22

Final minute

I hope they wake up the fans who have gone to sleep

Devils offside @ 59:03

Puck out of play @ 59:32

Verner save @ 59:40

At the end of regulation its DEVILS 0 Vipers 0

At the end of regulation its DEVILS 0 Vipers 0

WE now have 5 minutes of overtime

Lets hope this is better and we nick that goal

Hill shoots wide

61 minutes gone

Vipers ice puck @ 61:12

Vipers obviously want penalty shhotout as they are icing 3D and 1 F

62 minutes gone

Devils shot deflected high @ 62:50

63 minutes gone

Teplitsky punches Rankin for holding him @ 63:41 - no penalty

Prpich punches Hutchins @ 63:47

64 minutes gone

Vipers are just holding on

Verner saves off the line @ 64:44

O/T ends DEVILS 0 Vipers 0

Hutchins (V) misses

Teplitsky (D) scores

Longstaff (V) saved

Voth (D) misses

Voth (D) misses

Voth (D) misses

Wilson (V) scores

Latulippe (D) saved

Hutchins (V) saved

Teplitsky (D) misses hits pipe

Longstaff (V) misses

Voth (D) saved

Wilson (V) saved

Latulippe (D) scores

DEVILS win 1-0 after penalties

It only took 65 minutes and 12 penalties to get that cvrucial goal

Vipers MoM - Verner

Devils MoM - Latulippe