Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 5 Hull Stingrays

Join me Ger-Devils from 6:45pm for build up and live coverage of tonight's game v Hull Stingrays

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Apologies for the late start but stuck in traffic

7 minutes left of warm up

For those who didn't realise, Gerad Adams is not icing.

Pat from Bridgend goes for a Devils 3-2 win

No Adam Harding for the Devils tonight

Callum Buglass and Owen Griffiths from NIHL1 Devils have stepped up

Warm up over

Kev and Sue Batch go for a Devils 5-3 win

Devils on the ice

Stingrays on the ice

Devils being introduced

Ceremonial face off

Mike Hicks is tonight's ref

Anthem time

Teams are ready and just waiting for the puck drop

Devils start with Faulkner, Blight and Conboy Plumton and Richardson

Been all Devils the first 1:45

Devils offside @ 1:50

Prediction of crowd around 900 possibly. 3 Stingrays fans have made the trip

Birbraer is out with Myers and Jones Batch and Richardson

Missed the 2nd line due to a few issues by the webcast desk

Bowns save @ 2:54

Lacosta save @ 3:24

Morissette with Lord and Davies. Marsh out with Batch

Puck out of play from Bowns save @ 3:57

Devils pen Myers 2mins interference @ 4:16

Lacosta covers @ 4:49

Faulkner breakaway shoots wide`

Devils fs

Stingrays offside @ 7:05

Lacosta covers @ 7:15



Conboy from Faulkner and Blight @ 7:41

Birbraer from Myers and Jones @ 8:02


Quiney and Chamberlain

Not much of a fight really

Stingrays pen Chamberlain 5mins fight and Devils pen Quiney 5mins fighting @ 9:14

Lacosta covers @ 9:57

Stingrays have a chance back door but couldn't bury it

Devils pen Jones 2mins Hooking @ 9:57

Devils fs

Bowns save @ 12:14

Devils go close

Bowns blocks a shot and over the nets and into the stand. Gametime 12:41

Devils offside @ 13:10


Stingrays pen 2mins hooking Ondrej @ 14:01

Devils 3rd goal was Myers from Birbraer and Piggott @ 13:27

Stingrays fs

Gametime 16:20

Lacosta save @ 16:39

Tom Squires has a breakaway but forgets to take the puck in the slot, Lacosta pokes the puck and Devils clear

Gametime 18:20

Stingrays pen Smith 2mins tripping @ 18:48

Gametime 19:50

Stingrays should have scored. Trickled to the line but Morissette clears

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 3-0 Hull Stingrays

Devils will start the 2nd period with a 48second pp

SOG for the 1st On Lacaosta 9

hello all skippy here.... Ger is taking a period off so I'm updating the second

teams back out for the second

And we are off for the second

Devils pressure early

Hull Goal

Doucet for Hull straight over LaCostas shoulders

goal shorthanded

two minutes in

Puck out of play

faceoff in the hull zone

batch with a slap shot

Lacosta save

play very end to end

all devils right now

smith with a bad hit on max and we have handbags

Hull penalty - Smith number 5 - 2 mins

smith 2 + 10

good pressure devils

shot and Bowns save

Hull defending well on the pk

Face off in devils zone

Lacosta save

Evenhanded now, play very open

Hull penalty Suderman

2 mins for a cross check on Ben

Devils playing with power


Ben Davies scorer

Hull back to full strength and score

Goal Hull

Hull pull one back before the devils goal announced

Devils Goal Davies from Lord

Hull Goal Doucet

Devils take a two minute for something

Matt Meyers 2 mins tripping

Hull looking dangerous on the pk

Hull pressure, devils killing well

Plumpton and meyers in the pen box for devils

five on four right now

devils penalty Tyson Marsh

Five on three

Devils on the pk

Lacosta covers the puck

seven minutes to go in the period

Sorry for the updates my first time trying to speed type a hockey game

Devils break away for Plumpton

goes wide

Devils back to full strength

Crowrd getting back into the game

Bowns save

Devils pressure

even period so far

both teams moving well


Smith the scorer with assists for ben

Hull pushing back

Penalty Devils for 17 Richardson

2 mins hooking

Hull Goal

scorer was someone from Hull

Doucet we think here

hatrick Doucet

powerplay goal

Doucet putting it over lacostas shoulder three times now..seems to have his number

face off hull zone

hull pressure

Hull offside

save bowns

minute to go in the second

delayed pen

nothing from the pen play stops

hull pen one of them for something

devils pressure and hul clear

Period ends

Sorry for the lack of updates

Shots Hull 12 Devils 17

Hull coming out well ahead in that period with the same goal three times from the same player

5 Players scoring so far for the Devils

Devils start the third with 1:05 on the power play to play

Ger if your reading this mines a Budweiser

8 mins left till the third get the kettle on and take a break

is it Doucet like bucket ? anyone know ?

Four mins to go for the third

Powerplays devils 1 for four and Hull 1 for 6

officals back on the ice

Devils back on the ice

and the hull lot follow

Hull with just over a minute of penalty time to kill

puck drops

Devils offside

plumpton with a slap shot bowns makes a rare save

hull come back with some pressure

hull shoot the puck out of play

devils pressure

face off in the hull zone

devils save from a bloke in white

play flowing

Hull break and lacosta makes a save

skating around now

not much going on

Hull looking like they might make some a pass and then lose it

4:39 something gone in the period

face off in devils zone

lord denied

devils pressure

the drummer sounds awesome from here btw

batch takes a 2 mins for delay of game

hull pressure

hull take a pen for hooking there

Morrisette with a shot

lord and morrisette linking well

lots of end to end but not looking like anyone will score

seven ten gone in the period

music akin to a teenage girls childerns party in the 90s right now

hull with some pressure

devils bak on the offence

silverthorn fell over after hitting quiney a bit

looked a accident ?

no pens called

devils attack now

hull skate about

bowns cowering in net makes a save

nine thirty to play

silverthorn again falls over

two for one two hull players cuddle the ice

ice issues delay play

as we restart

Hull goal


scored by clouts we think

seems we've got a hull fightback to deal with

face off in devils zone

its just skating about at the minute and a devil goes off the post

7:38 to play

DJ has found another song

to say it was a little flat in the rink would be putting it nicely

devils turnover and hull attack

more skating about

hull attack

back and forth

face off in devils zone

crowd getting into it

Chris jones getting alot of ice time

G chant started

devils pressue


devils denied

Hull goal

Doucet with four

its a bit Devils vs Doucet shooting high at the minute

two twenty something to go i can't actually see a clock from here

hull d man loses a stick

two mins to play

hull with a lot of pressure

score sits at 55

well you know 5 - 5

1:20 to play

devils delay of game

devils chant now from the crowd

hull pressure on the powerplay

five - five at the buzzer

score 55 as it stands

going to overtime

everyone seems confused

going to four on four

puck drops

devils on the pk so 4 on 3

devils sh break away denied

back to full strength

1 min played

hull pressing now devils back on the attack

bowns with a save there

play halted time out called

devils timeout

hull penalty high sticks someone from hull

devils pressure on the pp

bowns makes a magic save

devils holding the pressure

fans chant as hull break away

one thirty on the clock

end to end no one with any real pressure

stingrays back to fs

devils pressure

hull breakout

20 seconds to go

face off in the hull zone

hull 2 mins pen for hooking

devils pressure

handbags in the goal mouth after a scramble

6 seconds left

do we get pens ? who knows ?

Hull win the face off and the clock runs down

i cant watch so we are going to base this on sound

hull score a lovely penalty from doucet

morrisette saved

there were groans

silverthorn saved... shocker..

88 conboy


tendler for hull

they think its all over

he misses

blight steps up


blight !!!!

doucet saved

jake scores

devils win

devils take it 7 - 5

9 shots hull in the third and three in overtime

shaky hand line is rolling

Hull mom Doucet

shoe in for five goals

All five devils goals concedded in the same way

Ghostbuster on the ice getting some kind of prize

atmosphere in the rink is... dire

its a win go on mix in a clap

so man prestentations

lord devils mom

apologies for tonights awful coverage from us

im shocking at this and new

Devils skate off to some god awful noise

Devils pick up a win and I guess thats Hull out of the cup

You'll be pleased to know its not me at the weekend so thats nice then

Hicks both games at the weekend im told wooooo

match night live will be back on Saturday from Belfast

once again im very sorry.

the other boys made me do it

thats me out

have a good rest of your halloween

watch a scray movie or sky news or something

peace and stuff