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Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Fife Flyers

Join me Ger-Devils from 5:30 for build up and live coverage of tonight's game against Fife flyers

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5 minutes left in warm up and a surprise move by the Devils. Gerad Adams is icing

Pat goes for a Devils win 4-2

Russky goes for a Devils win in OT

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Warm up over

Good number of travelling Fife fans in tonight.

Officials on the ice

Devils on the ice

Flyers on the ice

Devils being introduced

Adam Harding also icing for the Devils tonight

Anthem time

Ashton tonight's ref

Game underway

End to end start.

Faulkner blight and birbraer

Next out was Lord, Morissette and Davies

Devils go close

Gametime 2:10

Conboy with Myers and CJ

Roehl shoots high and wide

Devils icing @ 2:37

Regan save @ 3:06

About 100 Flyers fans in tonight

Regan covers @ 3:23

Flyers offside @ 3:59

Flyers offside @ 4:06

Lacosta save from Contois @ 5:25

Devils offside @ 5:50

Devils on a delayed pp

Flyers pen 2mins Forsyth slashing @ 6:07

Regan save @ 6:35

Plumton goes close

Blight goes close

Nickerson been decent so far for Flyers.

Lord goes close after myers gets the takeaway

Flyers fs

Flyers offside @ 8:18

Regan save @ 8:52



Conboy from Lord and Plumton @ 9:56

Regan save @ 10:10

Birbraer shot and deflected out of play : 10:35

Puck out of play @ 10:42

Flyers offside @ 11:38

Jones on a breakaway but denied

Some late predictions from Bahrain : On 27 October 2013 21:00, Chelle Lewarne wrote: Good evening from sticky Bahrain, our predictions for this evening are: Chelle Devils 5 Fife 1 Rob Devils 3 Fife 0 and Poper will score the winner Spud Devils 0 Fife 2

Gametime 12:25

Devils pen 2mins Davies boarding @ 12:40

Flyers offside @ 13:00

Devils net off. Fulton skated into it

Gametime 13:33

Batch gives the puck up and flyers pass inside and Nickerson shot is deflected out of play by Lacosta :@ 14:12

Blight shot hits the side netting

Devils fs

Davies floors a fife player- Unable to see name on the shirt

Lord with a huge hit on Hartung.

Hartung goes for Morissette in retaliation

Flyers icing

Gametime 15:40

Harding out for his first shift

Devils pen 2mins Quiney tripping @ 16:57

Lacosta save : 17:01

Nice work by Blight denies the setup and Devils break. Faulkner shot saved @ 17:34

Flyers icing @ 18:13


Richardson on a delayed pp goal

Richardson from Myers @ 18:24 shg

Birbraer and Faulkner have a 2 on 1 breakaway give and go and Regan takes the nets off.

Devils fs

Devils go close again

Devils pen Birbraer 2mins hooking @ 19:10

Regan kicked his net off as the Devils score

Faceoff in flyers zone @ 19:43

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 2-0 Fife Flyers

Teams and officials back for the 2nd period

Sorry for the late post but Rupe Quiney's mum hoping for a Devils win and no fight from Rupe

2nd underway

SOG on Regan 14

On Lacosta 7

Devils fs

Flyers goal

Reber from Roehl and Contois@ 21:49

Flyers goal

Stewart from Fulton and Horne @ 23:52

Lord shoots wide

Devils go close

Puck out of play : 26:42

Nice pass by Davies to Morissette on the tip by Regan stands tall

Devils offside @ 27:17

Birbraer floors Nickerson

Flyers offside : 27:46

Regan kicks his net off again

Gametime 29:24

Gametime 31:30

Marsh breaks up the 2 on 1

Devils called for high sticks : 32:00

Nice pass by Faulkner to Marsh but his wrist shot saved @ 33:06

Flyers pen 2mins Hartung slashing @ 33:40

Myers goes close

Morissette's tip goes close

Smith goes close

Puck out of play : 35:07

Flyers fs

Plumton tries the hip check

Flyers goal

Roehl from Reber @ 36:08

Myers goes close

Regan save from Myers @ 37:00

Regan save @ 37:06

Morissette goes close

Flyers icing : 38:03

Devils icing @ 39:05

Devils icing : 39:14

Myers goes close

Regan save @ 39:38

Lord goes close

Gametime 39:52

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 2-3 Fife Flyers

SOG for 2nd Regan 13

SOG for Lacosta 5

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd Underway

End to end start to the 3rd

Flyers icing : 21:48

Regan save @ 42:30

Regan save @ 43:56

Regan denies Faulkner

Lord goes close

Flyers pen 2mins hooking Pajic @ 45:51

Devils offside @ 46:28

Regan big save from Birbraer : 46:47

Faulkner tips Blight shot but wide

Flyers fs

Gametime 49:00

Smith goes close

Lord thinks he scored

Regan has his net off once again

Wasn't given.

Puck out of play @ 49:27

Plumton floors Wilson. Wilson wouldn't go.

Devils offside @ 50:08

Fife go close

Flyers pen 2mins Forsyth @ 51:21

Interference the call

Flyers FS

Gametime 53:45

Lacosta save @ 54:09

Flyers icing : 55:36

Flyers icing : 56:00

Lacosta covers : 56:32

Regan save @ 56:41

Regan kicks the net off again

Gametime 58:00


richardson with his second

Richardson from Faulkner and Plumton @ 58:06

Puck out of play : 58:21

Puck out of play @ 58:30

Gametime 59:40

Sorry 59:20

Regan covers @ 59:25

Regan covers : 59:50

End of the 3rd Cardiff Devils 3-3 Fife Flyers

OT underway

Lacosta save @ 60:19

Pajic goes close

Regan save @ 61:56

Flyers pen 2mins x-checking Muir@ 62:45

Regan save : 62:01

That pen was 61:45 sorry

Regan with a big block

Marsh goes close

Regan big save

Nickerson trying to fight anyone he can

Flyers pen Nickerson Roughing : 63:17

Faulkner goes close

End of OT 3-3

Chaumont up first for Fife


Bar down

Lord first for Devils










Regan MOM

Devils mom Conboy

Thanks again for joining us tonight. We will be back next weekend with coverage of both Giants games. Ger-devils signing out