Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Coventry Blaze

Good evening and welcome to tonight's coverage of Match night live.

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Teams are out for warmup

Russky goes for a Devils win if they start like last night

Kirsty Farmer goes for a Devils win 5-3

No Pease for the Blaze tonight. 14 skaters for them

Devils have 15 skaters with Quiney back in after serving the one game ban

Low crowd at the moment but we've heard of a few issues with the roads outside

Warmup over

Doesn't look like there will be a delay in faceoff

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Officials are on the ice. Dean Smith is tonight's ref

Hazel in Southend goes for a Devils win 3-2

Blaze are on the ice

Devils shortly after them

Devils being introduced

One minute silence

Anthem time

The minutes silence was for a long term Devils fan who passed away recently. Due to where we're sat, we couldn't hear the name

Teams are ready to go, just waiting for the puck to be dropped

Devils will start with Birbraer, Faulkner, Blight Smith and Marsh

Game is underway

Marsh with a nice hit on M Henrich

Morissette with Davies and Lord Richardson and Plumton

Lord shoots wide

Zacharias big save @ 1:24

Next up is Jones Piggott and Myers with Marsh and Batch

Gametime 2:10

Nice work by Faulkner down the wing with a pass inside to Birbraer who passes to Blight but puck is behind him. Shot in from the boards but Zacharias covers : 2:49

Birbraer goes close

Faulkner goes close

Devils icing : 3:17

About 25 Blaze fans have made the trip to Cardiff

Lacosta covers @ 3:41

Blaze pen 2mins A Henrich interference @ 4:24

Birbraer shoots wide

Marsh goes close

Devils score but disallowed

Blaze now down to 3

Blaze back to 4

Blaze pen 2 min Slashing Harvey @ 6:13

Blaze FS

Nice pass from Davies to Piggott but shot at Zacharias chest. Saved @ 8:40

Gametime 9:15

Selby has a chance to score but wide

Birbraer shoots wide

Blaze icing @ 11:45

Devils go close again

Puck out of play @ 12:45

Blaze pen 2mins Cowley @ 13:25


Nice work on the pp from the Devils but Blaze clear

Blaze pen 2mins elbows @ Harvey @ 15:03

Puck out of play @ 15:24

Blaze back to 4

Faulkner shoots high

Ice is awful

Gametime 16:45

Blaze fs


Smith from Myers and Davies @ 17:07

Faulkner goes close

Blaze pen 2mins tripping A Henrich @ 18:03

Blaze pen 10mins misconduct Harvey @ 18:49


I have one more pen to call but before announced, we scored

Blight from Birbraer @ 19:25 ppg

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 2-0 Coventry Blaze

SOG on Lacosta 5

Harvey gets a second 10minute misconduct so thrown out of the game

Teams out for the 2nd

Second underway

Devils go close

Blaze fs

SOG for Zacharias 18

Harvey's second misconduct was for abuse

Zacharias save @ 22:12

Blaze pen A Henrich 2mins delay of game @ 22:25

Blaze fs

Just before Devils go close

Faulkner hits the pipes

Puck out of play @ 24:51

Blaze pen 2mins Erickson Delay of game @ 24:56

Marsh shot bobbles wide

Devils pen too many men @ 26:12

Piggott will sit the pen

Faulkner breakaway denied

Blaze FS

Morissette shoots wide

Nice pass by Morissette to Lord by Zacharias gets a pad to it and clears

Blaze offside @ 27:34

Devils fs

Looks like we were on the PP when down to 4

Morissette shoots wide

Nice pass from Blight to Birbraer but his shot is saved @ 29:43

Puck out of play @ 29:53

Lacosta save @ 30:14

Puck into the Devils bench @ 30:27

Blaze icing @ 31:42

Piggott goes so close after great work then Myers couldn't bury a chance back door

Gametime 33:10

Birbraer with a nice tip from Blight @ 33:25

Lacosta save @ 34:13

Zacharias covers : 34:34

Lacosta save @ 34:49

Puck in the Blaze bench

Gmaetime 36:18



Nice pass by Morissette

Lord from Morissette and Davies@ 36:35

Puck out of play @ 37:43

Puck out of play

Blight with a nice pass inside almost catches Zacharias out

Gametime 38:35

Gametime 39:45

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 3-0 Coventry Blaze

SOG on Zacharias 15

Teams back for the 3rd

SOG for the 2nd on Lacosta 6

3rd underway

Blaze offside @ 40:46

Lord goes close

Blaze icing @ 41:08

Davies goes close



Quiney and Selby

Some big punches by Quiney

Blaze pen Selby and Devils pen Quiney 5mins fighting @ 41:40

Devils goal was Davies from Lord and Quiney @ 41:40

Devils pen Batch 2mins interference @ 42:44

Blaze offside : 43:56

Devils fs

Devils icing @ 44:53

Gametime 46:10

Davies goes close

Gametime 47:00

Puck out of play @ 47:39

Quiney and Selby back out of the penalty box

Puck out of play : 48:14

Devils net off @ 50:20

Devils pen Smith 2mins elbows @ 50:32

Lacosta save @ 51:38

Our pk is more like a pp!

Nice double save and clearance by Lacosta. Devils net off

Gametime 52:31

Devils fs

Blaze offside : 52:36

Myers goes close

Zacharias save @ 53:34

Lacosta with a great save @ 54:40

Puck out of play @ 55:16

Devils offside : 56:51

Devils icing @ 57:24

Lacosta save @ 57:38

Gametime 58:10

Blaze pen 2mins Venus @ 58:37

Blaze offside @ 59:00

Gametime 59:15

End of the 3rd Cardiff Devils 4-0 Coventry Blaze

Blaze MOM Zacharias

Devils mom Dan Lacosta

That's it from me tonight. Thanks again for joining us and we will be back next weekend. Ger-devils signing out