Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as we bring you coverage of the Coventry leg of back to back Challenge Cup games between the DEVILS and the Blaze

Score predictions as usual to

Mark in Caerphilly got his prediction in early he goes for a 4-3 win for the Devils

Russky goes for a Devils win

Tonights ref is ???????????????????

Yes it is Michael Hicks

Carl goes for a 3-2 Devils win

Warmup drawing to a close

Not many score predictions so far tonight

**NIHL Devils look very smart in their new kit at the BBT

No Olson or Kallstrom for Blaze

** NIHL DEvils are playing London Raiders tonight, hopefully we can keep you up to date with their scores

**RAiders have just 11 skaters by all accounts

100+ Red Army at Coventry, Well done everyone

Sam J says 4-3 to Devils in O/T

Apologies it was 3-2 for Sam

Stephen B says 5-3 to Devils

Vernon C says Devils will lose 3-1 whilst Ted says Devils will win 4-3

Rink only 40% full

Devils on the ice

So are the Blaze

Anthem time

Blaze have 15 skates to Devils 14

We start with Blight Faulkner and Birbraer

Morissette Davies Lord 2nd line

Blaze offside @ 1:24

Devils penalty - Plumton - slashing @ 1;28


Lacosta save ' 3:09


Devils return to full strength (FS)

Blight shoots wide

Blaze penalty ' 3:54 - A Henrich - slashing


A PPG by Faulkner @4;25

assists Blight & Birbraer

Davies shot blocked

Batch foils a 2 man breakaway with a HOOK ' 6:32



SHG by Myers

Unassisted @ 6:46

Devils return to FS

Blaze penalty @ 9:16 - A Henrich - slash

Blight misses with an open goal

Blaze finally clear after intense Devils pressure

Myers hits post

Blaze penalty @ 11:03 Griffin - Hooking

Devils have 5 on 3 for 14 secs


PPG by Richardson I believe

Blaze time out

awaiting full details but it is 3-0 to DEVILS

Devils 3rd goal scored by Marsh assists Richardson & Birbraer

Devils 3rd goal timed @ 11:12

Blaze now at FS

Blight misses another fine opportunity

Blaze offside @ 15:15

*NIHL Devils losing 1-0

Davies shoots wide

Devil CJ wanders offside @ 16:07

*** Correction NIHL winning 1-0 goal from Sedlak

Blaze penalty @16:25 - Devin - hooking

Birbraer goes close


A PPG @ 18:34

RED ARMY so loud Gerald could hear goal details

Will add them later FOUR NIL FOUR NIL FOUR NIL

Devils 4th goal scored by Lord, assists Myers & Morissette

Zac(harias) glove save from Davies @ 19:48

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 4

On Devils 2nd goal a SHG scored by Myers there were assists to Marsh & Blight

Both teams back on ice

** After 1 period it is NIHL Devils 1 Raiders 0

SoG for 1st period Blaze 10 DEVILS 20

2nd period starts

Series of saves by Lacosts who finally covers puck

Blaze penalty @ 21:03 - Harvey - charging

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

A Henrich shoots wide on breakaway

Phil Hill not icing for Steelers at Fife

Tanaka weaves his way through Devils and completely misses net

Gametime 23:19

Devils penalty @23:50 - Birbraer - hooking

Morisette clears Devils zone effectively


Devils penalty @ 25:16 - Plumton - x-check

Blaze have 35 secs of 5 on 3

Devils returns to 4 skaters

Myers fancies another SHG


Blaze goal a PPG

Ginasrd scores ' 26:12

Assist Tait

Birbraer shot fron point covered by Zac @27:24

Puck out of play @28:53

Gone very quiet

Big save LaCosta @ 31:31

Its all Blaze at the moment

LaCosta glove save @ 31:50

More saves from LaCosts @ 32:07

Puck out of play ' 32:34

Zac covers @ 33:43

Devils penalty ' 34:45 - Davies - interference


Harvey hits Plumton in face in front of ref Hicks - no call

Birbraer hurt

Lacosta kicks net off to get whistle

Birbraer returns to bench

All this @ 36:31

Good move by LaCosta - at least he is aware of injured players if the officials are not

Thankfully Hicks didn't call Lacosta for delay of game

Birbraer blocked a shot with his leg hence injury

** Its now 1-1 at the BBT

Final minute

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 4

Our texters tonight are JohnWildthing and Gerald

We have given Rachael the night off to celebrate her birthday

I would never ask a Lady how old she was but I know there is a 0 in it

Blaze youngsters have taken on the Red Army at Balloon Hockey

Hope they save a balloon for Rachael

Ice is ready

Officials are back on ice

Apparently game is being filmed by Premier Sports

Both teams back

3rd period starts

Spearsy has now taken up the texting challenge

Devils penalty ' 41:27 - Plumton - hooking



Davies with a SHG

Assist Batch

Waiting for time of Devils 5th goal

Devils back to Fs

Birbraer is back out

42:41 was time of Davies SHG

Birbraer goes close

Blaze clear

Myers offside

JohnWildthing missed a Blaze penalty

They have killed 1 minute already

Save Zac @ 45:38

That missing Blaze penalty was to Tait @ 44:11 - hooking

Another Blaze penalty @ 46:13 - Bench minor - too many men

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 12 DEVILS 12 making it 22-32 after 2 periods

Poor PP from Devils

Blaze back to FS

Devils Bench penalty @ 48:28 - too many men


Blaze PPG @ 48:36

Scored by Ginard assists A Henrich & Harvey

Blight denied by ZAC

Now CJ is denied a goal

Zac blocks a Piggott 1 on 1

Its all Devils at the moment

Spearsy says nobody had stood out for Blaze

Its basically Ginard v DEVILS

Blaze go on Pp Davies called for x-checking @ 51:29


Myers PK tonight has been immense

Blight clears zone

Goal Blaze another PPG

A pp hatrick for Ginard

Devils timeout

Assist for A Henrich opn Blaze 3rd goal ' 52:40

Blaze penalty @ 53:08 - Tanaka - hooking

Devils have 1:05 of 5 on 3

Blaze penalty - Erickson Slashing @ 55:05

* It appears ro be physical at BBT - Raider thrown out

42 secs left on 5 on 3

Faulkner shot saved

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze back to FS

Blaze player down

Davies roughed up at Blaze net

Gametime 57:19

Devils net off @ 57:27

Blaze fans booing LaCosta - bless them

Zac covers @ 57:59

Final 2 minutes

*** NIHL take a 2-1 lead through Latchford

Devils penalty ' 58:52 - Marsh - tripping


Zac pulled

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 5

Our thanks go to Gerald, JohnWildthing and Spearsy for a great job at Coventry


Waiting for Blaze MoM - RYAN GINAND

Apologies for clling him Girard all night, thats a mate of mine in France

*** Hart scores for NIHL Devils to make it 3-1 for them against London Raiders

Thats all from me, if you can't get to the BBT tomorrow why not join Ger_Devils as he hosts the return leg of the Devils/Blaze weekend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RACHAEL from all of us at MNL

PS I almost forgot to thank Natalie for the NIHL Devils updates from the BBT GOOD NIGHT NOS DA PAWB