Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Belfast Giants

Good evening and welcome to Match night live. Giants are in town and are 2-0 so far in the tent this season

Russky goes for a Devils loss by more than two goals

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Kirsty goes for a Devils win 4-3

Devils will also have the webcast live @

Gareth Gardiner goes for a big Devils performance. Devils to win 4-2 and big performances from Lacosta and Conboy

Teams are out on the ice for warm up

Callum Buglass steps up from NIHL1 Devils to the Elite team tonight

Ruth goes for a Devils win 2-1

Andrew Lord is back in the line up for tonight's game. A welcome return

Carl Hussell goes for a Giants 6-1 win with Keefe getting a Gordie Howe

4 minutes left in warm up

Warmup over

Stephen Evans goes for a Devils win. Doesn't matter the scoreline just a win.

Stephen also hopes Conboy looks after the team but stay on the ice for the whole game.

Ice is ready and awaiting the intro

Kevan Batch hopes for a Devils win but more importantly a good performance and the fans get behind the team

Nice and loud crowd already in the tent so far.

Devils are out on the ice

Hicks tonight's ref

Introductions over and anthem time

No sign of Gerad Adams on the Devils bench

Adams is now on the bench

Anthem done and waiting for the puck to be dropped

Game is underway

Devils start with Morissette, Faulkner and Blight. Marsh and Smith on the back end

Giants with Shields, Szwez and Whitecotton

Lacosta save @ 0:25

Next out is Myers, Birbraer and Conboy with Richardson and Plumton

Birbraer shoots wide

Nice work by Birbraer and Myers but shoots wide

Next up Lord Davies and Jones Batch and Smith on the back end

Gametime 2:07

Giants offside @ 3:21

Myers shoots wide

End to end game but no real chances for either team

Giants icing @ 4:01

Marsh turns the puck over but Lacosta does enough to push Lloyd's shot away

Marsh floors Keefe

Gametime 4:45

Lord has a chance but denied

Lacosta save @ 5:27

Devils icing @ 5:39

Nice block by Lacosta from Szwez. Gametime 6:10

Marsh takes a shot from inside the blueline but Murphy saves @ 7:39

Giants have a chance infront but Lacosta denies.

Lacosta with another big save : 7:06

Lacosta covers : 7:34

Lacosta save @ 9:00

Jones shoots wide

Puck out of play : 9:31

Birbraer with a big hit on Sandrock

Devils offside : 10:34

Gametime 11:30

Devils pen Batch 2mins tripping @ 11:42

Good PK by the Devils. 1minute left on the pk

Blight should have had a penalty shot

Giants pen Sandrock 2mins tripping : 12:54

Giants offside : 13:22

Murphy covers : 13:37

Devils will have 1:13 on pp

Devils fs

Devils have a chance but clearance by Giants

Giants FS

Cheverie tries to send it round the boards but Richardson blocks it with his stick and lacosta covers

Gametime 15:19

Puck out of play

Devils pen 2mins Jones delay of game : 15:19

Davies on a breakaway but shoots wide

Another pass inside but Plumton just out of position

Devils fs

Lacosta save : 17:25

PK has been excellent so far tonight

Lacosta with a massive save : 17:37

Final minute of the first

Puck out of play : 19:22

Murphy save : 19:45

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 0-0 Belfast Giants

SOG : On lacosta 17

Teams back for the 2nd

2nd underway

Murphy save : 20:25

Myers with 2 big hits in a row

Giants icing @ 20:41

Giants icing @ 20:51

Giants icing @ 20:58

SOG on Murphy for the 1st was 8

Piggott out on the ice for his first shit of the game

Gametime 22:30

Giants icing @ 22:44

Murphy save from Faulkner @ 22:48

Birbraer with a bit hit on Elfring

Murphy pulls hit net off

Gametime 24:10

Murphy covers after he bobbles the puck : 24:48

Giants get a penalty shot

Saurette to take

Was exactly like our breakaway

Giants goal

Apologies for a miss spell earlier on tonight. Meant shift


Conboy has got the team going after some big hits

Giants pen 2mins delay of game Elfring @ 25:52

Devils with a few chances but can't bury it

And again just wide

Giants get away with a hand pass in their own zone

35seconds left on the pp

Conboy is flat out after a Keefe elbow. This is dugsting

Quiney left the bench to get Keefe but the refs wouldn't let him near him

Blind side hit from Keefe

Quiney has been thrown out for leaving the bench

Stretcher on the ice for Conboy

Keefe match pen @ 27:43

Quiney 2+2 + game for leaving the bench @ 27:43

Keefe was check to the head

Blight hit the pipes

Devils net off it's moorings. Gametime 28:34

Myers goes close

Lord shot saved @ 29:40

One of Quineys pens served.

Murphy save @ 30:26

Gametime 31:25

Murphy save @ 31:30

Devils will be back to 5 in 13seconds. Will have a pp for 1minute

Devils now FS

Giants FS

Devils icing @ 33:18

Handbags again by the penalty box.

Giants pen D Phillips and Lloyd 2 mins roughing and Devils pen Batch and Davies 2mins roughing @ 33:35

Sorry Davies was x-check

Giants players takes the Devils net off. Faceoff outside the zone.

Murphy save : 34:08

Murphy with another big save

Murphy with another big save this time from Blight

Devils pen Myers 2mins hooking @ 35:27

Giants goal straight off the face off

Szwez from Whitecotton @ 35:29 PPG

Devils pen 2mins tripping Richardson @ 36:27

Puck out of play from Szwez shot @ 38:11

Devils FS

Murphy save @ 39:36

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 0-2 Belfast Giants

SOG for the 2nd on Murphy 19

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd now underway

SOG For the 2nd on Lacosta was 5

Murphy save : 40:46

Murphy save @ 41:21

Lacosta covers @ 41:45

Devils called for a handpass

Lacosta with 2 big saves

Faulkner shot is saved and cleared

Murphy covers the puck : 43:03

Devils offside : 43:16

Giants offside : 43:27

Marsh shot blocked

Giants pen 2mins Shields slashing @ 43:30

Morissette goes close

Lacosta denies a 2 on 1 @ 44:45

Marsh shot and rebounded out to Smith who's shot was blocked

Giants FS

Puck out of play @ 47:22

Lacosta pad save and out of play @ 48:00

Devils pen 2mins Davies high sticks @ 48:32



Lord unassisted @ 49:19 shg

Devils fs

Puck out of play : 51:20

Giants pen Mason 2mins interference @ 51:53

40 seconds left on the PP

Gametime 53:30

Devils go close

Giants fs

Gametime 54:15

Stoppage in play for Murphy to get his pads strapped up

Gametime 56:00

Giants icing @ 56:09

Devils icing @ 57:57

Marsh shot deflected wide

Gametime 58:55

Lacosta pulled

Devils offisde : 59:09

Devils call a time out

Lacosta waiting to go

25seconds left

Lacosta pulled

Giants icing : 59:49

End of the 3rd Cardiff Devils 1-2 Belfast Giants

SOG for the 3rd on Lacosta 9

Giants mom Muprhy

Devils MOM mARSH

Great effort by the team tonight despite the loss. Plenty of positives to take from the game.

Thanks again for joining us on MNL. We will be back this Saturday v Coventry Blaze. Ger-Devils signing out