Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join me Ger-Devils from 4:15 for build up and live coverage of today's game from Sheffield

It's a bit later than anticipated but MNL is now live

Warm up is underway

Game predictions can be sent to

Warm up is over. Just waiting for confirmation on the Steelers new signing is playing

20 Devils fans spotted so far

Dan from Behind the net goes for a Devils win 3-2

Kirsty Farmer goes for a Devils win 4-3

Sam Johns going for a 5-3 Devils win

Ruth going for a 3-2 Devils win

Molly going for a Devils 4-3 win

The arena is about a quarter full

Still awaiting news on Sirianni

Devils will have Andrew Conboy back tonight after his ban ended

Stephen borinetti goes for Conboy to get thrown out !!!!! and devils to lose 4-2

Sirianni is playing tonight

If you fancy getting a hockey fix at 7pm tonight, head down to the blue tent as the NIHL1 Devils play Wightlink Raiders. £6 Adults£4 with ST, kids £4. Should be a great game.

Kevin goes for a Steelers win 5-2

Lights are dimmed ready for the teams

Dean Smith is tonight's ref

Devils onto the ice

Longer intro than ours

Steelers are on the ice

Just going through the introductions

Anthem time

Game is underway

Devils start with Blight Faulkner Morissette

Russky with a late prediction goes for a Devils win in OT


Faulkner with the goal

Faulkner from Morissette @ 0:24

Steelers offside @ 0:50

Myers with a big hit on Langlais

Morissette shoots wide

Faulkner shoots high and wide

Scramble in Devils crease but Lacosta covers

Kevan Batch predicts a 4-3 Devils win

Devils icing @ 2:49

The house of tin is rather quiet tonight. Gametime 3:14

Hill icing with Batch and CJ.

Save from Lacosta

Devils pen 2mins Davies x-check @ 4:20

Steelers goal

Sirianni from Salmivirta and Langlais @4:43 ppg

Conboy with a shot from face off but saved

Sirianni goes close

Lacosta save

Lacosta save @ 7:33

Scramble in Devils net again but the Devils break. Gametime 8:15

Nice work from Faulkner but he couldn't bury it @ 9:27

Steelers trying to annoy Conboy. Gametime 10:00

Lacosta save @ 10:30

Hill shoots wide

Steelers icing @ 11:16

Steelers icing @ 11:23

Steelers pen 2mins Langlais interference @ 11:55

Conboy goes close

Marsh shot saved @ 13:00

Steelers return to FS

Lacosta with a big save @ 14:20

Just confirmed Birbraer Myers and Conboy on the 2nd line

Steelers offside @ 15:02

Piggott now on the line with Myers and Birbraer

Steelers pen 2 mins Legue slashing and Devils pen 2mins Plumton x-check @ 15:22

Steelers miss an empty net chance

Hill caught a Steeler with a high stick but Marsh called. @ 16:30

Steelers goal

Seems Smith wasn't calling it until Big Doug threw his toys out of the pram

Spencer 17:09 ppg

Devils icing @ 17:55

Devils are FS

Devils icing @ 18:05

Assists on the 2nd Sheffield goal was Langlais and DiCasmirro

Faceoff in Steelers zone @ 18:56

Bit of a scuffle in the corner but nothing comes from it @ 19:36

Devils pen Myers 2+10 checking from behind @ 19:36

End of the 1st Sheffield Steelers 2-1 Cardiff Devils

Only 1 other game underway so far tonight. From the Skydome, it's Coventry Blaze 2-1 Belfast Giants with 10minutes to go in the 1st

SOG for the first. On Lacosta 18 on Doyle 6

Officials are back for the 2nd

Both teams back on the ice

2nd is underway

1:36 PK for Devils to start the 2nd

Lacosta save @ 20:40

Devils back to 5

Devils have a 2 on 1 chance but shot not taken

Steelers icing @ 22:38

End to end to start the 2nd. Gametime 24:00

Gametime 24:40

Lacosta save @ 25:00

Blight shoots wide @ 25:30

Nell on a breakaway denied by lacosta @ 26:30

Devils pen 2mins Plumton slashing @ 26:59

Steelers goal

DiCasmirro from Spencer and Salmivirta @27:12

Devils icing @ 28:06

Adams isn't icing it seems.

All Steelers. Gametime 29:43

Steelers goal

Devils call a time out

Legue from Goertzen and Spencer 30:33

Lacosta save @ 30:54

Steelers pen 2mins too many men@ 32:35

Nell sits the pen

Myers shoots wide

Adams is just coaching from the bench


Marsh with the goal

Marsh from Smith @ 33:36 ppg

Birbraer with the 2nd assist

Gametime 34:00

Lacosta save @: 35:30

Steelers goal

Sirianni with his 3rd @ 36:04

His 2nd goal was actually their 2nd but was initially credited to someone else

Steelers goal

Sirianni with his 4th from Phillips

Adams was actually changed and just on the bench. Will try and find out what's happened

Devils icing @ 38:55

End of the 2nd Sheffield Steelers 6-2 Cardiff Devils

Officials back for the 3rd

Teams are back

3rd underway


Hill @ 41:11

SOG for the 2nd on Lacosta 17 on Doyle 8

Davies and Smith got the assists on Hill goal

Doyle save from from Faulkner @ 42:33

Gametime 43:46

Devils icing @ 44:33

Morissette hits spencer but comes off worse.

He's back icing so no injury

Davies goes close

Devils goal but not given

Conboy has been the standout for the Devils tonight

Conboy with the wrap around and through Doyle's leg. Clearly over the line say our texters

Devils pen 2mins Plumton delay of game @ 46:04

Lacosta witha nother save

Devils FS

Steelers penalty Phillips slashing @ 48;18

Blight shot saved @ 48:30

Steelers brekaway but missed

Steelers fs. Devils unlucky not to score with the scramble

Doyle save @ 50:47

Faulkner shoots high and wide

Steelers brekaway but missed

Lots of Devils pressure. Gametime 52:00

Doyle denies Birbraer @ 52:04

Devils pen Myers 2mins tripping @ 52:50

Steelers player down after being hit with a slapshot from his own player

Was a shot to the head. No updates since.

Spencer was the player hit. He's up and skated off.

Devils fs. 55:00

Doyle save from Faulkner

Steelers pen Fata 2mins roughing Devils pen conboy 2mins roughing @ 55:31

Doyle save

Game ended Sheffield Steelers 6-3 Cardiff Devils

Apologies but due to network issues, I couldn't post the last few minutes. Devils mom Ben Davies

As expected for Steelers. Sirianni mom with 4 goals.

That's it from me tonight, join me Thursday as we being you live coverage from the rink v Belfast Giants

A big thanks again to our texters, Rachael, Aaron and Maria. Safe travels home to the Devils fans and players