Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 5 Edinburgh Capitals

Good evening and welcome to Match night live coverage of Cardiff Devils v Edinburgh Capitals

Devils out for warmup

Game predicitions to

Clive Barton goes for a Devils win in OT

Russky goes for a Devils win

No Lord for Devils this weekend. Conboy ban ends tonight and will ice tomorrow v Sheffield

Warm up almost over. No news on Leinweber in the Caps line up

Warm up over

Looks like a delayed face off

Stephen goes for a Devils 5-2 win

5 Caps fans spotted so far.

The delay is due to traffic issues.

Officials on the ice

Ashton is tonight's game. Motton and O'Halloran the linesman

Caps on the ice

Waiting for the Devils intro to kick in

Devils on the ice

Introductions over

Anthem time

Game is underway

Faulkner, Morissette and Blight, Plumton and Richardson on D

Plumton having words at the fo

Morissette goes close

Gametime 0:54

Good start from the Devils

Hidalovsky save @ 0:59

Birbraer with Myers and CJ

Marsh and M Smith on D

Hill, Davies, Quiney up next with Batch and Adams

Morissette goes close

Cingel had a chance to break but stopped and but shoots wide


Plumton with the goal

Blight with the break and Hidalovsky out of place. Pass back to the slot and Plumton buries it

Plumton from Blight and Faulkner @ 3:03

Devils pen 2mins Marsh x-checking: 3:53

Devils go other end short handed and Davies pass back after steal on their D but Blight shot is high and wide

Caps goal

Cingel @ 4:30 ppg waiting for the assists

Lacosta covers : 6:26

Devils pen 2mins Piggott elbows @ 6:59

Portwood got the assist on Caps goal. was scored : 4:39 not 4:30 as posted

Devils offside : 7:27

Delayed pen for Devils

Devils pen Birbraer slashing 2mins : 8:03

Devils will be on 5 on 3 for 57 seconds

Caps offside : 8:18

Devils back to 4

Lacosta save : 9:27

36 seconds left on the pk

Devils FS

Caps pen 2mins slashing Hay: 10:34

Caps FS

Devils did score but waved off

Devils were in the crease

Hidalovsky save @ 12:43

Hidalovsky save : 12:46

Hidalovsky save from Blight. Devils on the pp

Caps pen 2mins hooking Cingel@ 13:14

Hiadlovsky save : 14:00

Double save from Hidalovsky @ 14:36

Hidalovsky net off @ 14:58

16 seconds left on the PP

Caps fs

Devils had a chance for a rebound but Caps clear

Puck out of play @ 17:13

Marsh floors Hay

Caps offside : 17:51

Devils icing @ 18:02

Caps pen 2mins delay of game Porterwood @ 18:40

Hidalovsky save @ 18:44

Marsh goes close

25seconds left in the period

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 1-1 Edinburgh Capitals

Devils will start the 2nd with 41second PP

6 Shots on Lacosta

Teams back for the 2nd

2nd underway

Shots on Hiadlovsky 15

Caps fs

Hiadlovsky save : 21:43

He's still down after a tough shot from Birbraer. Seems as if the shot was below the padding

He's back up and looks like he will continue

Back underway

Lacosta save : 21:10

Nice pass by Davies to CJ but the bounce just over his stick. Hidalovsky covers : 21:36

Lacosta save @ 22:10

Caps offside : 22:10

Reaney got levelled by Plumton.

Reaney has skated off with an injury

Caps pen Reaney 10min misconduct unsportmanlike @ 22:10

Devils pen Plumton 2mins 2+10 unsportmanlike conduct : 22:30. The Reaney pen was same time

Caps goal

Caps goal was on the pp

Dobron with the goal unassisted : 22:40

Caps pen 2mins hooking lucka: 23:41

Puck out of play : 25:22

Caps FS

Hiadlovsky save @ 25:48

Hiadlovsky the difference right now between the Devils and a few goals.

Gametime 28:30

Hidalovsky covers @ 28:33

M Smith floors Lucka

Devils pen Hill 2mins elbows : 29:13

Puck out of play @ 29:41

Devils questioning the officials about the icing not called on the Caps.

Caps goal


Awaiting scorer of the Caps goal

Faulkner with the goal

Faulkner from Blight : 31:29

Cingel got the 3rd for Caps.

Puck out of play : 32:26

Caps icing : 32:50

Hiadlovsky save @33:13

Hill deflection is wide

Gametime 33:40

Hiadlovsky save : 34:06

Devils offisde : 34:43

Hiadlovsky save @ 35:15

Blight shot but pad save and Morisette couldn't bury the rebound

Caps goal

Was a breakway goal

Hay @ 35:53

Hiadlovsky save : 37:09

Puck out of play : 37:16

Devils pen 2mins Plumton roughing : 37:26

Plumton was trying to get the team going but roughing Reaney but he wouldn't fight

Puck out of play @ 38:09

Devils offside @ 39:10

Puck out of play : 39:16

Devils on pk for 11 more seconds


Davies with a wripper

Davies from Hill and Marsh @ 39:27 shg

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 3-4 Edinburgh Capitals

21 shots on Hiadlovsky

Anyone querying why the intro was a nightmare, due to the officials demanding team head out despite the FO time and agreed with them.

Teams back for the 3rd

SOG on Lacosta 10

1393 the attendance tonight. Looks a lot more



Morrisette from Blight @ 40:33

Hiadlovsky save @ 40:54

Hiadlovsky save : 41:03

2 chances for the Devils but Hidalovsky puts aside

Ref was indicating a penalty v caps but not given

Caps icing : 41:57

Hiadlovsky save : 42:20

Gametime 43:52

Devils offside : 44:09

Hiadlovsky covers @ 44:47

Marsh hit the pipes. Hell of a shot

Davies goes close

Gametime 46:00

Hiadlovsky save : 46:27

Devils go close

Caps goal Reaney

There should have been a holding call on Caps but not given

Reaney from Hay and Cingel @ 48:34

Puck out of play @ 48:55


Blight with the delayed pp goal

Birbraer was trying to claim the goal. Confirm when announced

Birbraer from Blight and Davies@ 49:36 delayed ppg

Caps pen



Richardson from Blight @ 50:35 ppg

Lucka hooking was the pen @ 51:08

Caps icing @ 52:31

Puck out of play @ 53:36

Caps pen 2mins delay of game

Caps fs

Gametime 55:50

Where we're sat, we can't hear announcements

Puck out of play after hitting the pipes @ 56:02

Gametime 57:15

Lacosta save @ 57:45

Caps call a time out

Gametime 58:00

Caps go close on the scamble

Faulkner chip pass couldnt reach Birbraer


Morissette with his 3rd

Hiadlovsky pulled

Devils will be on pk for the final 55 seconds of the game

Devils pen Blight 2mins slashing : 59:05

Morissette unassisted 58:44

Hiadlovsky pulled

Gametime 59:40

Porterwood should have scored


Myers empty net shg

Devils win!!!

Myers @ 59:35shg eng

Caps mom Reaney

Devils MOM Faulkner

That's it from us tonight. Join us tomorrow as we bring you coverage of Sheffield Steelers V Cardiff Devils. Remember it's a 5pm FO