Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join us at MNL from 5:15 as we bring you coverage of the Devils game in Edinburgh

Left party early, couldn't eat more cake

Texters have reported in from Edinburgh - Rachael & Ger-Devils on duty tonight

Lets hope that the Devils good away form continues

Russky predicts the Devils will lose whilst hoping his run of bad predictions continue

Ger-Devils is in the Bar at the rink - where else would he be

Rachael is also at the Rink

Warmup underway

Rich says 5-1 to Devils

Sam J says 4-1 Devils

Warmup completed

MNL will bring you the only coverage of the Capitals v Devils game, no webcast and no coverage on any other blog etc

The grand total of SEVEN Devils fans spotted so far

Rachael & Baz are in their seats - Ger-Devils and his group are still in the bar

Ruth goes for a 2-1 victory for the Red Army

I didnt realise that next Sundays game at Sheffield is a 5pm face off. A stand in host will be needed as I shall be at Ffos Las for the races

I am off to Tenerife for November so I will be following MNL like the rest of you

Game officials on the ice

Cowan is referee and Ger has made it to his seat

Both teams on the ice

Well done to those who completed the Cardiff Half Marathon including Tom & Ruth

Anthem time

Carl the eternal optomist predicts a 6-0 win for Devils

Fan count now NINE

Off we go

Devils start with Morrisette, Mac and Lord

Lod shot saved by Hindlovsky @ 0:21

Capitals save @ 0:45 we shall be personal and call him Tomas

Capitals offside @ 1:14

LaCosta save @ 1:19

No shift for Hill so far

Tomas covers @ 3:18

Adams goes close

Devils penalty @ 3:57 - Adams - slashing


Caps offside @ 5:15

Morissette goes close

Devils back to full strength (FS)

LaCosta save @ 6:20

Faulkner shoots high and wide

Birbraer shoots wide

Puck out of play @ 8:59

Devils icing @ 9:21

Devils penalty @ 10;08

Faulkner - hooking


One minute killed

Caps penalty - Tomas - delay of game @ 11:29

Penalty served by Cingel

Devils FS

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG - please

Lord checked to face - NO CALL

Capitals back to FS

Devils icing @ 14:08

Devils penalty @ 15:23 - Quiney - interference


Devils go close

Caps icing @ 15:56

One minute killed

Caps penalty @ 16:59 - Holecko - hooking

Capitals goal

@ 17:18

Scored by Lucka

Even handed goal

Devils back to FS

Devils go on PP

Come on U DEVILS

Caps FS

Final minute


Ben Davies goes coast to coast and scores

Assist Smith

End of 1st period Capitals 1 DEVILS 1

Devils goal was at 19:18

2nd assist on Devils goal for Marsh

Teams back on ice

Off we go for 2nd period

Devils offside @ 20:55

SoG for 1st period Capitals 8 DEVILS 10

Caps goal now credited to Portwood assists Hartmann & Dobron


@ 23:25 scored by Faulkner assist Marsh

Devils penalty @ 23:53 - Myers - interference


Morisette shot deflected wide @ 24:10


A SHG I presume

Davies assists Adams & Birbraer @ 24:45 - SHG

One minute killed

Devils return to FS

Tomas foils Birbraer wraparound

Another huge save by Tomas

Morissette goes close

CJ now goes close as Devils seek a 4th goal

Caps penalty @ 30:23 - Reaney - roughing

X Check was the call

Reaney wants Plumton to fight Brad laughs at him

1 minute of pp gone

Caps back to FS

Caps icing @ 34:36

Caps penalty @ 35:01

Cingel called for slashing

Lets have a PPG now U DEVILS

Good save by Tomas

Tomas saves from Marsh @ 36:38

Caps return to FS

Morissette putting in a good performance says Ger-Devils

Gametime 38:40

Final minute

20 secs left in period

Devils penalty coming

Blight @39:53 - slashing


End of 2nd period Capitals 1 DEVILS 3

both teams are out

3rd period starts

One minute killed

Devils penalty @ 41:43 - Smith

Devils back to 4 skaters

Tripping the call for Smith

One minute killed

Devils return top FS

Tomas save

Caps penalty @ 44:42 - Holecko - hooking

Tomas covers @ 45:19

caps return to FS

Morissette seems to be double shifting

Gametime 48:00

Tomas saves from Davies @ 49:03

CJ goes close with two attempts to bury the biscuit

Smith goes close @ 50:35

Devils icing @ 51:15

Devils penalty @ 52:19 - Davies - holding

Stick I assume

Hes more than holding his own tonight

One minute killed


Devils return to FS

Caps icing @ 54:58

Lacosta save @ 56:16

Gametime 56:16

Caps penalty @ 56:39 - Boarding the call

Horner the culprit

Horna to be exact

Handbags @ 57:06 after Tomas save

Final 2 minutes

The 9 strong RED ARMY are making themselves heard

Caps back to FS

Gametime 59;10

Tomas pulled

Devils penalty @ 59:21 - Marsh

2+10 checking from behind the call

its 6 on 4

Puck out of play @ 59:57

Final score Capitals 1 DEVILS 3


Our thanks go to texters Rachael & Ger-Devils and those lucky Red Army fans who see the Devils win on the road

Maybe there is some truth in the rumour that Iceland are buying the BBT and the Devils will play all their games on the road

Thats all from me OJ until the next one GOOD NIGHT - NOS DA

PS Capitals MoM was Michal Dobron