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Cardiff Devils 1 - 4 Belfast Giants

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Apologies for the late update but stuck in traffic after the football. 3 minutes of warm up left

Russky goes for a Devils win in OT

Jon David goes for a 5-3 Devils win in a tough game

Warmup is done

Jim Mcshane going for a Giants 3-2 win.

Officials on the ice

Dean Smith on the ice

Tonight's officials Smith, O'hallaron and Motton

Devils on the ice

Game predicitions can still be sent in to

Devils being introduced while the Giants finally come onto the ice

Keefe back tonight for Belfast

Good to hear from the Birbraer family. They go for a Devils win in OT

Anthem time

Good to see so many Giants fans here for the game. About 50 approximately

Game underway

Devils line up with Birbraer, Lord and Faulkner, Richardson and Plumton

Great start from the Devils. Forecheck at the highest level.

Next up Blight, Hill and Myers with Smith and Marsh

Blight first touch of the puck, good shot but Murphy saves : 1:05

Marsh picks the puck up in the neutral zone and hits the side netting

Giants rebound chance but blocked again by Lacosta and cleared

Adams out there after Lloyd

Morissette, Davies and CJ with Batch and Adams

Giants pen coming up

Giants pen D Phillips 2mins : 2:35

Pen was for slashing

PP has been poor so far. 10seconds left

Giants fs

Peter Clough goes for a Giants win by 2 and a fesity game

Gametime 6:30

Giants chance but Lacosta pads it away and cleared

Giants offisde @ 7:07. Not sure on that call

Lacosta gives up the rebound but able to catch it. Gametime 7:27

Giants with the takeaway but nice work from Lacosta. Puck out to the point and Lacosta with a good save from a Sandrock rocket : 7:54

Not sure if Blight took a puck or stick to the face as 3 players battled for it. Just after Richardson covers near post and takes the goal off

Gametime 8:14

Long pass from Giants zone but Saurette denied by lacosta : 9:21

Giants goal. Shot in and players in the crease but given

Saurette I think

Saurette from Cheverie and Sandrock : 9:46

Morissette goes close

Standard Daryl Lloyd

Giants pen Lloyd 2mins interference: 10:54

Just seen the replay of Lloyd call and it was a hit to head

Birbraer goes close

1minute of pp left

Giants had a 2 on 1 short handed but bad pass and couldn't reach

Giants fs

Giants icing @ 13:42

Murphy with a block then a huge save from Myers @ 13:46

Quiney and D Phillips having words

Cheverie shoots high and wide

M smith goes close

Puck out of play : 14:57

Giants pen D Phillips 2mins slashing @ 15:21

Devils offside @ 15:37

Giants pen 2mins Szwez cross- checking @ 16:41

Faulkner shot blocked and out of play : 16:48

5 on 3 for 30seconds

Giants back to 4

Just as Murphy saves, Sandrock starts throwing punches at Blight. Blight reacts to him. Both in the box

Giants pen Sandrock 2mins and Devils pen 2mins roughing @ 17:18

5 on 4 for 45 seconds

Morissette with a nice pass across the crease but shot goes wide

Nice passing again but the chance not taken

Gametime 18:29

Giants back to 5



Faulkner from Lord @ 19:18

Blight and Sandrock back out of the penalty box

Puck out of play @ 19:32

Giants icing @ 19:44

Blight goes close

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 1-1 Belfast Giants

Teams back for the 2nd

2nd underway

Lacosta save @ 20:15

SOG for the 1st. Murphy 11 Lacosta 9

Myers goes close

Devils pen 2mins slashing Smith @ 21:22

Giants pen 2mins Higgins goaltender interference @ 21:43

Plumton lost his footing and Giants go 2 on 1 the other end but Lacosta with great work to deny the chance

Devils go the other end and Murphy save @ 22:16

Myers checked into the post. No call just faceoff in Giants zone

Hill goes close

Giants goal

Delayed reaction from the goal judge

Szwez from Whitecotton @22:57

Devils fs

Richardson goes close

Giants fs

Faulkner in the back of Giants net.

Gametime 25:34

Devils icing @ 25:44

Scrambles in Devils crease but play stopped.

Gametime 26:00

Devils pen 2mins Richardson hooking : 27:15

Giants icing @ 27:32

Devils pen 2mins Marsh Boarding : 28:02

5 on 3 for 1:08

Giants goal

Cheverie from Elfring and Shields@ 28:23 ppg

Lacosta with 3 saves in a row : 29:25

Devils fs

Faulkner goes close

Giants icing : 31:47

Devils icing : 32:04

Lacosta save : 32:12

Devils with a few chances but can't bury it

Gametime 33:30

Lacosta save : 33:40

Gametime 34:31

Murphy save @ 34:40

Devils icing @ 35:24

Murphy save @ 36:21

Murphy save @ 36:45

Lacosta net off

Myers goes close

Murphy save @ 38:14

Gametime 39:10

Devils pen Batch 2mins holding @ 39:56

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 1 - 3 Belfast Giants

Bit of handbags at the end of the period but nothing from it

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

Lacosta net off as players collide @ 40:15

Giants pens 2mins Higgins and Saurette 2 mins roughing : 40:00

Devils pen 2mins +2 Plumton charging and roughing : 40:00

lacosta save @ 41:39

Devls back to 5

Puck out of play @ 42:26

Lacosta save @ 42:46

Lacosta save @ 43:22

Giants pen 2mins Lloyd charging @ 43:49

Devils go close then Giants break 2 on 1 but nothing from it

Devils offside @ 44:38

SOG for the 2nd on Murphy 8 Lacosta 13

Giants fs

Puck out of play : 46:03

Gametime 48:00

End to end but nothing to report

Giants offside @ 48:58

Giants time out

Lacosta covers @ 50:11

Myers puts a big hit in but ends up leaving the ice.

Myers was helped off the bench by two people

Murphy save @ 51:17

Gametime 52:58

Nothing to report in all honesty. End to end but no clear cut chances for either team

Myers is back on the ice

Myers goes close and it kicked off in front. Marsh steps in then it all stops

Giants pen 2mins Szwez @ 55:48

Penalty was for illegal equipment

He also tried to get Plumton to fight

0/6 on the pp so far

Giants fs

Gametime 58:11

Giants pen 2mins Keefe charging @ 58:34

Lacosta was pulled before the fo

Giants empty net goal

Elfring empty net shg 58:53

End of the game Cardiff Devils 1-4 Belfast Giants

Giants MOM Steven Murphy

Devils MOM Mac Faulkner

That's it from us tonight. Join us tomorrow for live coverage of Edinburgh Capitals v Cardiff Devils. Ger-devils signing out