Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from about 4:15 as the Devils try to put last nights dismal performance behind them and seek revenge

Score predictions as usual to matchnightlive @the-inferno.

We are waiting for the first texts from our team of reporters at Sheffield

Having our regular texters on duty, maybe they can assist the Devils to finally kick start this season.

Gareth D predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

As does Clive B who says Morisette will score the winner

Kevan & Sue Batch predict a 3-2 win for Devils from the sunny Costa del Sol

Warmup in progress

Allen W also goes for 4-3 although he says any win will do.

I think we would all agree with that

Carl calls it 3-2 for the Red Army

Warmup done & dusted

Langlais appeared in warmup so assume he is playing

4-2 to Devils isa very popuylar score tonight as Kirsty F calls it as well

Lets hope you are all right

Speedy Zamboni has the ice ready in double quick time

With Kean & Sue in sunny Spain not miserable Essex, are there anyone else soaking up the son or digging in for winter

gareth calls it 5-3 to Devils but would be happy if they just score one more than the Steelers

Lights dimmed

Flag bearers walk on

Helen T sitting on a bus in Memphis, USA hoping for a 3-2 Devils victory

Intro started

Enough time for a cup of tea/coffee

Laura predicts another Devils defeat

It appears Michael Hicks is in charge

Devils onto the ice

still no sign of Steelers as intro goes on and on ..........................

Have another cuppa

Stephen B thinks Devils will sneak it 5-4

Finally Steelers appear


Only 13 Steeler skaters I am told

They had 14 last night

Will check the lineups and get back to you

Puck dropped and we are away

Hill Blight & Myers start

Devils offside @ 0;23

Blight shot deflected @ 2:23

All devils so far

Devin didomete predicts 5-3 to devils


Blight v Hewitt

Easy win for Blight

@ 4:06

Both get fighting majors @ 3:04

Apologies for incorrect time - gametime 3:04

Not much of a fight, Hewitt started it , Blight got his shirt overr his head and Hewitt dragged to ice

Steelers icing @ 4:14

Another Steelers icing 10 seconds later

Devils offside

Devils icing 4 lines

Langlais not on gamesheet

Devils icing @ 5:02

Lacosta glove save @ 5:58

devils still rolling 4 lines


Richardson @8:14

Assists Morrisette & Hill

Brilliant goal after interpassing by Richardson & Morrisette

devils penalty @ 9:29 - Morrisette - tripping


One minute killed

Steelers penalty ' 10:52 - Leque - tripping

Devils will have 1:23 pp

Birbraer shoots high ;@ 11:19

Devils back to full strength (FS) and go on PP

Steelers back to FS

Gametime 13:13

Goertzen & Meyer go after Piggott

Devils penalty @ 13:29 - Piggott


2+10 for check to the head was the call

No Steelers penalty despite obvious roughing by Goertzen

One minute killed

Jones serving the minor

Devils back to FS

Another Devils penalty @ 15:38 - Myers - tripping


One minute killed

devils back to FS

Last minute of first period

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 1

WE WON A PERIOD - can we have a point please?

Gerald thinks Hicks needs bifocals as he is missing a lot

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

SoG - Steelers 6 DEVILS 9

LaCosta very vocal instructing his D - good on him

Steelers penalty @ 22:30 - Fata - x checking


Prior to that Steelers penalty - Phillips - tripping @ 23:42

Devils PPG @ 23:53 scored by Faulkner assists Richardson & Blight

Devils still on PP

No they are not! Devils penalty @ 24:53 - Faulkner - holding stick

Legue also gets a penalty - coincidential minors

Piggott returns

Welcome to Diane Plumton in Calgary to MNL

LaCosta save from Hewitt

Gametime 26:28

The call against Legue was hooking

Steelers coming more into game

Steelers offside (Dowd) @ 29:08

Spencer trying to get CJ to drop gloves

Steelers penalty @ 31:41 - Spencer - interference

Doyle save

Steelers penalty gives Devils another 5 on 3

Thomas - charging @ 32:38

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS


Faulkner with PPG

@33:03 Faulkner assists Lord & Birbraer

Devils coach is losing it

Doug Christiansen has a tantrum

Hicks as usual has lost control of this game

Apologies I meant Steelers coach losing it, so am I

Blight on breakaway shoots wide

the excitement of winning is getting to me, or is it the red wine

Well I have had a week off, back to judicial matters in the morning

This red wine is good, not my usual


Awaiting details, texters says Devils have called a time out WHY

Blight scores Devils 4th goal @ 38:59

Final minute

Devils penalty - Plumton - slashing

Believe Lord got assist on Blight's goal

End of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 4

Devils did not have a time out, texters getting carried away at Sheffield

Nice save by LaCosta on the buzzer

Devils penalty (Plumton) timed @ 39:36

It was Myers who got the only assist on Devils 4th goal

*** DEVILS u18s win 9-1 at Lee Valley

Both teams back on ice


3rd period underway

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 5 DEVILS 15 making it 11-24 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Steelers offside @ 41:35

Devils back to FS

devils icing @ 41:55

Anybody joining us late , YES THAT IS THE SCORE

Steelers fans no competition for the RED ARMY

apologies I missed the 10 minute misconduct given to Steelers Fata @ 33:03

Steelers Goal on delayed penalty

@ 43;16

Dowd the scorer

Devils bench penalty - too many men @ 44:08

Hill sits


Puck out of play

Great save by LaCosta

One minute killed

LaCosta glove save @ 45:11

Devils clear zone


Devils return to FS

Devils penalty @46:14 - Myers - tripping

Devils clear zone


One minute killed

Devils return to FS

Myers & ADams breakaway thwarted

Devils PK looking good

Gametime 49:22

Handbags around Devils net

Devils Penalty - Plumton - Roughing: Steelers Spencer 2+2 (roughing+ slashing) @ 52:11

Gametime 54:04

Devils go on PP

Steelers goal

Baldwin assists Salmivirta & Dowd

Time of goal 54:42

gametime 55:53

Steelers penalty - Legue - tripping @ 56:00

Doyle save @ 57:42

Steelers back to FS

Final 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 58:25 - Myers


Steelers Time Out

Hooking the call against Myers

Game restarts

Doyle pulled


Final minute

Doyle goes back in net but is pulled again

10 secs left

Devils win

Fuinal score Steelers 3 Devils 4

I never got a text that Stellers scored a third @ 58:34 Meyer assists Dowd & Salmivirta

Some texts were coming through late

To be honest I am glad I didn't know


Steelers MoM - Robert Dowd

Our thanks to the A Team of Texters who got us that important win - Rachael, Gerald, Spearsy and JohnWildthing. Brilliant job guys

Join us for MNL next Saturday when our Celtic cousins the Belfast Giants come to Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next time, GOOD NIGHT, NOS DA