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Cardiff Devils 8 - 0 Basingstoke Bison

Welcome from me OJ to MNL as our beloved DEVILS take on the BISON in the British Knock Out Cup 1st leg

Lets hope we have as successful a night as last night in Sheffield

The hits on MNL this week have been out ofr this world, on Thurday eving for the game in Belfast we had no fewer than 602 unique (different) hits.

Last night the number of hits got to anincredible 632 before we stopped counting.

Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks about us on the Forum.

Apparently there were 350 Devils fans at Sheffield last night

Fans are slow getting to the Tent tonight maybe some of the 350 haven't arrived back in Cardiff yet

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Stephen Fone of the Coventry Blaze confirmed as Bison netminder in Reiter's absence

No news on referee or any unexpected scratches yet

I wonder who will answer Cornish tonite and ask for a 99

Referee is Thompson

They have changed the intro yet again, the new one is awful!!!

Lets get a three goal advantage for the 2nd leg later in the month

Now playing an introd comprising of a mixture of the old and new

Bison have 12 skaters and 2 netminders

So Devils win the head count with 13+2

Nobody stirred in Aberystwyth, Plymouth, Victoria (BC) and all points east, west, north and south yet

Starting forward line for Devils is Silverthorn, Towe, Prpich

The hare is running and the puck dropped

Fone saves from Teplitsky @ 1:45

Tent filled up nicely

Another Fone save @ 2:01

Lets hope we haven't got a netminder wanting to show his mettle - the always do in Cardiff

Bison ice puck @ 3:10

Puck hardly came out of Bison zone in first 3 minutes

Fone saves again @ 3:33

Its also the Battle of the Drummers at the tent tonight

4 mins gone and Aubry has been a spectator so far

Sue in Aberystwyth has her fingers crossed for a Devils win

Bison penalty @ 5:14 Olymyk - tripping

Bison penalty @ 5:14 Olymyk - tripping

Fone save @ 5:23

6 minutes gone and the dodgy passing of last night has returned

Bison under pressure, Jarvis playing as a forward

Bison kill penalty

Devils had loads of shots on pp, Bison putting their bodies on the line

8 minutes gone

Sorry jumped the gun

Bison penalty @7:47 Braff 2+2 hi sticks

Silverthorn hit in face

Silverthorn skated off holding face and went straight into changing room

I was right penalty timed at 8:47

I was right penalty timed at 8:47

10 minutes gone, Devils pp miss firing badly


Devils goal @ 10:40 scored by Stone, assist Towe

Silverthorn back on bench

Devils still on pp

Silverthorn takes next shift

Bison return to full strength

Fone has easy save @ 13:12


Devils goal @ 13:30 scored Silverthorn, assist Cowmeadow

Stone's goal was a golf chip from the blue line: Silverthorns was sweet

Voth shot from blie line deflected high @ 14:33

Devils now creating chance after chance

Fone frantic dive with stick stops puck on line @ 15:26 after shot by Latulippe

Devils penalty

Latulippe intereference @ 16:24

Fone foils a Devils 2 on 1 breakaway @ 17:20

Final 2 minutes of 1st period

Aubry deflects puck @ 18:03

Aubry deflects puck @ 18:03

Devils kill penalty

In fact Devils had more chances than Bison during pk

Puck out of play @ 18:45

Simon in Plymouth forecasts a 6-1 Devils victory, well that would do nicely

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Bison 0

It might be of interest to you that Jason Stone scored his first league goal for the Devils on January 6 1990 against Whitley Warriors some 6,945 days ago

Auto refresh seems to be playing up again so don;t forget to refresh folks

Devils playing well by all accounts, good blocking of shots by Bison

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Devils playing well

Silverthorn shot deflected high @ 22:32

People out there are getting greedy, they want two or moreDevils goals this period as well

23 minutes gone, puck has hardly left Bison zone

Fone save @23:08

@ 23:19 Aubry finally has to make a save and covers up the puck

SoG for 1st period Devils 17 Bison 3

If only the quality was better

25 minutes gone


Devils goal @ 25:40 scored by Hill, assist Voth

26 minutes gone Aubry still basically a spectator

Fone save @ 27:05

28 minutes gone, Bison at a loss of what to do

Still 0 - 0 between Spain and GB in under 20's

Aubry save @ 29:47


Bison are beginning to play better

GB on pk

Fone save @ 30:45

penalties @31:06 Towe (D), Hughes (B) tripping

Cowmeadow has limped off to dressing room

33 minutesa gone

Fone making some goiod saves

Both teams back to full strength

Fone makes another save @ 33:50

34 minutes gone

Cornish trying to wind up Voth, Hartwick and Maciver

Cowmeadow returns

Bison offside @ 35:19

Devils Goal

Devils goal scored @ 36:18 by Teplitsky, asssit Latulippe

Teplitsky's shot went over Fone's head

Devils net off its moorings @ 37:33


Devils 5th goal @ 38:00 scored by Voth, assist Jarvis

Devils GOAL

Devils 6th goal @ 38:48 scored by Prpich, assists Teplitsky, Towe

Luckily this is at home in the old days Lawless would have been doing his nut, Devils weren't suppose to score too many in an away 1st leg as it affected attendence for the 23nd leg

End of 2nd period DEVILS 6 Bison 0

Sorry for typos but reading my mobile watching other games is affecting my typing

GB 2 Espana 0 in 1st period

Looks like Myers in net for Devils in 4rd period

GB score two goals in 15 seconds

SoG for 2nd period Devils 23 Bison 4 thats 40-7 so far tonight

Myers in net for the Devils

Devils should now concentrate on defence because you never know when you have to call on your backup nm

We are off for the 3rd period

41 minutes gone, Bison on the attack, Devils defence stands firm

we could have an early finish tonight

Bison back uder pressure, ice puck @ 42:30


Devils 7th goal scored @ 43:45 by Voth, assists Latulippe, Stone

Bison defence coughed up puck stright to Voth

Devils penalty @ 44:42 Prpich - charging

45 minutes gone Devils in control even on penalty kill

46 minutes gone, Devils had 2 sh breakaways

Devils kill penalty with ease

47 minutes gone

Teplitsky hits pipes @ 48:04

Teplitsky hits pipes @ 48:04

Latulippe fallsd over and slides into Fone @ 48:43

Fone save @ 49:11

Devils skating rings around Bison

Bison replace Fone with Graham Bird @ 49:11

Myers toches puck for the first time @ 50:20


Awaiting details

It's a long fight

Cornish v MacIver - Cornish win

MacIver not interested

MacIver then hits Thompson and Cornish jumps in

Penalties MacIver 2: Cornish 2+2 all for roughing @ 51:11

Cornish still trying to get MacIver to fight in the naughty boys room

52 minutes gone



Devils 8th goal scored @ 52:30 scored by Jarvis, assists Teplisky, Towe shg

Hill additional assist on 8th Deviuls goal

MacIver penalty killed

Bird save @ 54:56

55 minutes gone

GB under 20's still winning 2-0 but taking penalties

Cornish returns to the ice

Cornish returns to the ice

56 minutes gone

Bison can't get puck out of their end


OLymyk jumps Maciver @57:15 and is ejected

Penalties Maciver (D) 5 fighting + 10 misconduct: Olymyk (B) 5 fighting penalties @ 57:15

So called fight lasted 5 seconds at most

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Myers makes save @ 59:32

Lost you there for a few minutes

Final score DEVILS 8 Bison 0

MoM Devils - Voth: Bison - Stewart

Our thanks to Chris our texter

Thats all from me OJ until the next one a good 3point weekend