Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 4 Sheffield Steelers

Good evening and welcome to tonight's Match Night Live with Cardiff Devils v Sheffield Steelers

Lacosta in net for the Devils

Steelers are without Lacroix, Langlais and Meyers

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Russky goes for a Devils win

Neil Ford goes for a 3-3 draw

Dean Smith is tonight's ref

Gareth goes for a 4-0 win with an assist for LaCosta

Sam goes for a 4-3 Devils win

Just over a minute left in warm up

Warm up over.

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NIHL1 Devils are losing 1-0 to Wightlink Raiders end of the first

Officials are on the ice

A new updated intro is being played to the fans

Pete goes for a Devils win 4-2

Devils are on the ice

Allen goes for a 6-3 Devils win

Steelers on the ice

Devils being introduced

Anthem time

Devils in their Black shirts, Steelers in White

There is an issue with the provider for the webcast right now. Will keep people posted

Game underway

Devils start with Lord, Faulkner and Blight. Marsh and Smith on the back end

Hewitt shoots wide

End to end with 1minute gone

Morissette with Hill and Myers

Plumton and Richardson

Devils icing @ 1:54

Steelers thought they scored but it was side netting

Stoppage in play @ 2:05

Batch, CJ and Davies with Birbraer and Adams

Salmivrta the new steelers import ices

Steelers offside @ 2:56

Doyle save @ 3:13

LaCosta save @ 3:34

Legue should have scored on the delayed penalty

Dease goes for a Devils 4-2 win

Devils pen Plumton 2mins Hooking @ 4:14

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Devils pk working well

Gametime 6:00

Devils go close

Devils fs

Lacosta save @ 6:56

Gametime 8:07

End to end game

Steelers icing @ 8:20

Puck out of play @ 8:41

Lots of Devils pressure on the net. Close on two ocassions

Doyle save @ 9:28

Legue got out of the way of a huge Plumton hit on the blueline

Steelers goal

Legue @ 10:07

Waiting for the assists

Puck out of play @ 10:47

Puck out of play @ 11:19

Devils go close

Lacosta save @ 12:51

Good crowd in tonight including Malaysia1 CCFC team

Lots of Devils pressure on the forecheck

Doyle save @ 14:01

Lacosta save @ 14:45

Nice work for Lord on the dive to keep the puck in Steelers zone. Marsh shot follows up but blocked and wide

Gametime 15:45

Devils go close

Doyle follows up the rebound with the save @ 16:27

Plumton skates in unmarked but the pass bobbled as he went to take the shot and saved easily by Doyle

Late predicition but Andy in Leeds goes for a Steelers 4-2 win

Faulkner with the chip pass to Blight, Blight takes it in but denied on the back hand.

Doyle with the save @ 17:42

It's been all Devils for the majority of the period

With Lacosta back in net, the Devils are going up as a unit and the D are not staying back 4 or 5 steps previous weeks

Devils go close again

Gametime 18:30

Devils pen 2mins @ 18:47 too many men

Stoppage in Devils zone. Devils clear

Steelers goal after a poor line change. Marsh was left on his own and Lacosta left open

PPG @ 19:34

Spencer with the goal

The assist on the Legue goal was Phillips

Big save from Lacosta

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 0- 2 Sheffield Steelers

NIHL 1 4-3 UP End of 2nd v Wightlink Raiders

2nd goal was announced as Spencer but Fata got the goal

Meyer with the assist on the 2nd goal

SOG for the 1st. On Doyle 13 on Lacosta 12

Round up from around the league. Nottingham Panthers 1-1 Belfast Giants, Fife Flyers 0-0 Braehead Clan

Dundee 0-1 Edinburgh

Teams back for the 2nd

2nd underway

End to end for the 1st minute of the 2nd

About 6 players on Lacosta after the scramble in Devils crease. Faceoff outside the zone @ 21:19

Devils icing @ 21:30

Devils pen 2mins Birbraer slashing @ 21:33

Dean Smith has left the ice- Not sure why just yet

Devils with the short handed effort but went for the pass but cleared

O'Halloran and Motton splitting ref duties for the moment

Devils fs

While the Devils were on the pk, Davies done well and close to setting Faulkner up but it goes to the blue line and Plumton shot is deflected wide

Lacosta save @ 24:07

Doyle save @ 24:43

Batch goes close on the deflection

Steelers pen 2mins Dowd roughing @ 25:11

Doyle has just come up with about 4 or 5 saves on the Devils pp. Save again @ 25:36

Nice work from the Devils PP but pad save and cleared by Doyle

45 seconds left on the pp

This is more like the PP from the first few games

Devils pen Plumton 2 mins Hooking @ 27:06

Dean Smith is back on the ice. 4 on 4 for 5 seconds

Steelers fs

Steelers goal from a poor tip. Not sure how it got in but will have to look at the replay

Steelers goal Dowd from Spencer @ 27:44 ppg

Big pad save from Doyle and another

Gametime 28:23

Steelers icing @ 28:38

Steelers goal

Just skated in too easy

Dowd From Salmivirta and Spencer @ 29:21

Steelers fans have changed their tune with Doyle in net

Steelers pen 2mins Hewitt hooking @ 29:46

Steelers pen 2mins Doyle delay of game @ 30:29

Should have been a x-check before the delay of game

Devils so close

Delayed pp coming up again for Devils

Steelers pen 2mins Spencer @ 31:17

Devils call a time out

Spencer was 2+ 2

Steelers 1st pk is done but the guy leaves the box but the officials take a few seconds to realise

So Steelers are back to 4

Devils so close

PP gone back to the Belfast game it seems

Spencer served one penalty

Morissette so close

1minute of pp left

Gametime 35:00

Too easy for Sheffield

Steelers back to full strength

Gametime 35:50

Reports from Fife that Chris Frank head butted Nickerson

Handbags in Doyle crease

Hill being x-checed by 3 players then Plumton has words with Spencer. Spencer wouldn't fight

Steelers pen 2mins Spencer and Devils pen Plumton 2mins roughing@ 36:49


Richardson infront of net after a nice pass from Birbraer

Richardson from Birbraer and Blight @ 37:12

Devils were so close to #2

Steelers offside @ 37:58

Devils offside @ 38:43

Gametime 39:00

So close again for the Devils

Steelers pen 2mins too many men @ 39:37

Steelers now 2 down

Baldwin gets a 2+10 Abuse of official @ 39:57

End of 2nd Cardiff Devils 1-4 Sheffield Steelers

SOG for the 2nd on Doyle 20 LaCosta 10

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

Doyle pad block on Blight

1minute of 5 on 3 left

Devils shoot high


Lord from Richardson and Birbraer PPG @ 40:55

That was Richardson's 200th EIHL Point

Devils so close to #3

Steelers full strength

Birbraer goes close

Doyle save @ 42:11

Lacosta save : 42:40

Stelers pen 2mins Spencer x-check @ 45:34

Smith goes close. Myers couldn't get on the rebound

Doyle save from Marsh @ 45:55

1 minute of PP left. Faulkner had two chances of the shot but couldn't get both away

Devils pen Hill 2mins roughing @ 47:17

Steelers fs

Puck out of play : 48:13

Puck out of play : 48:19

Lord goes close

Devils FS

Steelers icing @ 49:20

Devils pen 2mins Birbraer interference @ 49:28

Lacosta save @ 50:14

Devils offside @ 51:24

Devils FS

Puck out of play from Birbraer shot as he leaves the penalty box @ 51:34

Good block from Lacosta.

Gametime 53:15

Doyle save : 53:51

Legue shoots about 6ft over the bar

Gametime 54:45

Adams floors Hewitt

Another high and wide shot from the Steelers

Gametime 56:50

Lacosta save : 57:54

Lacosta has grown into this game and much more confident

Gametime 58:00

Lacosta save @ 58:20

Gametime 59:00

Lacosta pulled

Birbraer on both knees with a back hand shot, doyle saves @ 59:38

Steelers clear but not enough to score

End of the game Cardiff Devils 2-4 Sheffield Steelers

SOG for the 3rd on Lacosta 10

Scores from around the league Nottingham Panthers 3-2 Belfast Giants

Dundee Stars 6-1 Edinburgh Capitals

Just about done in Fife. Flyers 2-1 Clan

Steelers MOM Doyle

Devils MOM Richardson

That's it for tonight, thanks for tuning in tonight and we look forward to bringing you live coverage of Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils tomorrow

Thans again, Ger-devils signing out