Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to Match Night Live for this cup game vs the Panthers

Warmup has just finished here

Blais will be in nets for the Devils tonight

The Zamboni is on the ice

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Tonight will be the launch of the new match intro too

Goughy is going for 2-6 to the Panthers. Lets hope you're wrong

Spatzy says 2-4 Nottingham. At least they are crediting us with goals I guess :)

A flagbearer is on the ice. Not long now. Looks like a decent crowd tonight. Maybe 30 odd Panthers fans have taken their seats

lights are down

Panthers players on the ice

Devils hit the ice to ACDC

Mr Hicks with the whistle tonight

Dan on Twitter goes for a Devils win 6-4

S Borinetti goes for a Devils 5-1 loss

Mark Phillips reckons Panthers won't stop at 10 goals....

Peter Clough going for a Panthers win 6-1

Russky goes for a Devils loss in OT

Anthem done

Game underway. Devils start with Faulkner, Davies and Lord

Sorry Blight not Davies

M Smith and Marsh on D

Blais save @ 0:24

Devils now out with Hill, Morissette, Myers. D of Plumton and Richardson

Morissette goes close. Rebound available but no one crashing the net.

Devils icing @ 1:17

Devils with lots of pressure

Kwall save @ 3:25

Ruth goes for the game going to overtime

Nice work by Richardson denies the pass across the crease.

Faulkner shot behind the net. Blight follow up just wide

Gametime 5:05

David Clarke has two chances to bury the puck but misses the puck on both occasions. Devils PP coming up


Myers with the goal

Myers from Hill and Plumton ppg @ 5:53

Pen was for 2 minutes x-check Murray @ 5:30

Birbraer with a big hit

Puck out of play @ 7:02


PLumton and Salters

Salters wins that one

All came from Salters with the high stick on Plumton

Panthers pen 5minutes fighting @ 7:24

Devils pen Plumton 2 mins x-checking and 5mins fighting @ 7:24

Panthers pen 2mins Caparo boarding @ 7:51

Panthers goal Weaver from Benedict and Murray @ 8:08

Devils fs

Panthers goal

Loyns unassisted shg @ 9:23

Devils starting to rough things up

Davies with the pass in front but no one in front. Kwall covers @ 11:51

Faulkner close to tieing the game up

Nice dump pass by Faulkner just to far ahead of Blight

Kwall covers @ 12:34

Devils icing @13:01

Devils pen Davies 2mins boarding @ 13:31

Panthers goal


Salters from Murray and Loyns @ ppg 14:01

Panthers pen 2mins Henley @ 14:27

Kwall covers @ 16:21

Panthers FS

Adams shot rebounds in front but no one there to bury it

Batch with a massive hit Norton. Stoppage in play as Norton gets back to his feet


Dealyed pp

Davies got tripped by Clarke in the Devils zone and he kept following Davies. Puck was in the Panthers zone and buried

Still waiting for news on the goal

Richardson with the goal

Richardson delayed penalty goal 17:40

Devils pen 2mins Lord hooking @ 17:49

Salters should be in the bin or out for that/ x-check first on Plumton then another one

Plumton is also going in the box for that

Awaiting penalties

A chant of we need Conboy around the rink

Gametime 19;00

Devils 2 on 1 chance but denied by Kwall

Salters pen 2mins and Plumton pen 2mins+2 x-checking @18:59

Watching the replay back, Salters should have got more for the initial x-check

Devils back to 5 skaters

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 2-3 Nottingham Panthers

Updates around the league. In OT- Sheffield Steelers 4-4 Braehead Clan in OT. Coventry Blaze 7-4 Hull Stingrays. Dundee 1-0 Edinburgh

Well done to Gerald, Ellie and Ruth on completing the Swansea 10k today

Teams back for the 2nd

Delay due to plexi glass issues

SOG for the 1st on Kwall 10, on Blais 8

Game is back underway for the 2nd

kwall save @ 20:13

Blais covers @ 20:48

Kwall save @ 21:14

Marsh one timer saved on the full reach by kwall @ 21:18

Blais save @ 21:29

Morissette with a nice shot but pad save and cleared

Blais catches the puck out of the air after tipped in by the Panthers 22:37

Devils icing @ 22:57. There was interference but not called on the Panthers

Devils icing @ 23:45

Plumton and Salters back

Birbraer with a break but shoots wide

Panthers goal. Devils tried to pass the puck out of the zone but straight to a Panther and scored

Caparo unassisted @ 24:33

Hicks missing so many calls on Nottingham

Blais covers @ 26:00

Devils pen 2mins Lord tripping @ 27:03

Myers goes close

Salters with a bad hit again and should be gone

Panthers pen Salters 2mins boarding and 2 mins roughing @ 28:42

Devils pen Faulkner 2mins roughing @ 28:42

Devils back to 5

Panthers pen Henley 2mins x-checking @ 29:43

Richardson goes close

Devils shoot again and Kwall kicks his net off

Birbraer shoots high and wide

Panthers back to 4



Marsh from Birbraer and Blight 30:50 ppg

Blight shoots wide

Kwall save : 31:47

Batch floors Anderson

Blais save @ 32:07

Gametime 33:15

M Smith goes close

M Smith goes close

Henley not called again for numerous x-checks on Lord

Blais save @ 34:13

Kwall save @ 34:58

Blais save @ 35:30

Panthers offside @ 35:40

Puck out of play @ 35:54

Gametime 37:10

Panthers pen 2mins Ryan delay of game @ 37:18

Devils pen 2mins lord goaltender interference @ 37:48

Gametime 39:00

Panthers FS

Devils FS

End of the 2nd Cardiff Devils 3-4 Nottingham Panthers

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

SOG for the 2nd. On Kowalski 15 on Blais 10

End to end to start the 3rd

Puck out of play @ 41:49

Delay as the officials talk

Davies had two Panthers players checking him, sticking him as he was on the floor

Henley been thrown out

Panthers pen 5 + game butt-ending @ 43:35

Devils have 2 minutes left on the pp

Not been able to setup in the zone

Richardson with some nice work goes close

Gametime 47:40

How did KWall save that?

Gametime 47:54

Panthers back to FS. poor PP

Puck out of play @ 48:44

Kwall kicks his net off. Gametime 49:09

Devils offside @ 50:19

Puck out of play @ 49:53

kwall save @ 50:03

Batch with some nice work and behind the net puts the puck in front but no one there to bury it. Devils offisde @ 50:26

Panthers icing @ 50:48

Puck out of play @ 51:51

Gametime 53:05

Devils offside @ 53:14

Lord setups Plumton but couldn't get the shot away

Puck out of play 53:51

Panthers pen 2mins Clarke Slashing @ 54:48

Devils go close

Kwall kicks his net off once again

Gametime 56:21

Panthers FS

Blais save @ 57:01

Blais save @ 57:01

Panthers goal

Panthers icing

Panthers goal Norton from Benedict and Murray @ 57:15

Gametime 58:00

Devils timeout

Blais is pulled

Gametime 58:55

Kwall save @ 59:00

Kwall with 3 big saves again @ 59:10

kwall save @ 59:19

kwall save : 59:36

End of the game. Cardiff Devils 3-5 Nottingham Panthers



Panthers MOM Caparo

Devils MOM Richardson

Thanks again for joining us on Match night live. Ger-devils signing out