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Dundee Stars 7 - 0 Cardiff Devils

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Devils have arrived in Dundee in good time

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Ruth says 3-2 to the Devils

Very quiet so far, Rachael has made the long truip to Dundee and will be our reporter tonight assisted hopefully by Stars fan Gair who is en-route from supporting his team in Belfast last night

Warmup underway

Jake Morrisette makes his debut for Devils wearing No. 47

Rupert Quiney wearing a full face cage

I know Martyn is in Dubai if you are in some far away place especially abroad let me know - Barry Island doesn't count

Sad about Glamorgan but they did us proud against a very strong Notts team

final stages of warmup

Russky says Devils will win in OT

Carl also goes for a Devils win in OT but predicts the score 4-3

Warmup done & dusted

I am about to throw a wobble - Steph & Dan are in Tenerife and I am in Cardiff. Both predict a Devils win Steph says 4-3, Dan says 3-2

Why I ever came back to live in Cardiff from Puerto de la Cruz is a mystery to me

Laura says 4-2 Devils

Kirsty says 4-3 to the Red Army

Glynne says I came back because I am Welsh, I think it is because I am stupid, but never mind I will be spending November over there and back for Xmas

Rob in Bahrain calls it 4-3 to the Devils

what a coincidence many years ago I got offered a post in Bahrain by the Dept for Overseas Development, my wife didn't want to go and even asked if we could go to the under developed country - CANADA

Glynne calls it 4-2 Devils

Mark G says Devils will win 4-3 and Morrisette scores on debut

Officials take to the ice

Both teams on the ice

Chelle is very confident Stars 2 DEVILS 6

Antoiniette says 4-3 Devils

Anthems sung

A solo by Rachael

We are ready

Off we go

Hill Myers & Lord start for Devils

Devils shot blocked at 2:15

Stars cover @ 2:43

Stars hit post @ 3:30

Alan Craig is the referee

Stars goal @ 4:09

Devikls got themselves in a tangle and Stars score

McPherson scores assists Bagron & Mclusky

Glove save from Lord shot @ 5:39

stars icing @ 5:52

Stars hit pipes again

Stars goal @ 6:52

Greg Blais is in net for Devils

Get rid of those bus legs before its too late

Bagron scores assists Saccetti & Mcluskey

Devils penalty @ 7:38 - Conboy

slashing the call


Blais glove save @ 8:21

Devils clear zone

Blight SH shot blocked

Stars exerting pressure whilst on PP

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Lets have a goal U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 9:55 - Conboy again

Roughing this time


one minute killed

When he comes out this time lets hope he walks around the pad

Stars go close

Stars goal @ 11:50

Stars 3rd scored by Saccetti - assists to follow

Stars offside @ 14:28

Assists on Stars 3rd goal for Kashirsky and Pollastrone

Devils hit pipes

A bit of handbags follows

Stars offside @ 14:58

Stars 3rd goal was a PPG

Devils offside @ 16:04

Devils seem to have woken up and are striving for that opening goal

Davies shot saved @ 18:44

Adams shoots wide

Final minute

Stars penalty coming

Dowzack @ 19:22

Tripping the call

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

End of 1st period Stars 3 DEVILS 0

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:21 of PP

We have to get back into this game ASAP

SoG for 1st period Stars 10 Devils 8

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS

Devils exerting pressuire whilst on PP

Its to no avail as Stars are back to FS

Devils icing @ 21:42

Devils offside @ 22:48

Plumton shot blocked and covered by Bakala @ 23:15

Devils penalty @ 24:30 - Faulkner

Mac looks bewildered to why

Interference was the call


One minute killed

Devils back to FS

Stars offside @ 26:41

devils penalty @ 27:55 - Myers

Stars offside @ 28:13


Devils go close SH @ 29:00

Good PK by Devils as they return to FS

Devils go offside @ 30:10

Bakala covers after great Devils pressure

Bakala glove save @ 31:37

Give us a goal U DEVILS

Lets hope it will be like Cardiff buses

Devils offside @ 32:57

Another glove save by Bakala in Stars net @ 33:15

Devils penalty @ 34:41 - Conboy

Stars Goal a PPG @ 34:49

Conboy given a 5 minute major

Stars go close again

Conboy penalty was for Abuse of official

I didn't think that there was a major for that other than Game or Match

Stars 4th goal scored by Pallastrone

Stars goal @ 37:33

Devils should have looked at last nights gamesheet when Stars scored 3 PPGs

Stars penalty - Bakala - McPherson sits

Glove save Stars @ 38:45

Tripping was the call against Bakala

Time of penalty 38:20

End of 2nd period Stars 5 DEVILS 0

Accept my apologies if some of the timings are wrong but I think Rachael is calling it correct and game sheet is wrong

Stars 5th goal @ 37:33 scored by Kashirsky assisted by Pollastrone & Dowzak

On Stars 4th goal scored by Pollastrone the assists were Rawlyk & McCluskey

Sog on goal for 2nd period Stars 7 DEVILS 7

Rachael says that the 2nd period was a much better effort by Devils but they cannot get anything past Bakala in Stars net

Conboy's penalty was over

Are there any budding referees out there to explain a 5 minute major for abuse of offical, shouldn't it be 10 minute misconduct or if it was that bad 10+10 + Game

Rachael now says it was 5 + Game

ie Conboy was elected @ 34:41

Chris Jones served his penalty

Apologies I wasn't told he had been thrown out

There aren't many miles on his clock

Personally I think a lot of the fault lies with fans and what appears on websites, enforcers are talked up, referees read the blogs and go looking for them

This is especially true when we go to Scottish rinks, look at how other Devils players have been refed over recent years.

Its Glynne's fault and his fights videos

Teams are back

Stars back to FS

Rachael missed it all as she was following the play

Rachael subsituted and Baz takes over

Devils offside @ 41:28

Blais covers @ 42:04

Blais covers @ 42:04

Bakala covers @ 42:46 followed by a bit of handbags

Stars goal @ 43:45 - Saccetti

Lord working hard but without success

Quiney shot glove save by Bakala @ 44:38

Now Babala glove saves from Myers @ 46:57

Stars offside @ 48:19

Davies shoots high @ 48:53

Myers shot deflected wide

Stars penalty @ 49:48 - hooking

Hill the culprit

Lets have ONE goal U DEVILS

Bakala dislodges net as Devils looked like scoring

Richardson shot saved @ 50:00

Stars clear zone

Stars return to FS

Gametime 51:02

Devils offside @ 52:27

Blais covers @ 52:57

Plumton slapshot saved @ 53:13

Stars Goal

Gametime 56:04

Its going to be a long journey home

Bakala covers @ 56:55

Bakala covers again @ 57:24

more handbags or even cuddles around Stars net

Stars icing @ 57:48

Bakala covers @ 58:05

Come on U Devils deny him his shutout

Stars icing @ 58:16

Final minute

Stars penalty Bagron @ 59:08

Another Saras penalty - Hutchins @ 58:48

Final score Stars 7 DEVILS 0

Devils MoM - Matthew Myers

No prize for guessing who the Stars MoM was

Our thanks to Rachael & Baz for their coverage and we wish them and everyone else a safe journey home

Surprise surprise Stars MoM goes to Sam McCluskey

If you cannot get the BBT tomorrow then follow the game against the Panthers on MNL when Ger-Devils will be your host

Its good nigh, nos da from me (OJ) until the next one