Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join me Ger-Devils from 5:15pm for build up and live coverage of Hull Stingrays v Cardiff Devils

Good afternoon and welcome to Match Night Live. I'm awaiting the arrival of our texters at the rink. Some early news from Hull is that two Stingrays will debut tonight. Kyle Mariani and Carl Lauzon

Game predictions can be sent to

Teams are out on the ice for warmup. Remember Blais can't play for the Devils tonight v Hull

Kirsty going for a Devils 5-3 win

Devils cup jersey's look very nice by all accounts.

Seems Hull's cup shirt is also black.

Martin is going for any win after last night's performance.

Hannah goes for a 6-2 Devils win

12 Devils fans spotted so far. All our texters are in place

Just had it confirmed that Hull will change to their white shirt

Warm up is over

Anymore game predictions? Send them to

Chris goes for a 4-3 win for the Devils

Jeff Smith won't be icing for Hull tonight.

Katy going for a Devils 3-2 win

Alex goes for a Devils 3-0 win

Carl also going for a Devils 3-2 win

Match officials are on the ice. James Ashton is tonight's ref

One prediction was for Andrew Conboy to finish a game

Devils on the ice

Antoinette goes for a comfortable Devils win 6-2

Stingrays announcer blaming us for delaying the game over the PA system as we should have brought white shirts

Stingrays on the ice

Clive going for a Blight brace. 2-2 draw

Players being introudced

Sorry, should have said introduced

Anthem time

Puck is dropped and we're underway

Blight, Faulkner and Max up first

Birbraer with a huge mid ice hit on #18

Hill, Myers, Lord up for the 2nd shift

Bowns save.

Conboy, Ben, Batch out for the next shift

Devils have been in the Hull zone for the last minute and half

Bowns save @ 2:16

#18 for Hull is Mariani

All Devils since the first puck drop

Conboy shot, Bowns down and out but he rings the crossbar

Gametime 4:56

Bowns save from Batch @ 7:15

Great work by Mac but no one in the slot.

Bowns freezes the puck @ 7:15

Bowns is the only object in the way of Devils scoring right now. Standing on his head- He always does this v us!

Birbraer beats three Stingrays but shoots wide

Puck out of play @ 8:24

Text from Keith our Stingrays fan helping with MNL saying this is like a Cardiff team of old.

Devils shooting on sight, lots of chances but no goals yet. Seems like Hull are playing 5 D

Hull icing @ 9:44

Lord ties the Stingrays in knots but Davies loses it in his skates

Devils called for a handpass followed by handbags. Gametime 10:37

Gametime 11:33

Devils pen Plumton 2 mins interference @ 11:31

Stingrays goal

Silverthorn through a screen from Pacha @ 13:05 ppg

Puck out of play @ 13:58

Stingrays goal

Davies from Doucet @ 14:16

Was a long pass from Doucet to setup Davies

Devils slowly getting back into this after a great start

PP for Devils coming up

Stingrays pen 2mins Chilcott Slashing@ 16:25

Devils passing has been poor on the pp

Gametime 17:25

Bowns save @ 18:03

Stingrays FS

Devils offside @ 18:43

Devils icing @ 19:34

Myers save

Hull texter Keith doesn't know how they are two up. We should have scored about 4 or 5.

End of the 1st. Hull Stingrays 2-0 Cardiff Devils

SOG ON Bowns 14 on Myers 4

Scores from around the league, end of the 1st in Edinburgh, Caps 1- 2 Panthers. Fife v Coventry is now a 7:15pm FO due to Fife's bus breaking down. Stars v Steelers is just underway

2:30 left of the period break

Both teams are back on the ice

2nd period underway

PP chance for the Devils coming up

Devils have started the 2nd very well

Stingrays pen Suderman 2mins roughing @ 20:58

Doucet hasn't returned for the 2nd period due to injury

SHG for the Stingrays Campbell

Campbell from Ondrej @ 22:49 SHG

Matt Davies limps off after crashing into the boards

Devils on the PP again

Cloutier 2mins high sticking @ 24:36


Hill from Plumton and Lord @ 25:17 PPG

Myers with the save

Gametime 26:11

Bowns save @ 26:59

Devils look like they're getting back into the flow again but rushed passes

Bowns save @ 28:26

Devils on the PP again

Stingrays pen Silverthorn 2mins Tripping @ 29:06

Now the Devils get the 5 on 3 chance

Stingrays pen Davies 2mins illegal equipment @ 29:22 Recovered quick from his knock it seems

Bowns with a huge save

Birbraer should have buried the puck then

M Myers now off the ice holding his face

Stingrays back to 4

Hull full strength

Lack of updates due to network coverage in the most versatile rink.

Stingrays looking for the long pass again

Seems more teams this year are leaving 1 up on the other teams blue line. Stingrays tried this a few times but thankfully hasn't worked


Beast of a goal from Andrew Lord

Lord from Smith @ 36:38

Back hand into the roof of the net after skating the length of the rink

Devils looking very angry and hitting everything

Devils icing


Blight with a blast from the point

Blight from Plumton @ 37:33

Getting very heated

Gametime 38:13

Stingrays pen 10 misconduct abuse of official@ 38:13


Lord with the go ahead goal

Lord unassisted @ 39:07

End of the 2nd, Hull Stingrays 3-4 Cardiff Devils

Myers with a huge save at the end of the 2nd

SOG on Bowns 18 on Myers 7

Some scores from around the league for you. In the 2nd it's Dundee Stars 2-1 Sheffield Steelers, Edinburgh Capitals 2-4 Nottingham Panthers. Coventry Blaze v Fife Flyers is a 7:45pm FO

Dundee are now 3-1 up

Teams are back out for the 3rd

3rd underway

End to end to start the 3rd but Devils with possession

Devils offside @ 41:00

Conboy levelled but Devils still have the puck

Myers with a big save on the back door chance. Gametime 43:00

Bowns save @ 43:05

Devils pen M Myers 2 mins slashing @ 43:27

Very good PK by all accounts

Stingrays offside @ 45:26

Devils FS

Conboy shoots just wide after a very good shift from him Davies and Batch

Stingrays pen 2mins Lauzon interference @ 46:24

Devils pen Conboy 2mins elbows @ 47:21

All Devils at the moment

Stingrays FS

Stingrays pen Cloutier 2mins hooking @ 48:57

Devils FS and now on the pp

Bowns saves from Faulkner @ 50:02

Devils pen M Myers 2 mins high sticks @ 50:30

Seems a strange call from the texts I've just received

Hull FS

Hull ofside @ 51:53

36seconds left on the PK

Myers covers @ 8:24

Devils pen Ross 2mins interference @ 52:23

Devils back to 4

Devils pen M Myers 2mins charging @ 52:45

Stingrays call a time out

Ref wasn't going to make a call until Hull bench made a fuss- Info from fans at the game

Myers covers. 1minute of 5 on 3 left

Stingrays pen Doucet 2mins slashing @ 54:12

Devils back to 4

21 seconds until pp

Devils fs

Great work on the PP but just short of Myers reach. Stingrays go the other end and Myers covers

Bowns just about keeps the shot out with his pads. Gametime 55:39

Hill slapshot deflected out of play. Gametime 56:04

Hull FS

Bowns save @ 57:02

Bowns with another save @ 57:05

Blight takes a great pass from Birbraer but his shot is deflected into the netting by Bowns

Devils pen Myers 2mins boarding @ 57:36

Questionable call again

Devils pen Marsh 2mins slashing @ 58:50

5 on 3 for 46 seconds

Gametime 59:20

Bowns pulled

Devils back to 4

10 seconds left

Gametime 59:53 and handbags

Derek Campbell has lost it

Campbell trying to take on 2 Devils players

Still waiting for the penalties

Stingrays pen 2 mins holding +2 Campbell Roughing Devils pen Plumton 2mins roughing and 2 mins holding and Lord 2mins roughing @ 59:53

Cloutier going mental as the faceoff is outside the zone

Devils win

Cloutier is still after an explanation as to why the faceoff was outside. Cloutier trying to get to the ref

SOG for the 3rd on Bowns 10 on Myers 6

Devils MOM Lord

MOM for Hull Derek Campbell

A big thank you to our texters at the game tonight, Tom, Gareth-the stub, Rachael Hopley and Keith Martin

Thanks again for joining us on Match Night Live for the game tonight. We will be back next Saturday as the Devils travel to Dundee.

Ger-Devils signing out