Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Braehead Clan

Good evening from the BBT. Warmup underway

First prediction in from Russky Devils to win by 3

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If fans are interested in watching the game, the webcast is available from

Full roster for the Devils, Frank takes Clan up to 15 skaters due to 2 injuries.

Three minutes left for warmup

Sorry for the lack of updates. Warmup is over and ice is ready.

Clive Barton goes for a 3-2 Devils win after OT

Lights are out as we await the teams. Officials now onto the ice. Tom Darnell has the whistle tonight

Devils onto the ice followed by the Clan

Anthem done and awaiting the puck drop

Game underway

Davies Hill and Faulkner

Clan with a chance but cleared and Devils go the other end. Clan NM clears and ices the puck @ 0:21

Lord with a huge hit

Adams down after a stick in the face. Nothing called

Myers, Blight and Birbraer out with Richardson and Plumton

Myers with a tough angle shot, rebound to Blight but a dive across the crease from Clan denies the goal

Gametime 2:25

Hill goes cose

Clan dump the puck and bobbles in front of Blais but cleared

Blais covers @ 4:06

Faulkner break away but denied from a tough angle

Clan offside @ 5:14

Devils offside @ 6:05

Clan offside @ 6:30

Jones save @ 7:24

Jones save @ 7:27

Blais save @ 8:20

Devils icing @ 9:19

Chances either end but nothing to separate the teams yet

Blais with a low save from Goldie @ 9:49

Clan goal

10 from 9 @ 9:54

Clan offside @ 10:43

Conboy floors Aarssen

Davies so close to scoring

Devils offside @ 12:20


Faulkner buries it

Faulkner from M Smith @ 12:53

Blais with a low block and cleared

Gametime 15:10

Carriveau shoots high and wide on the break

Clan icing @ 16:01

Blais puts the puck in the team bench @ 16:55

Myers has a chance from Birbraer pass but saved by Jones.

Gametime 17:14

Blais covers @ 17:48

All that was needed was a back door tap in and Devils would be winning

Clan come the other end and Blais saves at full stretch @ 18:25

Big hit from Adams on Moon

Clan pen 2mins Aarssen boarding @ 19:16

Devils go close

Gametime 19:30

So so close from Faulkner, fans were cheering but Jones keeps it out somehow

End of the 1st Cardiff Devils 1-1 Braehead Clan. 1:16 left on the PP for the Deivls at the start of the 2nd

SOG On Blais 12

Teams back for the 2nd

SOG on Jones 12

2nd underway

Clan fs

Jones save @ 21:20

Jones from Faulkner

Gametime 22:00

Devils icing @ 22:13

Clan icing @ 22:59

Devils close after Jones just about clears the puck

Birbraer goes close. Conboy and Frank are having words

Devils pen Adams 2mins x-checking @ 23:55

Blais catches the deflection @ 24:25

Blais covers @ 24:46

Puck out of play : 24:56

Puck out of play @ 25:29

Devils fs

Lord goes close for the Devils

Clan icing @ 26:21

Devils were getting a PP then Ross ties up with a clan player after a hit in the boards on the delayed pp then frank jumps in both feet off the ice

Clan pen Frank 2mins slashing and 2mins boarding

Devils pen Ross 2mins roughing and bench pen @ 26:57

Jones save from Batch @ 28:14

Jones save @ 28:41

Puck out of play : 28:49. Game has gone flat

Blais save @ 29:13

Devils icing @ 29:49

Blais save @ 30:30

Blais save @ 30:46

Clan pen 2mins Goldie interference @ 31:25

Devils offiside @ 31:45

Blais covers @ 31:54

Clan fs

PP has been very poor

Dead puck behind the clan net. Gametime 34:35

Lord with the tip just wide

Puck out of play : 36:07

Devils offside @ 36:39

Devils offside @ 36:48

Delay in play as Carriveau is after Faulkner. Frank comes in trying to ruffle some feathers but Ross steps in.

Clan pen Carriveau and Devils Faulkner 2mins delay of game for both @ 37:14

Davies goes close after nice work from Birbraer and a Devils pp coming up

Clan pen K Smith 2mins hooking @ 38:03



Lord from Marsh @ 38:37

Gametime 39:30

Faulkner had 2 options to shoot or pass but a sparing dive cut off both

End 2nd Cardiff Devils 2-1 Braehead Clan

SOG On Jones 9

Teams back for the 3rd. NO SOG for the 2nd on blais yet

On Blais 12

3rd underway.

Clan goal

Goldie with the rebound as Blais drops the puck

Goldie from Towe and Haywood @ 40:23

Devils pen Conboy 2mins hooking @ 41:23

Puck out of play @ 41:37

Devils offside @ 42:35

Devils offside @ 42:35

Puck out of play : 42:47

Penalty shot devils


How the hell did he save that? Myers had him beat all day but Jones some how gets up and covers

Devils FS

Conboy leaves the box but now back in straight away.

Check from behind and he's been thrown

Conboy pen 5 + game for check from behind @ 43:38

Watching the replays- doesn't look as bad as they've called

Clan goal

Goldie from 64 and Moon @ 43:47 ppg

64 for clan is Champagne

Jones comes up with a huge save again

Gametime 45:09

Blais with a massive save

Gametime 45:09

64 for clan is Champagne

64 for clan is Champagne

Devils pen Faulkner 2mins hooking @ 46:05

Clan goal

Champagne from Goldie @ 46:41

Still 50 seconds of the pk left

Devils back to 5

Clan icing @ 49:50

Clan pen 2mins Frank roughing Devils pen 2mins Plumton roughing @ 50:16

Jones save and handbags in front of the Clan net

Jones blocker save and out of play

Both teams fs

Clan offside @ 53:05

Clan pen Frank 2mins 53:54

Devils offside @ 55:44

Clan fs

Clan pen Frank 2mins and Devils pen Plumton 2mins roughing @ 57:22

Blais [pulled

Clan icing @ 59:03

Devils timeout

Both teams FS . Devils offside @ 59:26


Richardson FROM blight @ 59:42

SO SO CLOSE THEN to tieing it up.

Final score Cardiff Devils 3-4 Braehead Clan

Clan MOM frank not sure whose picked the mom

Devils mom Davies

That's it from me tonight but join us tomorrow for updates from Hull

Ger-Devils signing out