Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 7 Belfast Giants

Good evening/afternoon Ger-devils just logged in from the rink. Warmup is underway. No LaCosta for the Devils tonight.

Game predictions to

Russky with the first prediciton of the night- Devils win in OT

Warm up done

Hazel in Southend predicts 4-3 win for the Devils

Rich goes for a Devils win 5-4

Jim McShane goes for a Giants win

James from Fife goes for a bloodbath and Giants win 5-2

Just under 10minutes to face off. Any last minute predicitons mail to

Officials on the ice. Dean Smith tonight's ref

Giants on the ice

Devils on the ice

Anthem time

Dease goes for Giants win 6-2

Game underway

Hill with Faulkner and Lord. Smith and Marsh on D

Myers save @ 0:15

Lord shot pushed away

Next out is Blight, Max and Myers. D of Plumton and Richardson

Giants with some good pressure

Giants goal

Giants goal Cheverie from Saurrette @ 1:48

Giants pen 2mins interference Phillips @ 2:01

Giants fs

Murphy save @ 4:09

Scramble in front of the Giants net but cleared

Birbraer shot pushed away by Murphy

Good save and away by Myers

Gametime 6:00

Rebound available for Conboy but denied. Devils bringing the pressure

Devils offside @ 6:37

About 15 Giants fans in the away block

Murphy covers @ 7:14

Myers covers after the dump in @ 7:24

LLoyd with the eblows on Richardson but nothing called. Richardson been helped off the ice

Giants pen Lloyd 2mins charging @ 8:13

Devils go close

Devils offside

Devils so close to scoring there

Giants pen 2mins #6 holding the stick Devils pen M Myers 2mins roughing @ 9:48

Giants back to 5

Devils pen Davies 2mins hooking @ 10:57

Murphy didn't expect that bounce and Devils close to tieing the game up

Devils clear as Saurette gets floored by Ross

Giants thought they scored but in the crease. Myers was flattened

Adams with a huge hit

Devils back to fs

Devils pen Adams 2mins charging @ 13:00

Myers save from Sandrock

Myers save @ 14:53


Keefe and Plumton

Giants pen Keefe and Devils Plumton 5mins fighting @14:57

Devils are back to 5. Just watched the replay back of what started the fight and Keefe with a huge elbow on Plumton

Gametime 15:45

Puck into the Giants bench @ 16:08

Giants icing @ 16:34

Murphy covers @ 17:18

Giants pen Kevin Phillips 2mins delay of game @ 17:46

Gametime 19:15

Giants fs

End 1st Cardiff Devils 0 -1 Belfast Giants

SOG ON Myers 10 Murphy 11

2nd underway

Birbraer so close with the back hand chance

Gametime 21:10

Devils pen 2mins batch hooking @ 22:44

Marsh with some huge checks on the pk

Myers covered @ 23:40

Birbraer with a pass across the crease but no one there to bury it

Giants icing @ 24:31

Devils fs and myers save @ 24:46

Giants goal

Giants goal Elfring from Shields and #12 @ 27:30

Murphy save

Davies goes close



Conboy from Davies and Batch @ 27:19

Faulkner and Lord with huge work on the forecheck. Faulkner with 3 big checks and draws the penalty. Devils pp coming up

Giants pen 2mins Garside hooking @ 28:25

Giants pen Brookwell 2mins slashing @ 29:13


Faulkner assists to follow @ 29:30 ppg

It's all kicked off. Keefe with a big check, Plumton takes offence drops the glove and no choices him. Davey Phillips jumps in as 3rd man. Conboy is in the changing room will update as we get the info

Davey Phillips gone for 3rd man in

Assits were from Blight and Birbraer

Giants offside

Giants pen Sandrock 10 min misconduct abuse of official @ 29:40

Kevin Phillips game misconduct 3rd man in. wasn't Davey

@29:51 Conboy 5 + game for roughing

Myers close for Devils

Giants back to 5.

Murphy with a save which his shoulder and cleared. 3:30 left on Giants pp

Giants goal

Szwez unassisted@ 31:58 ppg

Myers save @ 33:11 1:40 left on the pp for Belfast

Gametime 33:45

Puck out of play @ 34:11

Devils fs

Giants icing @ 35:28

Jones hit the pipes

Batch floors Cheverie

Blight shot is deflected as a last grasp stick denies the chance

Myers save @ 38:43

Gametime 39:40

Faulkner shot padded away by Murphy.

End of 2nd Cardiff Devils 2-3 Belfast Giants

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

SOG for the 2nd on Murphy 8 on Myers 14

Giants icing @ 41:29

Giants pen 2mins Cheverie holding @ 42:06

Murphy save @ 42:51

Giants fs

Murphy save @ 44:10

Murphy save @ 44:29

Keefe gets away with elbows to the head

Giants goal. Higgins

Higgins from Saurette @ 45:35

Keefe hobbles off after a hip check from Ross

Gametime 49:35

Devils call a time out

Murphy save @ 49:08

Giants goal. Keefe

Murphy save @ 51:16

Devils pen Plumton 2mins x-check @ 51:47

Blight chance but pushed wide

Gametime 53:40

Big save Myers @ 53:46

Gametime 55:05

Devils pen 2mins tripping @ Myers @ 55:24

Giants goal

Sandrock with the goal

Sandrock from Cheverie and Saurette @ 55:51 ppg

Puck out of play @ 56:35

Giants pen 2mins Murphy delay of game @ 56:35

Giants goal. Keefe short handed

Devils didn't keep the puck in the Giants zone, Birbraer misses the hit and 3 on 1 breakaway

Keefe from Lloyd SHG

Gametime 58:20

Giants FS

Giants pen 2mins Slashing Sandrock @ 58:52

End of the game Cardiff Devils 2-7 Belfast Giants

Belfast MOM Keefe

Devils mom Marsh

Ger-devils signing out. Join us next Saturday for live coverge of Cardiff Devils v Braehead Clan