Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the Devils first league game of the 2013/4 season.

Join me (OJ) your host from around 6:15

Apologies for beeing late but had to watch the end of the cricket, well done Glamorgan, great win, now the final in Lords in 2 weeks

Ger-Devils has made the long journey ton Kirkcaldy and will be our game reporter tonight.

10 Devils supporters spotted so far

Warmup underway

Fans will be pleaased to hear that Daniel LaCosta is in net

Cannot access your score predictions which is not a surprise as I had to invest in a total new system after a major PC crash this summer

Mark call it 5-3 to Devils (by text)

If you are online Chris S give me a call

Wilson has the whistle

8 minutes of warmup remains

Final 3 minutes of warmup

Ruth calls it 2-1 Devils

I am still trying to sort out the emails - honest

Warm up done and dusted

Harding & Ferrara are not icing as they are with their EPL teams

Matt Nickerson icing for Flyers - he arrived this morning

Devils fans count now stands at 14

if any of you in Fife are following us on MNL let me know, Geraint has the MNL number

Ice is ready

both teams are on the ice

Ice is ready

Game starts

Flyers icing @ 0:45

Gametime 1:40

Devils icing @1:49

Batch shoots wide

Still waiting for the first goal of the EIHL season

Play stopped @ 3:16 for some unknown reason

Good block by Plumton

Devils penalty @ 3:38 - Birbraer - interference

Flyers goal

PPG @ 4:04 scored by Hartuns assist Dacosta

Devils shot saved @ 4:50

Marsh goes close

Nice play by Faulkner and Lord

Save Flyers @ 5:59

Harung was the scorer for Flyers 2nd assist to Reber

Flyers penalty coming

Nickerson roughing minor @ 6:43

Conboy goes close

Net off its mooring game stopped but not the clock

game restarts

Now Devils net off its moorings

Flyers net off again

16 secs of pp left

Flyers back to full strength (FS)

Puck out of play in Flyers zone @ 8:48

Devils icing @9:20

Flyers net off again @ 10:11

No moorings by all accounts

No moorings by all accounts

They are trying to sort out the nets

Linesmen trying to fix the moorings on Flyers net

Hope Ger-Devils hasn't gone to sleep or worse still gone to the bar

Steelers winning 3-1 at Coventry

Game finally restarts

Devils offside @ 10:19

Lord chance denied by a low flying Fife D man

Plumton shot saved @ 10:47

Flyers net off again for the 6th time

Panthers winning 3-1 at home to Hull

Game on

Conboy shot rebounds and he ends up in net

@ 13:17

Needless to say net dislodged

puck out of play @ 14:58

Batch shot saved @ 14:50

Puck out of play @ 15:01

Davies shot saved @ 15:29

Lord shoots high

dead puck @ 16:14

The excitement killed him

Flyers offside @ 17:23

Nice interplay by Davies & Conboy sees Devils go close to opening their account

Regan in Flyers net covers @ 18:32

Nickerson takes a heavy check

Fight Nickerson & Lord

Nickerson goaded Lord who wanted none of it, Nickerson then x-checks Lord, then slashed Lord who was down on ice


Nickerson got holding minor and a Match penalty, Lord - holding minor

Birbraer scores Devils opener

@ 19:11 PPG

Devils go close

End of 1st period Flyers 1 DEVILS 1

Handbags at buzzer, Flyers trying to rough up the younger Devils

Max goal was un-assisted

devils will start 2nd period with 4:11 pp

Finally got into ypur prediction, Russky suggests a comfortable win for Devils

Gareth goes for a 4-3 win for Devils of course

Kirsty F calls it 6-4 - RED ARMY

Neil F is more confident 5-2 he says

Carl in glorious Carmarthenshire predicts a 6-2 win for the Devils

Sorry for that error my finger slipped and I gave the Flyers an extra goal

Antoinette calls it 4-2 Devils with Matt Myers bagging a brace

Kevan Batch sees the Devil squeezing a 4-3 win

Allen W the eternal optimisdt calls it 8-3 for the Devils - that would do nicely

Flyers fans think that Nickerson's visit to these shores will be short

Teams return to the ice

SoG for 1st period Fife 3 DEVILS 22

Correction Fife 23 Devils 4

Penalties called at 20:00 Devils - Davies, Flyers - DaCosts both called for roughing

2nd period starts


Plumton scores Devils 2nd goal

Assists Blight & Hill a PPG @ 21:32



Assists Plumton & Lord a PPG @ 21:55

Save Regan @ 22:32

Devils still on PP

Flyers return to FS

Puck out of play @ 23:53

Devils offside @ 24:10

Marsh shot saved

Conboy shot saved @ 24:37

Birbraer floors Gunn

Flyers offside @ 25:13

Issue with ice stops game

Some more pre game predictions - Paul goes for a 4-3 Devils win

Game restarts

Howard & Katie predict a 6-3 Devils victory

Devils offside @ 25:35

Thats it for predictions late ones don't count

Hill shot deflected wide after a 2 on 1

Piggott shot covered @ 26:38

Regan covers again

Flyers net off its moorings as Conboy crashes the net

Backhand shot by Davies goes wide

Devils shot deflected wide

No lack of shooting for this Devils outfit - keep it up

Batch goes close TWICE

Bury that biscuit Josh

Flyers penalty @ 31:03 - DaCosta - holding

Richardson goes close

Devils wander offside @ 31:50

Lets have a 4th PPG U DEVILS

Faulkner shot deflected

Lineman misses a Devils offside

Flyers return to FS

BIrbraer goes close

Flyers Horne injured as he got in the way of Max's follow through on shot

Blood being cleared

Horne attempted block was too near the shooter hence hit by stick

Game restarts

Batch floors Scoon

Devils offside @ 34:45

Flyers offside

REgan covers @ 35:00

Blight shot deflected

Batch floors Wands

Flyers icing @ 37:16

Faulkner goes mighty close

Gametime 38:01

Regan pad save from Blight

LaCosta run again

Flyers goal

LaCosta is down on the ice

Flyers 2nd goal @ 38:44 scored by #19 assist Fulton

Doesn't look good for LaCosta

Ref whistles for an early break

Time will be added to 3rd period

Roehl scored Flyers 2nd goal

Daniel LaCosta was able to skate off - assisted

Teams are back 1:14 left of 2nd period

3rd period starts

Joe Myers in Devils net

M Myers goes close

End of 2nd period Flyers 2 DEVILS 3

3rd period starts

Regan save @ 40:08


Ben Davies scores

@41;04 assist Batch

Faulkner goes close

Lord goes close after Flyers turnedover

Regan saves a Blight backhand shot @ 42:15

Devils go close again as they look for that 5th goal

Devils penalty @ 42:57 - Birbraer - hooking


Shot deflected onto Myers helmet - game stopped

Good PK so far

Devils return to FS

Conboy shot saved @ 45:29

Puck driven across Flyers crease nobody can touch it

Flyers go up other end and go close

Gametime 46:15

Myers save @ 46:19

Myers covers @ 46:47

No SoG details for 2nd period yet

Plumton dives to clear puck

gametime 48:15

Myers covers @ 48:19

Gametime 49;07

Myers save @ 50:22

MNL will attempt to get update on Daniel LaCosta at end of game

Devils icing @ 50:49

Myers save @ 51:04

Devils penalty Ross - Hooking @ 51:03


Big save Myers @ 51:56

Devils have iced their full bench tonight

Devils back to FS

Gametime 53:45

Myers save @ 53:57

Gametime 54:35

Gametime 55:15 as Lord shoots wide

Myers save @ 55:43


Lord from Faulkner

Lord tipped the biscuit into the net

2nd assist Marsh, goal timed @ 56:07

Gametime 57:00

Gametime 57:20

Smith goes close then Myers shoots just wide

Flyers icing @ 57:34 after the Devils had set up camp in Flyers zone

Regan save @ 57:55

Last 2 minutes

Puck out of play @ 58:12

Gametime 58:30

Devils are still goal hungry as they go close again

Flyers icing @ 59:01

Devils net off @59:25

Last 10 seconds

Final score Flyers 2 DEVILS 5

Good start to league campaign


Our roving reporter (Ger-Devils to you and me) is seeking updates on Daniel LaCosta

Flyers MoM - netminder - KEVIN REGAN

No news forthcoming from Kirkcaldy I am sure the Clib will let us now ASAP

Our thanks to Ger_Devils for his efforts, join him tomorrow night as he hosts MNL from the BBT when the Giants visit Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me OJ until the next time