Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Good evening live from the BBT. Updates from the DJ Booth. Ger-Devils hosting for tonight's games.

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Wamup underway. Myers in net for the Devils. Unamed back up for the Devils. Hopefully some info on Lacosta during the game

First prediction from Russky Devils to win by two goals.

Dean Watkins goes for a Blaze 4-2 win.

Warm up over

Hazel goes for a Devils 3-2 win

Small crowd in in the rink at the moment. For those at home, the webcast is available on

Officials are on the ice. Dean Smith is tonight's ref

Devils onto the ice

Followed shortly by the Coventry Blaze.

I've spotted 4 Coventry fans so far

Devils now being introduced

Luke Takel from the NIHL 1 Devils is tonight's back up

Faulkner ices for the Devils

Anthem time

Seems a bit of delay on updates coming through. We will try and sort this asap

Puck dropped and we're underway

Myers with Birbraer and Blight, D Plumton and Ross

Marsh on Smith out with Hill Faulkner and Lord. Save from Zacharias @ 0:30

We have a break in play due to an issue with one of the doors due to a big hit.

Back underway

Devils go close

Puck out of play @ 0:49


Marsh and Olson

Sorry was Harvey. Marsh with the win. Harvey bleeding from the nose

Was a bad hit that lead to the fight. Waiting for the highlights to confirm. Awaiting penalties

Blaze pen Harvey 2mins charging 5 mins fiighting Erickson 2 mins slashing @ 1:10 Devils pen Marsh 5mins fighting


Devils goal Davies from Hill @ 3:04 ppg

Back to 5 on 5

Save Myers @ 3:50

Faulkner pass infront but no one there to finish it

Batch with a break down the wing but Zacharias saves @ 5:11

Zacharias save @ 5:37

Myers save @ 5:53

Myers save @ 6:04

Puck into the bench @ 6:44

Devils offside @ 7:14

Turnover and Blaze bury it. Backhanded on the sprawled Myers

Blaze goal A Henrich unassited@ 8:01


Lord with the goal

Lord from Faulkner and Hill @ 8:12

Devils icing

Blaze pen Erickson 2mins delay of game @ 8:46


Davies from Richardson and M Myers PPG @ 9:19

Blaze pen Ginand 2mins delay of game @ 11:06

Zacharias covers after a scramble in front @ 11:38

Lots of Devils pressure

Blaze FS

Good block by J Myers and clearance. Davies goes close

Gametime 13:15

Marsh wearing the #18 blood shirt. Both him and Harvey were cut.

Myers svae @ 15:43

Devils offside @ 16:18

Stoppage in play @ 16:56. Back underway

Big hit from Adams to Harvey

C Jones checked from behind but no call

Marsh floors Harvey. Chants of gone by christmas for Harvey

Birbraer goes close

Faulkner goes close

Gametime 19:00

C Jones goes close twice. Gametime 19:54

End 1st Cardiff Devils 3-1 Coventry Blaze

Now around 15 Blaze fans spotted

Teams back on the ice

2nd underway

Zacharias covers @ 20:15

Faulkner pass in side to Lord goes just wide

Same pass again just ouch of Lord's reach in front of the net

Zacharias covers from Blight point shot @ 21:30

Awaiting shots on goal

Myers save @ 22:37

Myers save @ 22:40

Devils offside @ 23:20

A Henrich shoots wide

Myers save @ 24:13

Puck out of play @ 24:17

M Henrich denies M Smith the chance to bury the puck with a good poke check. Blaze go the other end and Myers save @ 24:36

Zacharias save from Lord @ 24:57


Lord with his second

Lord from Piggott and Quiney @ 25:21

Devils pen Adams tripping 2mins @ 25:28


Blight short handed after a lovely pass from M Myers

Blight from M Myers SHG @ 26:02

Devils back to FS

Birbraer goes close

Olson with a high elbow to Richardson but not called

Devils pen Lord 2mins slashing @ 29:14

Blaze pen Cowley 2mins hooking @ 29:53

Bad hit on Marsh - Not called

Marsh with a huge hit on Olson

Devils back to FS

Lots of praise for M Myers already

Blood being cleared

Back underway

Nice work from Blight, Myers and Davies but denied. Blaze FS

Myers save @ 32:08

Shot from the point almost tipped in

Nice work by Faulkner again but Quiney over skated the puck

Gametime 36:53

Myers save

Blaze goal

Blaze goal Ginand @ 37:16

Myers covers @ 38:26

Zacharias covers after Davies shot is wide @ 38:39

Birbraer goes close



Birbraer from @ Myers and Blight @ 39:08

End the 2nd period Cardiff Devils 6-2 Coventry Blaze

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd Underway

Shots on goal for the 1st Myers 9 Zacharias 22 2nd period Myers 8 Zacharias 15

Blaze pen 2mins White hooking @ 40:59

Myers save @ 42:52

Blaze FS

Blaze pen Olson 2mins boarding@ 44:18

Blaze offside

Blaze FS

Harvey has some anger management issues with the officials. Some colourful language used in front of us

Olson goes after CJ trying to chuck him into the Blaze bench but Olson goes into there himself.

Marsh shot saved by Zacharias @ 48:26

Lots of Devils pressure

Gametime 50:20

Blaze haven't really setup in the Devils zone all night

Puck out of play @ 52:12

Myers save @ 53:07

Skillful play from A Henrich but Marsh up to it and puck cleared

Blaze pen 2mins Ginand delay of game @ 54:59

Devils offside @ 56:06

Blaze fs

Puck out of play @ 57:04


Puck out of play

Hill from Lord and M Smith @ 57:38

Final 2 minutes of the game

Myers save @ 58:36

Blaze goal

Blaze goal Ginand from Venus @ 58:54

Puck out of play @ 59:51

End of the game Cardiff Devils 7- 3 Coventry Blaze

Blaze MOM Ginand

Devils MOM Andrew Lord

That's it from Match Night Live for tonight. Join us Saturday for Live coverage as the Devils travel to Fife. Ger-Devils signing out.