Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the eagerly awaited game against the Steelers its OJ on duty this evening

I have just had my first text saying that my texters are just about to leave the pub, should I be worried

Lets hope we enjoy the same success tonight as that unforgettable game against the Steelers on 24 April 1994

Amazingly there are two Devils playing tonight who also played in the 1994 epic

If you have memories of that game let me know by e-mailing

Texters have arrived and reported loads of Devils fans

Texters have arrived and reported loads of Devils fans

There must be someone out there who was at that game in 1994

Hartwick spotted warming up

We are getting ready to rumble

We are getting ready to rumble

Any ideas on who we want as referee, it wont be Boniface or Darnell since they are engaged elsewhere

No Sue not to each other

I'm hoping the server can keep up with MNL tonight as I think its gtoing to be hectic

Rumour has it that the Devils pp has had a major service in the last 24 hours

Bookmakers have first penalty at 10-15 seconds

That is not a Devils record as I can recall John Burnicle getting a penalty at Romford during warm-up

Jacks are winning 1-0 at Burnley, so maybe they do love t6he Bluebirds after all

Not many Steelers fans in tonight

Ice has been Zambonied, Devils fans in fine voice

Steelers fans quiet

That famous Steelers supporter Andy Carson is referee

Devils take to the ice

Remember I want to hear from you out there

Steelers take to the ice, welcomed by Devils chanting

Around 150 Devils fans in Steel City

Panthers fans has voiced their support for the cause

Devils starting line of Prpich, Silverthorn & Towe

We are off

Steelers ice puck @ 1:07

Jacks now 2-0

Hartwick confirmed as icing

Steelers under pressure ice puck @ 2:39

Nothing to get too excited over yet

Latulippe skating rings round everyone

5 minutes gone

Aubry finally into game with a savbe @ 6:04

Devils ice puck to releive pressure @ 6:16

Devils icing @ 7:14 - messed up breakout

Devils penalty @ 7:43 MacIver slashing

Devils penalty killing good so far

Penalty killed

10 minutes gone

Devils player in crease @ 10:29

Devils playing well by all accounts

Devils penalty @ 11:30 Latulippe interference

Half way through penalty kill

Devils have had a couple of shorthanded breakaways

Penalty killed

Cowmeadow shot deflected wide

Steelers Goal @ 14:49 on a breakaway

Steelers goal scored by Sheppard, assist Talbot

16 minutes gone

Steelers targetting Voth

Devils penalty @ 16:28 MacIver high sticks

Puck not left Devils end

18 minutes gone

Puck finally out of Devils zone after 90secs of penalty

Penalty killed

Aubry save @ 19:35

Carson not calling anything, well anything against Steelers


Penalties @ 19:12 Voth (D) x-checking; Legue (S) roughing

End of 1st period Sheffield 1 DEVILS 0

SoG Steelers 8: Devils 5

2nd period will start with 1:12 of 4 on 4

Devils you can do, especially as the whole of Nottingham and Belfast have become Welsh for the night

I am surprised that only Kim in Nottingham agrees with me that the game in April 1994 was a game and a half

Keith, its not only cold in Aber its freezing in Cardiff

Big thanks to the Jacks (2 - 0 winners at Burnley) from football starved Bluebirds fans

Blues are winning 3 - 0 at Leinster, (2 farthings penalty)

Please welcome the teams back onto the ice

"nd period underway

Rhodri reports good atmosphere at Sheffield

Both teams return to full strength

Devils seem to have up the tempo

Lehman saves @ 21:47

Aubry save @ 22:05

Aubry foils a Steelers breakaway @ 22:20

Steelers penalty @ 22:49 Phillips hooking

Finnerty taking a lot of stick from the Devils fans

DEvils hit pipes @ 23:47

Lehman save @24:22

Devils GOAL

Devils Goal @ 24:34 scored by Vothy, assists Teplitsky, Silverthorn

Steelers Penalty @ 24:54 Munn 2+10 check to the head

Dowd serving 2 minutes minor

Aubry makes spectacular save, well done that man

Lehman save @ 25:28

Lehman save @ 25:28

Devils goal was a ppg, so that service did do some good

More handbags @ 25:53

Steelers back to full strength

Aubry foils a 3 on 1 @ 27:01

GB under 20s lose first game 2-3

28 minutes gone and we have some poor passing from Devils

Aubry making huge save after save

Steelers Goal @ 28:33 scored by Legue, assists Talbot & Dagenais

Devils pressing lose possession in Steelers end and can't recover in time

Steelers keep putting puck over glass and their mate Carson does nothing

Steelers ice puck @ 31:14

Steelers penalty @ 32:25 Basiuk delay of game

Maybe Carson watches MNL when on ice

Devils Goal

Devils ppg @ 31:14

Devils goal scored by Latulippe, assists Voth & Teplitsky

Devils 3rd goal scored by Jarvis assists Towe & Prpich

Devils Penalty @ 33:02 Hill hooking

Devils penalty @ 33:35 Prpich tripping

Not sure of time of 3rd Devils goal, possibly 32:12

Aubry save @ 35:02

Hill penalty killed

Prpich penalty killed

Devils back to full strength

DEevils offside @ 36:04

Lehman save @ 37:07

Devils better than Steelers say texters, they might be biased though

38 minutes gone and Devils putting Steelers under massive pressure

Devils penalty @ 38:08 Voth - hooking

Steelers hit puck over glass again @ 38:44

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 3

Just to recap DEVILS goals in 2nd period from Voth: Latiluppe: Jarvis

Come on u Devils just 20 more miles to go

Brilliant period for the Devils with some spectacular saves by Aubry

Aberystwyth Devils fans out in force tonight, Sue wants a well deserved Devils win

For those of you who were not there April 1994 DEVILS 12 Steelers 1 British Champioship Final @ Wembley

2nd Devils goal @ 31:44; 3rd Devils Goal @ 32:34

Sorry for the errors but it was rather hectic, texts coming from all directions

The Final goal at Wembley scored by the Welsh line Townsend from Francis & Carson

3rd period underway

8 secs of pk

Devils at full strength

Steelers goal @ 40:59

Defensive failure

Steelers 3rd goal scored by Cruikshank, assists Phillips & Finnerty

Penalties @ 41:46 Voth (D) - holding: Phillips (S) - interference

Phillips drew a penalty on Voth, Voth is innocent

Steelers shoot high & wide @ 43:11

Aubry save @ 43:27

Both teams return to full strength

46 minutes gone

Devils passing still dodgy

Lehman saves a rocket shot from Cowmeadow @ 45:04

Aubry called upon to make a save @ 45:46

47 minutes gone, its end to end at the moment

48 mins gone, big hits from both teams

Aubry save @ 48:22

Steelers Penalty @ 49:41 Dagenais - holding

Now then Devils pp lets be having you

50 minutes gone still open game

Dagenais penalty was for holding the stick. apologies

Carson stops play and ordsers re-start outside Steelers zone

Steelers kill penalty

52 minutes gone

Devils are giving Steelers too many chances

53 minutes gone

Lots of chances all round, poor finishing

Aubry save @ 53:44

54 minutes gone

Devils ice puck @ 54:36

Aberystwyth RED ARMY want a goal from you DEVILS

So does the lone fan in Plymouth

55 minutes gone

By all accounts we are having more of the play but can't finish

Devils defence corps giving Steelers too much room

57 minutes gone

Aubry saves @ 57:26

Devils penalty @ 57:26 Jarvis - roughing

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Devils kill penalty

End of 3rd period Stellers 3 DEVILS 3

Its overtime

Devils almost pinched at the death with a 3 on 1 chance

O/T starts

Aubry saves from Steeler breakaway @ 60:31

61 minutes gone

Devils ice puck @ 61:45 after another dodgy pass

62 minutes gone

Voth floors Basiuk

63 minutes gone

Texters tell me Devils are doing their best to lose this game

Come on u Devils give us a goal

Aubry loses his gove @ 63:26

Aubry saves @ 63:30

64 minutes gone

Aubry saves @ 64:23

Aubry saves @ 64:54

Face off in Devils end with 6 secs left

End of O/T

Penalties here we come

Best overtime period for a longtime




LEGUE misses

Voth scores

Talbot misses

Devils WIN

Seeking clarification on penalties

Devils Mom Teplitsky

Steelers MOM Sheppard

Devils took 1st penalty Teplitsky scores, Stellers miss, Silverthorn misses, Steelers misses, Voth scores

Thats what I think happenned

Thats what I think happenned

Correction on Steelers MoM they now say Lehman, the excitement has got to the texters

DEVILS WIN that what counts

Devils out shot 33-24

Big thanks to Chris & Dylan my texters

Also a big thank you to all those Devils fans who made the trip up North, have a safe journey home

I know have the definitive penalty situation my texters tell me that the Devils penalties went Teplitsky scores, Voth scores, Silverthorn misses; Steelers Legue scores, Phillips misses, Talbot misses

Thats it for tonite making sure to join me for Sundays home game - Nott Simpson signing off