Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

I've taken over from Geraint for the first 45minutes as he's still in work, so any predictions or if you just want to have a moan at me, send them to

Oops, look like I broke the system! Everyone hit ctrl+f5 :E

It's been a long summer, but finally the hockey is back! From looking at the forums and twitter it looked like a decent crowd heading up to the Skydome

Don't forget that there is a webcast running for tonights game as well, the Blaze usually do a good job with their commentating and camera work...

First prediction of the night is in... Kirsty says it's going to be a 1-4 Devils victory :D

I'm still here!

Another couple of predictions are in (it's a slow night)...

Simon predicting a Devils victory as well, this time 1-3 \o/

And secondly Antionette with another Devils victory, this time 2-3 :)

Looking at last seasons exhibition games against the Blaze, we won the home leg 2-1 and drew the away leg 2-2

We'll ignore the result from the 2011/2012 season :P

Back to the mega season of 2010/2011 we lost the home leg 2-4, but won the away leg 2-3!

All that probably proves is that preseason games mean absolutely nothing...

We broke 80,000 viewers for last seasons MNL, hopefully we'll be close to or even top that this season...

Another prediction in, this one from Simon P says the Devils to win 2-4 :D

To answer your question Richard, I assume the commentary is provided on the webcast, other than paying for the Blaze one I don't think there's any other choice

Carl predicting a 3-4 Devils victory tonight :D I'm just a little bit excited hockey is back as well

Word from the Skydome is that Richardson and Birbraer are wearing the A's tonight, no captain spotted

Richard predicting a 2-5 Devils victory \o/

Good question Simon, but i'm not sure there will be any fights tonight. Preseason games against the Blaze have usually been fairly quiet, even last seasons I think?

Kate is predicting a Devils 2-5 victory \o/

We'll do our best to cover who's on which line Kate, but it really depends on how many texters we have for tonight and whether we can suss it out. Some preseason games the lines are all over the shop!

Faulkner is not icing tonight, i'm not entirely sure why but it was mentioned in the Echo article today -

Time for me to log out and Ger to take over...

Blaze intro still going.

Thanks to Chris for covering while I travelled home from work. Still awaiting a text to say the puck has dropped

100 or so Devils fans have made the trip to the skydome

Devils starting with Blight Myers Birbraer, Richardson and Ross on D

The puck has dropped and the new season is underway

Piggott, Hill. Lord, Marsh and Smith on D

LaCosta save @ 1:05

Conboy making himself known to the Blaze players with 2 solid checks

Conboy Davies Batch out next

Followed up by Jones Harding Quiney

Myers missing a good chance. Even game so far

Maxi with a big hit on an unknown Blaze player

LaCosta save @ 3:20

Zacharias save @ 3:37

Adam Ross looks confident on the puck


Plumton v Harvey.

Great scrap, Harvey with a nasty cut around the eye

Timed @ 3:39. Devils Pen Plumpton and Blaze Pen Harvey 5mins for fighting

Richardson floors Venus at the Blaze blueline

Good Devils offensive pressure followed up by Conboy flooring Griffin

LaCosta save @ 5:50

Delay in the game due to blood on the ice.

Harvey is now back after going to the dressing room

Game back underway

Birbraer shot just wide

Myers with a good check

Richardson goes coast to coast and a good stop on the rebound from a Myers follow up

Devils the better so far. LaCosta save @ 6:54

Piggott throwing his weight about

Good save from LaCosta @ 8:09

Devils offside @ 8:53

Harvey and Plumton out of the penalty box

Myers goes very close with Zacharias in no mans land

Another easy save for LaCosta @ 10:41

Devils pen Ross 2mins for hooking @10:44

One text we missed earlier- Conboy nails Olsen.

PK very good so far from the Devils

1 minute of the PK gone

Lacosta covers @ 11:51

Devils back to Full strength

Myers goes close again

Batch nails Selby

Great forechecking from Batch, Davies and Conboy

Ferrara is getting his 1st shift of the game.

Plumton is out there despite Coventry fans saying he's not. He's wearing #18 as his shirt is covered in Harvey's blood

Blaze offside @ 15:39

Marsh shot saved @ 15:48

High sticks in Blaze zone @: 15:55. FO still in Blaze zone

1st bit of real Blaze pressure but puck out of play @: 16:47

Good save from Zacharias from Lord @ 16:57

So far so good from the Devils. LaCosta save from Henrich @ 17:25

Griffin with a good check on Davies

Final minute of the first period

A Henrich goes close for the Blaze. LaCosta covers @ 19:25

End of the first Coventry Blaze 0-0 Cardiff Devils

Blaze had a 2 on 1 in the last 20 seconds of the period but good work cut it out

Some news from Gerad Adams testimonial game. The update is from G's Facebook page : Testimonial game will be on Tuesday 25th February 2014! Exciting plans and lots of fun will be had. Great guys coming in too! Names will be announced over the next few months.

Updates from fans at the game. Lord is impressing not just the forecheck but his all round game. Looks similar to Myers apparently. LaCosta is having a good game, not giving any rebounds. The only thing missing from the period was a goal. Devils had the better scoring chances but both goalies looking solid.

A late prediction from Lanzarote. Gerald and Sarah showing off with their beers by the beach think a Devils win 3-2

Teams are back out for the 2nd period

Back underway

Tyson with a good hit then Blaze put the puck out of play in the Devils zone @ 20:22

Scramble infront of Zacharias net @ 21:23

Puck out of play in Blaze zone @ 22:00

Confirmed as Darnell is the ref

Late prediction of Devils to win 5-3 from Hazel in Southend

Blaze pen Bruce 2 mins hooking @ 22:19

PP setup Blight Myers Birbraer, Conboy and Richardson on D

Devils offside 22:38

Birbraer is on the point for the Devils PP. This was mentioned when he signed

Nice passing from the Devils before the shot is deflected out @23:16

Hill, Davies, Lord and Plumton and Tyson out for 2nd PP unit

Good Devils passing but PP now over

Gametime 24:38.

Shirts are looking good, powerplay looking good

Devils pen 2mins Ross Tripping @ 24:44

Zacharias save from Myers Short handed chance

Good save from LaCosta @ 25:42

Blight 1 on 1 chance with Zacharias is saved

LaCosta saved @ 26:20

Devils back to full strength

Blaze pen 2mind hooking A Henrich @ 27:23

Conboy sitting infront of the net on the PP

Zacharias save @ 28:06

Blaze dump the puck on Lacosta who covers @ 28:14 1:10 left on the PP

Blaze back to Full strength

LaCosta with a big save from a 2 on 0 chance@ 29:38

Chance came from A Henrich leaving the box but LaCosta slides and makes the pad save

Game is very much end to end

Good defensive work from M Smith preventing A Henrich chance. Blaze having their best spell so far

Devils icing @ 30:34

Zacharias covers @ 31:08

Devils should have scored. A mad scramble in the Blaze net but they get a PP chance

Blaze pen 2mins White Hooking @ 31:45

Plumton shot is saved easy by Zacharias @ 32:05. Both teams PK has been very good tonight

32 seconds left on the PP

Blaze back to full strength


Lord with the goal

Lord from @ 34:11 Waiting on assists

Coventry tie the game up straight away

A Henrich goes coast to coast. Unassisted : 34:19

Blaze now have a penalty shot

LaCosta denies Henrich. Still 1-1

Conboy chance but misses the one timer

The penalty shot came from a trip from a diving M Smith

Plumton had a chance to score but shoots wide

Gametime 38:30

Adams goes close after good forechecking from Batch

Blaze pen 2mins Tanaka tripping @ 39:49

Devils player falls on Zacharias and handbags- Nothing from it

End of the second period. Coventry Blaze 1-1 Cardiff Devils. Devils will have 1:49 on the pp to start the 3rd

At the end of the 2nd, Ginand goes into LaCosta, Plumpton giving him the facewash treatment on the floor. Olson drops the gloves and tries to get at Plumton and Marsh. Plumton seemed up for the challenge of fighting Olson

Seems Plumton did give Olson a few punches

3rd now underway

Olson and Plumton get 2mins for roughing at the end of the second

Puck deflected out of play. @ 40:10

Darnell blows the whistle as he loses sight of the shot from Lord

Blaze back to FS

Hill goes close after good work from Davies

Hill goes close after good work from Davies

Blaze pen 2mins Griffin Elbows @ 42:43


Conboy jumps Olson after Olson cross checks Myers into the boards @ 43:08

Awaiting penalties. And info on the fight

Conboy not one to let Blaze target any of the Devils stepping up. Nothing fight in the end

Blaze pen 2mins boarding

Conboy had 2 + 10 misconduct

This was timed @ 43:08

14 seconds left of the Griffin penalty

Seems Darnell bottled a big call. Olson fight strap wasn't sorted either.

Blaze back to full strength

Olson back on the ice

Devils pen M Smith hooking @ 45:40

A Henrich looks very good for the Blaze.

Myers with great with on the PK. 40 seconds left to kill

Blaze score @ 47:07 from a scramble. PPG

Venus from A Henrich and Tait @ 47:22 ppg

Myers, Blight and Birbraer causing Blaze D some problems

All gone quiet at the moment

Gametime 51:00

Blaze pen Kallstrom 2mins roughing @ 51:57

Josh with a good check on Olson

Zacharias just about keeps out Myers shot

Blaze FS

Gametime 54:00

M Henrich scores after being 1 on 1 with LaCosta @ 54:30 Zacharias with the assist

Devils pen 2mins hooking @ 55:21

Blaze offside @ 55:54

Devils offside @ 56:17

Few chances for Devils on the pk

Devils back to full strength

Puck out of play. Gametime 57:42

Zacharias saves from Richardson @ 58:02

Plumton misses a good chance after good work from Davies and Batch

Final minute of the game

Conboy and Batch throwing their weight about

End of the game Coventry Blaze 3-1 Cardiff Devils

Despite the scoreline - Only pre season, Devils looked very good after having 2 training sessions as a full team.

Devils MOM Andrew Lord

Blaze MOM Adam Henrich

A big thank you to our texters in Coventry tonight Adam Temme, Tony Temme, Gaggsy, Jon Wildthing, David Elson, Jamie Condon. Safe trip back to all the Devils fans tonight.

Join us again on Saturday as we bring you live coverage of Cardiff Devils v EIS Esbjerg

Face off 7:30pm. Thanks for joining us on MNL, Ger-Devils signing out.