Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 11 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for the final time this season as we cover the Championship 3rd place game between the Devils and the Coventry Blaze

This game known as the Game of Doom or Gloom will most certainly be played in front of two very hung over group of fans.

Hopefully we will have our usual gng of texters but it is too early to rouse them yet.

Score predfictions or any comments you want to make can be sent to

Join me (OJ) from around 11:15 for coverage

Roll call of texters ongoing

Ger-Devils & Gerald reported in. No sign of Rachael or JohnWildthing yet

At least with a 12 noon face off the pubs arn't open before the game

How serious the two team treat this non event game is questionable

Warmup underway

Sam J predicts a 6-5 win for Devils

Devils in White Blaze in Blue

Josh Batch on the bench with Franny

Mark Gough thinks it will be a pantomine

He still has Devils winning 8-6

Warmup ends

Whitley gives his stick to a young Devils fan, Stewards promptly confisgated it, hopefully until end of game

Hardly any Giants or Panthers fans in NIC , good turnout by others

Wilson is referee

Devils take to the ice

Blaze also on ice

No Phil Hill for Devils

Davies Gimblett & Jones start

Puck is dropped

Blight goes close

Whitley save @ 1;27

From Henrich that was

Danette & Kevin Macrae calls it 3-2 Devils

They are up early in Cape Breton

Limited contact so far


Blight the scorer

@ 4:05

Assists Birbraer & Macrae

Chris Hart takes a shift

Piggott goes close

Hirsch glove save from the Doctor @ 6:09

Now CJ Chris Jones goes close

Non contact totally pointless game says JohnWildthing

Bayrack fires a shot high @ 8;02

Whitley saves from G Leeb

Blaze Goal

@ 8:56 - G Leeb the scorer

Assist Campbell


Dr PIGGOTT scores

@ 9;41

Assists Harding & Quiney

Blaze Goal

Guthrie @ 10:02

Assists Bruce & Cameron

Blaze goal @ 10:44 - Henrich

Assists Guthrie & Bruce


Blight @ 11:54

Assist Adams

Whitley pad save

Game played at a fast pace but very limited contact

No sign of Olson on ice yet

Blaze Goal - Cameron @ 13:28

Hart getting a regular shift

I wonder if Hart & Quiney will travel to Romford to plat tonight in the 2nd leg of NIHL Devils play off, they played in Cardiff last night

CJ is qualified to play as well

Birbraer blueline shot deflected wide

Harding breakaway - he shoots wide

Blaze Goal

Campbell @ 17:11

Hirsch glove save @ 18:10

Puck out of play @18:23

I agree with Gareth Davies this is pointless, they should have put on a junior or u18 game

Last minute

Blight denied by Hirsch

** NIHL Devils won 6-4 last night

Gone quiet

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Blaze 5

Both teams return to the ice

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 17 Blaze 13

oe Myers in net for Devils at start of 2nd period

Off we go

Davies shoots left

Declan Ryan replaces Hirsch in Blaze net

Blaze goal

@ 21:55

Guthrie assists Henrich & Cameron

Mark Gough suggest the DEVILS WAGS play

Game has gone even flatter

myers save @ 23:14

I'm told Blaze netminder is Goss

NIC is around 80% full which is a surprise

Devils seem to have given up, sloppy line changes no urgency

Its been a hard season, who can blame them

On behalf of all of us at MNL thank you for all your kind comments about our unique MNL service

Devils 3 man breakaway comes to nothing

Big scramble in front of Myers who final gets hold of the biscuit

Blaze Goal

Devils have no defence

Devils fans not happy and some are leaving

Awaiting confirmation that Blaze have scored a 7th goal

Mark Smith hurt & bleeding


At 30:26

Blaze did score a 7th no details sorry

Assist Macrae on Devils 4th goal

Adams shot saved

Henrich scored Blaze 7th @ 28:49

Assits Cameron & Guthrie

Gimblett fires straight at netminder @ 32:50

Gametime 34:21

Quiney Piggott Harding line working hard and creating chances

Save from Davies @ 35:17

Blaze netminder named as Goss by texters but gamesheet says Declan Ryan

Ryan saves from Adams @ 35:54

Gimblett shoots wide

Ryan tips Birbraer shot over cross bar

Final minute

Marsh shot deflected wide

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Blaze 7

Teams back on ice

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 11 Blaze 13 making it 28-26 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

No changes in netminders

announcer just announced that Josh Batch got engaged last night, Josk looks auprised Phil Hill wetting himself


Blight assist Marsh

@ 41:34

M Smith back waering blood shirt #12

Ryan covers @ 43:08

Davies shoots high ' 44:40

Ryan covers @ 44:45

Blight & Birbraer breakaway denied

Macrae running the show at the moment

Ryan glove save from Marsh

Devils taking loads of shots, many wide or at netminder

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Blaze goal

Bayrack @ 49:21

Ryan covers @50:28

Blaze Goal @ 51:44 - B Leeb

This game will last less that 2 hours it says it all

Blaze Goal @ 52:11 - Cameron

Blaze goal @ 52:48 - Venus

Clearly one team taking it seiously

Maybe EIHL will now see what a farce this game is

Gametime 55:03

It appears that Ger-Devils has left the building

So has Elvis

Ferrara fires wide @ 57:02

Gametime 57:21

No penalties, no icings and maybe no offsides

Final 2 minutes

The off season starts in a minute

Please remember that there is still ice hockey at the BBT, so go and support them

Blaze offside whatever next

Thats it folks Final score DEVILS 5 Blaze 11

Best of luck to the EIHL DEvils against Incicta this evening

gerals says its the most boring game he has ever seen

1 hour 55 minutes that rubbish took out of your life

Don't get me wrong I don't blame the players but those in charge of the EIHL

Quiney & Hart have already gone to travel to Kent, well done lads



A big thank you as usual to Rachael, Gerald, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils for their unstinting efforts

Thats all from me (OJ) until next season so have a great summer (when it comes)