Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

WElcome to MNL as we bring you the Championship Semi-Final between the League Champions and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Join me (OJ) from around 12 noon - so get down the Betting Shop early for your Grand National bets

Score predictions welcomed as always to

Checking up on texters to see if they are in Nottingham and in a fit state to text

Simon L doesn't care about the score just proud that the team have made it against the odds

Daffodils & leeks aplenty in NIC

Warmup underway

Just checking who is icing for Devils

Alan Armour and the rest of the NIHL Devils wishing the Devils luck and hoping that the NIHL will not see Quiney CJ and Hart this weekend to assist them in their play offs

Best of luck to the EIHL Devils from all of us at MNL

Luke Ferrara ices for Devils wearning #90

Sam J says DEvils to win 4-3 in O/T

I hope that its doesn't go to penalties as I need to watch the Grand National

Its the 2nd year running that my mates have gone to Aintree without me

It is cheaper in the MNL box

Steve B hoping for a 3-2 Devils win and a Devils v Blaze final

Harry J C wants a win, he also wants to know if the Steelers block is empty

Danette & Kevin Macrae - early risers in Cape Breton predict Devils will win by a single goal

I wonder if The Weaze is up in Orilla

Any fans following MNL in distant parts please let me know -

Gareth D says 4-3 Devils

Haven't heard from the Birbraer Clan recently

Last minute of warmup

Also is Huw Bevan of Face Off fame following in in Singapore (Star TV)

The jockeys in the weighing room a Aintree have asked for MNL to be turned off - the tension is getting to them

Hazel in Southend - thats abroad isn't it predicts a 3-2 Devils victory

My family in Kanata, Ottawa wishes the Devils good luck

I am going for a Welsh win at Nottingham and at Aintree

The problem is that there is only one Welsh team at NIC but 6 Welsh horses in the Grand National

Plus 2 living in the Cotswolds

All our texters are now in NIC


I can't believe my first Championship Final was 23 years ago at Wembley

During that penalty shootout we even had players (+ coach + physio) smoking on the bench.

Non penalty takers I should add

Two Zambonis chasing each other

Phil Hill was in the warmup

Mac Faulkner on bench with Franny

Lights are dimmed

Officials on the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Tom Darnell is the referee

Devils in White

JPM in 40 degree Pnom Phen says Devils will win 4-2

Panthers in yellow

Intros on going

Anthems featuring Paul Sullivan

Steven E in Crnwall following MNL, that is a bit closer than Phnom Penh

Anthems done & dusted

Devils start with Blight Macrae & Birbraer

WE are underway


@ 0:36

Birbraer assists Macrae & Blight

Panthers penalty - Ling - interference ' 1:23

Kwaqll save @ 1:45

Tripping was the call not interference

Phil HIll ices

Davies goes close

Panthers back to full strength (FS)

Weaver shoots wide

My original call of interference was correct

Panthers goal

@ 5:36 - Graham

Assists Benedict & Werner

Panthers penalty - Wilson- hooking @ 5:57

Panthers offside

Birbraer should have scored - clear chance

Panthers clear zone

Panthers return to FS

Quiney breakaway saved @ 8:52

Lachowicz shoots well wide

Gametine 9:40

Kwall pad save from Marsh

Panthers offside @ 10:12

Gimblett hits pipes

Gametime 11:49

Gimblett breakaway misses

Whitley save @ 12:24

Another Whitley save @ 12:32

Panther down hurt

Devils penalty @ 12:48 - Birbraer

Max given 2=2 accidental high stick

Ice being cleaned of blood

Panther that was cut has gone to dressing room


Game restarts

Piggott clears

Panthers goal

PPG scored by Graham

@ 13:14

Assists Ling & Fox

Panthers go close again

Come on U DEVILS kill penalty

Whitley save @ 14:09

Galivan hits Whitley long after save

Macrae clears zone

Whitley save @ 15:03

last 11 secs of pk

Devils back to FS

Come on U DEVILS lets have a goal - please

K Smith clears after Panthers pressure

Panthers penalty @ 17:02

Clarke - x-check

Benedict hits cross bar on SH chance

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Panthers clear

JohnWildthing says Devils pp is rubbish

Kwall save @ 18:52

Panthers return to Fs

Final minute

End of 1st period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

Both teams back on ice

SoG for 1st period Panthers 14 DEVILS 11

Off we go for 2nd period

Puck out pf play @ 20:59

Panthers penalty @ 21:06 Lepine - elbows

Davies goes close

Devils penalty @ 22:59 - Davies

Panthers FS

Holding the call against Ben ' 22:59


Puck out of play @ 23:46

Piggott breakaway comes to nothing

Devils back to FS

Panthers icing @ 26:11

Marsh shoots wide

Panthers Goal

Myers scores

Assist Lachowicz @ 26:42

Macrae on breakaway goes close

Kwall saves 3 times from Gimblett

Puck out of play @ 28:51

Panthers penalty Galivan - tripping - @ 31:11


PPG scored by Blight


Assist Macrae

Davies shoots wide from Ferrara pass

Devils creating lots of chances

They are still in this game

Fantastic save Whitleyu @ 35:40

Devils giving up puck too often in own zone

Darnell cannot count Panthers getting away with too m any men time and time again

Gametime 37:30

Lets get the equalizer before the break U DEVILS

Who is following MNL out there?

Kwall save from Gimblett

Jimmy Snets is watching - thats one


DEvils penalty - Gimblett

Also Lepine both get roughing minors @ 38:57

End opf 2nd period Panthers 3 DEVILS 2

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 10 DEVILS 12 making it 24-23 after 2 periods

Gareth in sunny Sheffield

Simon L & fasmily shouting for the Devils

Claire P thinks MNL can be biased at times no Claire biased all the time

Phil R watching intently

Sine says his hair is turning grey, be thankful you have hair

Cornwall Taffy wants another ppg from Devils

Ian E fears Devils will run out of gas

Mark H in Chicago is with us

Jon W shouting for a Devils v Blaze final

Ruth in freezing Devon is a believer - Devils to win 5-4 in O/T

Devils Wags are cheering the lads on from Block 11

Sam J is still with us

As is Neil - Shifty

I am glad I am not on my own

THere are no windows to the MNL Box

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS one final effort

Big party tomorrow

Devil Inside & Emma in Bwlch are with us

Both teams return to FS

Alan Armour working - a rumour

Mr & Mrs Noodlesboy in St Fagans

Devils offside @ 42:25

Those of you at home shout for the DEvils whilst RED ARMY taking as breath, their first since 1pm

Big shot from Macrae saved

Texter didn't say shot the first time, beer

Panthers icing

All Devils so far in this period

Come on U DEVILS says Leighsa H

M Smith fires a bullet, inches left of target

Panthers goal

@ 45:38

Clarke scorer

Claims that Devils net off its moorings

Clarke scorer

Quiney having words with Ling

Myers the scorer not Clarke, assists Weaver & Clarke

Ling declines and skates away from Quiney

Darnell now speaking to Franny

Come on U DEVILS go that extra mile

Come on Holywell in the 2:50

Lachowicz offside @ 49:11

Myers knocks Whitley's helmet off Darnell takes ages to whistle

Gimblett offside

Gametime 50:45

Graham shoots high

Birbraer misses open goal

Panthers net off moorings @ 51:35

K SMith and Darnell have a friendly chat

It appears to be friendly anyway

Adams just missed to connect with a pass across the crease

Penalties for Benedict & Birbraer - roughing @ 52:43

Panthers goal

Graham - hattrick

@ 53:23

Wigs caps donkey thrown on ice to mark hattrick

Players return to bench

Ling with assist on Panthers 5th goal

Play restarts

Blight shot saved @ 53:38

Devils should have had a penalty shot

Macrae denied, Franny not happy

Both teams back to fs

Panthers penalty @ 54:50 - Beckett - delay of game

Gametime 56:03

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG - now

Devils time out

play resumes

Garet L glad you enjoy MNL

Panthers back to FS as Devils PP achieved nothing of note

Hanbags @ 57:48

Final 2 minutes

Whitley pulled

Kwall save @ 58:47

Final minute


@ 59:16

Richardson scores

Panthers ENG

Myers @ 59:31

Macrae & Davies got assists on Richardson goal

Final score Panthers 6 DEVILS 3

Lee & Clarke with assists on Myers ENG

Our thanks to texters - Rachael, Gerald, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils who did a brilliant job just as they have done (with others) all season


Thats all from me (OJ) horse racing beckons


Thats it for another season, hope you enjoyed our MNL coverage, GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE, PRYNHAWN DA PAWB