Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 12 - 9 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL for the 2nd leg of this Play Off 1/4 Final with the Devils trying to overcome a 2 oal deficit from last night.

As you can see the score line this evening will feature the cumulative score from the two games.

Score predictions for this game to well before face off please

To avoid any confusion please predict the score for this leg of the tie only.

I am sure fans can work out the cumulative score for themselves. If not ASK A FRIEND

As reprted by MNL last night the Devils u18's won 4-1 against Meudon

Well this morning they beat Feminie 9-0 followed by an 8-1 victory over Oreleans

They are now in action again and I believe that they are winning 10-1 in the 3rd period

I assume the games are running clock

Breaking news - a decision on whether Phil Hill & Kenton Smith ice tonight will be made after warmup

Our texters areeither at BBT or making their way there.

Panthers leading 2-0 after 1 period making it 4-4 on aggregate

Warmup starts

Phil Hill is dressed and takes part in warmup

So is Kenton Smith

Jo S predicts a 5-3 win for Devils, what happens in O/T not clear

Chris S reminds us that in the last home game against the Clan Devils won 5-1, thats his prediction for tonight

Sam Smith, Ben Morgan and Toim Dicker are in France with the South West u13s and they have wn all five of their pool games, final day tomorrow

Mark H predicts a 3-1 win for the Devils and chickens out of a prediction after that - says it could go either way

Gareth J predicts a 4-2 Devils win in regulation followed by a Devils victory in O/T

Kenton leaves the ice early - not a good sign

Fife score now 5-4 to Fife on aggregate after 37 mins

Warmup done

Danette Macrae thinks the Devils will scrap through by a single goal

EIHL website not being updated but I am sure Fife have scored

Confusion reigns EIHL says Panthers winning 2-0 ih-update has the score as Panthers 2 Flyers 1

Apparently Fife goal disallowed as Ref Dean Smith has whistled early

Ref have a mare by all accounts

Lights are dimmed

Fife need to score to win, come on U FLYERS

Officials on the ice at BBT

Both teams on the ice

Tom Darnell is referee


Good turnout by Clan supporters - block1 close to being full


Phil Hill & Kenton Smith on gamesheet


Devils start with Blight, Birbraer & Macrae

We are off

Devils penalty @ 1:06 - Davies - holding


Puck out of play

One minute killed by Devils

Good PK by Devils

Devils keeping play outside their zone

Whitley save @ 3:04

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Goal disallowed for high sticks

Devils goal it was that was waved off

Gametime 3:22

Gerald claims it was a good goal just another terrible Darnell call

Blight boarded, looks hurt

Blight OK

Clan penalty @ 3:59 - Cescon 2+10 check to head

Handbags featuring Gimblett & Farmer


PPG for Devils

@4:25 Blight assists Macrae & Birbraer

Krestanovich hit by puck to the back of the head


Chris Jones scores

@ 5:13

Assist Davies on CJ goal

Dr Piggott collects puck and hands to CJ

DEvils crowd in fine voice

Galbraith having a moan

Puck out of play @ 6:59

Blaze has tied up game at 3-3 on aggregate

Gimblett goes close

Kenton Smith takes a shift

Fight Farmer v Dr Piggott

Roughing really both get minors @ 8:29

Whitley save @ 9:06

Adams takes down Schepke

Both teams back to fs

Clan penalty @ 10:37 - Hanson - hooking

Piggott shoots wide

Macrae shot deflected out of play

No Hill yet

Blight goes close

Clan back to FS

BBT is rocking says Tony

Farmer & Hanson picking on Davies

Davies hits back, Farmer moans to referee

Another rebound from Machesney (Mac) in Clan net

Fife have another goal dissalowed

Puck out of play @ 13:44

Birbraer offside

Coventry Blaze now 2-0 so lead 4-3 on aggregate

HArding taking cheap shots from Goldie

Cescon back after his 2+10

Galbraith shoots high & wide

Tie in regulation goes to O/T then penalties - for those of you asking

K Smith takes another shift

Puck out of play @ 18:02

Davies goes close

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Clan 0 making it 7-7 on aggregate

All to play for

Panthers squeeze through 5-4

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 14 Clan 9

Marsh now given assists on Devils 2nd goal ie Jones assists Davies & Marsh

Teams back on the ice

Off we go

Clan hit cross bar


Chris Jones (CJ) again we think

@ 21:16

Yes Jones with his 2nd assists Davies & Gimblett

Gimblett took 2 shots, 1st rebounded, 2nd hits right post - CJ buries biscuit

Immense save by Whitley

God clearance by Quiney

Clan pressure at the moment

Gametime 6:08

26:08 even

Clan 3 man breakaway thwarted by Richardson

Whitley covers, then pushing & shoving Adams moves them off all on his own

Out of play @ 27:19

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Big save Whitley from Goldie slapshot

Clan offside @ 28:17

Glove save Whitley @ 28:55

Farmer & Gimblett having words

Devils icing

Big save by Mac from Birbraer

Galbraith thrown out of fce off yet again

Whitley saves from Hanson

Whitley covers @ 30:38

Adams goes close on breakaway

Gimblett in front of open net cannot get a touch on puck


Adams assists Blight @ 32:27

Goal timed @ 32:37

Blight passes, Macrae fakes shot, Adams taps it home

Davies shoots

Clan most cetrainly haven't given up as the pressurise the Devs again

CJ goes close as he seeks his hat-trick

Its end to end playoff hockey

Macrae gets hit by puck

Limpps off

Clan goal @ 36:00

Goldie assist Hartmanis

Whitley save @ 36:28

Harding on 1st line in Macrae's place

Blight shot saved @ 36:44

Clan revitalised after scoring

Piggott shot saved @ 38:23

Devils need the interval to re-group

Clan Goal @ 38:31

Goldie assists Hartmanis & Farmer

Final minute


Gimblett @ 39:49

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Clan 2 making it 10-9 on aggregate

waiting for Devils goal details

Assists for Blight & Richardson on Gimbletts goal

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Clan 11 making it 29 - 20 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Macrae is back - he has shot saved @ 40:32

Come on U DEVILS

Blight clears zone for much needed line change

Blight shot saved as he is quickly back on ice

Gametime 42:31

Come on U DEVILS Give us a goal - please


Puck out of play

Devils penalty @ 43:42 - Gimblett - delay of game


One minute killed

47 secs of pk remain

Devils back to FS



@ 46:30

Assist Macrae

No more goals against U DEVILS

Birbraer goes close again

Devils offside

Farmer taking cha shots behind the play

We will take a win instead

Clan offside @ 48:32

BBT is bouncing as BLIGHT BIRBRAER & MACRAE run the show

Gametime 50:02

Adams gets assist on Devils 6th goal

Blight shoots

Devils penalty @ 51:43 - Marsh - hooking


Macrae goes close sh

one minute killed

Devils back to FS

Gametime 54:03



@ 54:26 assist Macrae

Gametime 56:05

Dr Piggott down

Hurt no call

Returns to bench holding chest

Gametime 56:44

Gametime 57:03

CJ breakaway foiled

Gametime 57:30

RED ARMY in full voice

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:30

Final minute

Crowd going wild

20 secs left


Final Score DEVILS 7 Clan 2 making it 12-9 on aggregate

And Devils make the Finals maintaing their 100% record

For all 10 years of the EIHL DEvils have made the FINALS

3rd Star _ ASH GOLDIE


1st Star - CHRIS JONES

RED ARMY Childrens Club Player of the year - BEN DAVIES

Big thank you to texters = Rachael, Sharlene, Gerad & Ger-Devils and especially Tony for stepping in when Geraint's battery went flat

Who do we play, well if it goes on the seedings after the regular season its the Giants - but who knows and to be honest who cares for the next few hours

Its looks like MNL duty for me next weekend and not a trip to Aintree, who would abandon the team after that performance