Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 7 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Glasgow for the away leg of their Play Off 1/4 Final against the Braehead Clan

OJ your host, as the Devils seek a result in Glasgow that will set them up to progress to the Championships in Nottingham next week

Two big efforts and the Devils can maintain their unique record of having appeared in ALL EIHL Championship Finals

Score predictions as usual before the 7pm face off to

Our texters - Rachael, Gerald and Ger-Devils have already reported in as has our usual Clan texter Chris Devlin

Early reports that the refereee is Tom Darnell

Garethg J predicts a 4-2 victory for the Devils

Danette & Kevin Macrae are convinced that the Devils will return home with a 4-2 victory

Now told that we will also have the pleasure of Darnell in the BBT on Suinday.

Warmup started

We have had more viewers on MNL this season than ever before have past last years total last weekend

Doesn't seem to be any scratches for the Devils as all fit members of squad are there plus Hart, Jones & Quiney

Mac Faulkner on the bench with Franny

Kenton Smith left warmup very early - reason unknown

Warmup finished

4-2 to Devils is a popular score with Kirsty F predicing that score

Angela L goes for a 5-3 Devils win

The same score is predicted by Howard, Katie & baby Jack

Hazel thinks the Devils will squeeze home 4-3 in a close game

Carl also goes for a 4-3 win for the RED ARMY

Soph G says she s too nervous to predict a score

Plexi glass repairs at Braehead

Heres confidence for you Sam J predicts a 4-0 shutout for Devils

That will do nicely

One of the doors missing a panel of plexi

Close on 50 Devils fans have made the trip

Officials on the ice

Stephen B says 3-1 Devils

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Laura also faviurs 4-2 Devils

Clan take to the ice

Mark G goes for a 3-3 scoreline


We are ready to go

Puck is dropped

Birbraer, MacRae and Blight start

Early chance for Devils not taken

Devils offside

C Jones goes close

Gimblett goes close @ 0:48

Clam shoot high @ 1:35

Clan icing @ 2:18

Big shot from Gimblett saved

Daren Machesney in net for Clan (Mac)

Clan penalty @ 2:54 Cescon - tripping

Correction - holding was the call

Farmer goes close with SH chance

Macrae shoots wide

Gerald impressed by Clan PK

Clan return to full strength (FS)

Mac saves from Birbraer @ 5:29

Galbraith shoots wide @ 6:00

Whitley save @ 6:10

Clan hit pipes

Clan taking shot after shot

Clan icing @ 8:09

Mac saves a Macrae tip @ 8:40

**** Devils u18s 2-0 up in France

Whitley save @ 8:53

Clan goal @ 9:27

Scored by McPherson assist Galbraith

Whitley covers @ 10:38

Devils haven't got into this game yet

Devils penalty @ 11:28 -Adams - holding


Hooking the call not holding

Richardson clears zone

Game delayed due to goal net problems

Play restarts

Devils return to FS

*** Devils u18s lead 3-1 after 53 minutes

Mac covers @ 14:11

Mac save @ 15:29

Birnstill takes swipe at Quiney

Clan goal @ 15:47

Whitley spills puck - Clan score

MacPherson assists Galbrtaith & Krestanovich

Devils icing @ 16:30

Mac covers @ 17:49

Darnell either ignoring or missing loads

Clan icing @ 19!16

Apologies 18:16 that was

Final minute

Devils icing @ 19:15

End of 1st period Clan 2 DEVILS 0

Devils need to take the body according to texters

SoG for 1st peiod Clan 12 Devils 9

**** Devils u18s win 4-1 in France

Teams back on ice


Off we go for 2nd period

Clan penalty @ 21:45 - Haywood - hooking

Mac saves from Macrae @ 22:18

Clan Goal @ 22:26

Goldie assist Hartmanis

A SHG for Clan

Wake up Devils before its too late


Fife 3 Nottingham 0 after 1 period

Network playing up

Not sure whether Devils have scored or not

Yes they have Birbraer : 23:47

Assists Adams & Blight

Clan offside @ 25:08

Clan penalty @ 25:44

Krestanovich - slashing

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

M smith takes a shot, just wide

Clan clear zone

Richardson goes close

Clan clear zone again



Awaiting confirmation

Devils 2nd goal a PPG scored by Blight, assists Birbraer & Macrae @ 27:36

Devils have woken up says Gerald

Clan icing @ 29:24

Marsh breaks up a 3 man Clan breakaway

mac saves from Davies ' 30:26

Whitley save @ 31:18

Devils icing @ 31:29

Puck out of play

Giants are losing 1-0 to Capitals

Clan goal

Bad Devils change leeads to Clan 4th goal

@ 32:34

Scorer Galbraith assist Krestanovich

Devils have coughed up 4 soft goals tonight

Whitley coughing up too many rebounds

Elsewhere Blaze 1 Steelers 2

Clan penalty - Hanson @ 34:17 - delay of game

Clan already had 2 sh shots

Clan penalty @ 35:24 giving Devils 5 on 3

Zajac - Boarding

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal



Gimblett the scorer

Assists Blight & Meyers????

@ 35:47

Devils still on PP

Birbraer should have scored

Clan return to FS

Mac save @ 37:27

Flyers now 4-0

Clan goal

We can't clear zone

Schepke assist Haywood

Clan goal @ 39:15

Goldie the scorer

Kenton Smith apparently is not icing, nobody told me earlier just that he left warmup early

Assist Birnstill on Clan 6th goal

Mac covers @ 39:48

End of 2nd period Clan 6 DEVILS 3

Apparently Kenton Smith hasn't iced all night although on team list and on the bench

Rumour has it that Kenton has back problem

More injuries!!!!

SoG for 2nd period Clan 10 DEVILS 23 - I think that theres some mistake there

Teams back on ice

Devils you have to win this period to have any chance on Sunday

Off we go

Mac save @ 40:18

Macrae should have scored on that latest chance

Clan Goal

@ 40:59

Farmer assist Birnstill

A game too far for a depleted squad

Devils penalty @ 41:50 - Adams 2+10 - check to ther head

The looks on the faces of Ragan & POpe says it all

Devils clear zone

Blight offside

Devils return to FS

Whitley being left out to dry by Devils d corps

Clan penalty @ 44:26 - Birnstill - slashing

Whitley has problems with his skates

Now sorted

Mac covers

Puck out of play @ 45:35

Macrae goes close

Mac save @ 46:05

Birbraer shoots wide

Clan return to FS

Puck out of play

GAmetime 48:55

Gametime 50:07

Game gone flat

Devils have 10 minutes to save their season

Gametime 51:10

Devils icing @ 51:19



@ 52:51

Assists Blight & Macrae

Come on U DEVILS get another goal to at least win this period

DEvils penalty @ 53:38 - Birbraer - tripping


Devils clear zone

Gametime 55:00

8 sec of pk left

devils return to FS

Birbraer denied by Mac @ 55:45

Adams is back


Birbraer @ 55:56

Assists Blight & Adams

No more goals against U Devils

Final 2 minutes

Clan icing @ 58:40

Devils offside @ 59:06

Final score Clan 7 DEVILS 5

M Smith went ever so close just before buzzer


We live to fight again


Our thanks to to Rachael, Ger-Devils & Gerald along with our Clan MNL reporter Chris Devlin

Join us tomorrow night for the 2nd instalment which no doubt will be a cracker

Join me from around 5pm as the Devils seek to overcome a 2 goal deficit